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Wilson Combat Vickers Elite Commander

Paul Gottfried on the Alt Right

Charlottesville After A Year—As An Outsider, I Think the Alt-Right Far from Finished

A review of A Fair Hearing
Abbeville Institute: Lost Cause Myth or Yankee Propaganda by Lewis Liberman

Whether it’s the Civil War, War Between the States, the War for Southern Independence or Lincoln’s War, this extremely important period of American history continues to resonate powerfully over 150 years later. And with American Veterans… »

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Failing to See the Signs of the Times

One Lutheran pastor: Civil war served cold by Russell E. Saltzman

The financial shenanigans of the 1%? The populist reaction to identity politics? The war being waged by cultural Marxists and SJWs? The collusion of the deep state with the reigning duopoly against Donald Trump? He sees none of this?

Meanwhile, T. Beale talks about white nationalism and reiterates his prediction about the break-up of the US.

"Round and Round"

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