Saturday, September 15, 2018

Save O Lord Thy People

Let us pray that there be no schism between Constantinople and Moscow, that there be a conversion of hearts to our Lord and humility.


Cape Breton

There's a place I haven't thought of for a while... Celtic Colours 2018

FPR: Integrity, Cape Breton, and Nationalism by Jeffrey Bilbro

“Living with Integrity.” Comment Magazine has a new issue out that focuses on how liberal individualism has perhaps warped our understanding of integrity. Along with some excellent essays, it includes a conversation with Patrick Deneen. “Cape Breton Diary Part I: Forgetting & Remembering: Encounters with Three Traditions on the Edge of Oblivion” and “Cape Breton […]

Just Because a Bishop Said It

Doesn't mean it's true. Sacred Tradition does not encompass the understanding of particular historical circumstances nor historical analysis, and the Holy Spirit does not confer a special competence to bishops to do either task.

CNA Archbishop Chaput: When we forget faith, we forget our humanity In an address at the Faith and Reason Institute at Gonzaga University, the Archbishop of Philadelphia says loss of faith has a detrimental impact on three areas: sex, technology, and basic premises.

Did Augustine do the same in City of God? Was he wise enough to be able to do so well? Would it be better for bishops to refrain from doing so, unless they demonstrated extraordinary wisdom?

Friday, September 14, 2018

Steve Sailer: Financial Times on Thilo Sarrazin: Wow, Just Wow

German technocrat Thilo Sarrazin, author of 2010′s Germany Abolishes Itself, which sold an insane 1.5 million copies, has a new book out, much to the disgust of everybody except German bookbuyers, who have bought up 100,000 copies in two weeks.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

And why is that?

Excessive mobility, loss of human scale, community and etiquette and common mores, and ethnic diversity imposed from above.

The Loneliness of the Anonymous Neighbor By CASEY CHALK
Increasingly we don't know, care, or trust the people who live near us.

This essay has a decent start and middle but ends with some sort of "Christian posturing."

The anonymous neighbor, like so many other tokens of our time—the teenager whose closest friends are virtual, the single adult male spewing vitriol on the internet—is something we must resist if we want to live fully human lives. It may sound cliché, but neighborliness is one of the most American of qualities.

Good anecdotes to illustrate the problem, but no useful analysis or understanding of the causes.

A Better Response Still Needs to Be Written

L’Opzione Benedetto At The Teatro Eliseo
Talking Ben Op onstage in Rome with some journalistic heavy hitters

Benedict XVI & The Benedict Option
In Rome, a stunning endorsement of The Benedict Option by the Pope Emeritus’s longtime secretary

Does She Realize She Can't Give a Man's Perspective?

September 13, 2018 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Leah Libresco is the author of Building the Benedict Option.

Taxpayer Money Poorly Spent

Trailblazing female who became infantry Marine is getting kicked out for fraternization

SIG SAUER M17 Video Series

Sunday, September 09, 2018