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Local Heroine or Bossy SJW in Training

Milpitas girl calls out publisher over name of book series

Think ABDO Publishing wasn't all too happy to bend over for the radicals? Those who seek to make money through pushing products of mass culture will do whatever it takes to make money.

Vox: Something is Wrong with These People
No Books "For Boys"

Something on MGTOW: The Sexodus, Part 1: The Men Giving Up On Women And Checking Out Of Society

Carrie Underwood - "Remember When"

More from the Opry.

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More on The Tailors

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I Remember When She First Debuted

Kyrie eleison.

I'm crushed!

Wasn't it obvious?

When the LGBTQ Agenda Gets in the Way of Storytelling

And with a large dose of feminism, too. That is what I get from this review of The Imitation Game: Review: THE IMITATION GAME Cannot Live Up To Its Inherent Drama (even if the reviewer won't admit it because of SJW orthodoxy)

‘Imitation Game’ Screenwriter On How Alan Turing was ‘Whitewashed’

Not SJW Enough

Review: THE HOMESMAN Takes Tommy Lee Jones Out To Pasture

Tommy Lee Jones's character doesn't convert to feminism, nor is feminism somehow vindicated by the story. And Hilary Swank's character, despite being such a strong independent woman, is unable to find a man. A good or bad Western, then, for traditionalists?

I missed The Salvation; it apparently was released in the States in October?

Shadow Days

Five Flavours 2014 Review: SHADOW DAYS, A Bold Critique Of China's Notorious One-Child Policy

Reinforcing His SJW Cred

In which a reviewer does his best to criticize Hollywood for not being feminist enough. Destroy All Monsters: Wonder Women Can't All Be Mockingjays

Archbishop Kyrill's Birthday

Swiss Guard Recruits

Looks like the recruits (and enlisted?) wear short tunics while officers have a jacket. Who is the uniform designer for the Swiss Guard?

It Would Have Been a Significant Gesture

Who is in charge of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Constantinople (Istanbul)?

It may be that even if the rector and the Latin bishop had decided to restore the high altar or to modify the sanctuary so that ad orientem liturgies would be celebrated at the free-standing altar, Pope Francis might have nonetheless celebrated it "versus populum." I think he could have done it here anyway, especially with Eastern Catholics and Orthodox present. Does he have any sense of a liturgical patrimony and praxis common to both East and West?

His homily.

Slavery Is More Likely to Increase

As economy and disorder worsens throughout the world and we continue into the postcarbon era.


There is a rally scheduled for tonight at the Cupertino library/civic center for those protesting the proposed redevelopment of Vallco and its conversion to a mix-used zone (commercial and residential). Where were these people to protest against the Federal Government, drone attacks, its handling of ebola, etc.? Or to protest against the state government? Quite a few Chinese are involved, and I did see a white man helping distribute papers and talking up the cause. I don't know if he has been a resident all of his life, or if he is a new arrival like most of the Chinese. Residents should be concerned about the impact on traffic, though with nearby Apple HQ being built, how much worse could it get? And of course their precious schools are in danger of being overcrowded.

"If it makes things more difficult for my family and I, then I'll get politically involved."

Since $ is everything in this liberal society that they love so, then why shouldn't other people with money be able to have a say in how Cupertino is developed? And why shouldn't other people with money be able to move into Cupertino if they are able to afford it? Why should their interests have priority over the interests of others?

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I Hope Their Monastery Grows

Maybe they will do more with their worship space when they have more money.

Makeup is Necessary for the Camera Maybe

But goes against the spirit of postulancy. Lifetime Network: The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns

How legit is ‘The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns?‘ Former nun gives her review
The Sisterhood on Lifetime: The Context of Discernment

Be Mindful of the Present

Not Jedi meditation...

Dr. Hibbs at The Thomistic Institute in NYC

21 Things You Didn't Know about The Hobbit Trilogy


Before I saw the first one I didn't know how dumbed down it could get. #christophertolkienwasright

Indoctrinating the Whole World

Frozen 2: the sequel is happening, says Idina Menzel

Andrea Tornielli on the Joint Declaration

The joint declaration: “Together in martyrdom”

I hadn't posted this before...
Francis to Turkey’s Christians: Divisions and disagreements must be overcome

Rachmaninov: Pianoconcerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova - Complete Live Concert - HD

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joint Declaration

Pope and Patriarch Sign Declaration To Express Joint Desires for Unity and Peace

Bartholomew and Francis: Unity is necessary

Next Week on Running Man

Annie Staninec - Banjo Pickin' Girl