Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why the support?

Bishop Borys Gudziak:

Given his own involvement in developing Ukraine, it may make sense that he looks to the EU as a means for helping Ukraine prosper economically. But I think maybe he is tied to an obsolete model of economic and political (i.e. centralized national) development that is not sustainable and may prove to be a malinvestment of resources for Ukrainian Catholics.
Bad enough that female tweens are getting FB accounts. Instagram and smart phones as well? Enough with the technology-enabled narcissism. Parents need to do some parenting.

Jordi Savall: "En España no interesa mi trabajo"

el Periodico

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the 80th anniversary of the Ukrainian Holodomor

WAX, "Love Wind"

Soompi: LOEN Releases Wax’s “Love Wind” MV for “Empress Ki” OST

Friday, November 22, 2013


Lauded by Catholic feminists on Facebook for showing how important motherhood is.

I suppose the Tolkien Estate can't block this.

Twitch: JRR Tolkien Biopic In The Works

Tomorrow: FSSP Diaconate Ordinations

Rorate Caeli: Event: Watch FSSP diaconate ordinations live

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another big accident on the stretch of 101 passing through Mill Valley, before the Highway 131 exit. Thee most dangerous stretch of freeway in the area? People going too fast (55 mph zone) on a freeway where traffic conditions can change rapidly. Took me an hour or so to travel 5 miles.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One More for the Gettysburg Address

What You Need to Know About Lincoln 150 Years After the Gettysburg Address by Peter Haworth

A Milestone

The First Four Women in Marine Corps History Have Completed Infantry Training
For 1st Time Female Marines to Graduate from Enlisted Infantry Training

This generation is lost; what else is left but a chastisement as a reset? They have no idea of reality and what is necessary for a community to really survive, but just the brainwashing they have received which is enabled by cheap energy. Let the white knights get what they deserve for cheering radical egalitarianism on. "Weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children..."

Profiting from Nostalgia

How a New York Agency Made the Most Irish Whiskey Commercial of the Year by Christine Champagne

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

Moody Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Ad Is A Glass Act (VIDEO)

Liam Clancy:

The High Kings:

The Wailin' Jennys:

Celtic Woman

Peter Phillips on BBC Early Music Show

The Tallis Scholars at 40 - 4 Days Left to Listen

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

After the first two characters escaped from danger, who was going to be "the hero who falls" in tonight's episode of Person of Interest became obvious in the last minutes of the show, before it happened. Any chance of survival? The headlines in entertainment news will tell us tomorrow.

Edit. Nope, it looks like it is final.

Misc Items for Today

The Lecture Works, and It Always Has by Collin Garbarino

How Many Friends Can Your Brain Handle?
Certain brain areas are enlarged and white-matter tracts were better connected in people with larger social networks

The Bourgeois Are At the Gates by Dale M. Coulter

The Legacy of the Gettysburg Address

“My Problem With So-Called Conservatives,” By Marshall DeRosa
Jeffrey Polet, Gettysburg at 150: Some Essays
Gettysburg Gospel
Kirkpatrick Sale, The Frauds of the Gettysburg Address

Kevin Gutzman: Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama, and the value of compromise
Patrick Cleburne, The Gettysburg Address: Not Heritage For Obama's Nation
On the Sesquicentennial of Vicksburg and Gettysburg
“An Age of Centralization,” By Jeff Taylor
“The ‘Bill of Rights’ is not the Constitution,” By Bruce Frohnen
John Willson, John Lukacs’s Valediction

It's too early to say.

NLM: Has Pope Francis Saved Western Culture? by David Clayton

Perhaps he should have been more specific and referred to Anglophone culture.

Bourgeois Christians Love Fracking

And the prospect of cheap energy to keep their lifestyles going in perpetuity.

First Things: An Anti-Fracking Pope? by J. David Nolan
Thursday, November 14, 2013, 12:50 PM

See the comments.

"The problem with the world (and the Church) is me."

New Catholic Land Movement: The Coming Industrial Devolution

Would They Read the Manosphere?

Catholic San Francisco: Bishops asked to assess marriage, family life by Cindy Wooden

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Problem of Too Much Variability in the OF

NLM: Indeterminacy and Optionitis by Peter kwasniewski

See also: Several Historical Postconciliar Missals Now Online for Viewing

Symbolic Logic Exercise

Peter Hitchens: A Review of 'The Diversity Illusion' by Ed West

"I simply don’t accept this. I think racial harmony is completely attainable, through the unifying force of a shared culture. The utter predominance of culture over ‘race’ is interestingly illustrated in reverse by this episode in Japan, about which I wrote (the full article is here in June 2009..."

He is not making the following argument, as if the second is a inference from the first - I think he is making two separate claims.
same ethnicity, but different culture --> seen as outsider
different ethnicity, but same culture --> seen as insider (= not seen as outsider)

e & ~c -> x
~e & c -> ~x

But would it be a sound argument? I would think not, but I don't want to revisit symbolic logic to show that this is the case.

At any right, I would argue that it is possible that ~e & c -> x. Why? Because even if culture is an important identifier for who is in your group, it may not be the only or the most important factor.

The Slow Death of American Network TV

AICN: What’s Getting Cancelled Next??

Good riddance.

Alas, Whiskey hasn't been blogging lately.
Dreamt I was on retreat at the local sem and some priests I knew were giving someone else (who had become Byz) a hard time, while some Byz priests were getting ready to celebrate Divine Liturgy.

There were also free books! Including MacIntyre.

Earlier there was a dream about y from STA...

Cold-induced dreams?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Someone pointed out, rightly, that those who go clubbing usually do so in groups or with their SOs; they don't do so in order to meet their soulmates, though a casual hook-up or ONS might result. A Darwinian battlefield, where the weapons are false eyelashes, makeup, tight and short dresses, high heels? Since these women are probably not thinking about reproduction, no, but the nightclub is an opportunity for women to display their SMV, on the terms of contemporary hook-up culture. Stupidity on full display, and I haven't even started talking about the women who were getting drunk and could barely walk. There were a few who were doing some scandalous moves but it didn't happen as often as one might think. Maybe we were just in a "classier" nightclub in SF.

Getting Their Knickers in a Twist

We are at war with those who are at war with reality.

Truthful dating and relationship advice is terribly sexist. Does that mean reality is sexist, too?

Justin Lookadoo
The Atlantic article.
Daily Mail report on the outrage.
NLM: Did the Roman Rite Anciently Have Three Readings? by Gregory DiPippo