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AK Alpha

Metropolitan Hilarion in Ireland

Jack Donovan on the Blunt Force Truth Podcast - Episode 222


Archbishop Gomez, Of Course

More of Pope Francis

The Dystopia that is Modern Europe?

The Eternals of the Vortex.

What I was reminded of when thinking of the contemporary spiritual malaise of Europe, as described in an interview with Richard Spencer earlier this year on Right on Radio. (Youtube -- go to 33.43)

But what if it isn't a solution that you were thinking of?

Who said workers' Masses were a thing of the past?

An Example of Why Women Shouldn't Be Police Officers

So she couldn't go hand-to-hand against a man? Did she try to use her baton?

Chicago police officer says she feared using gun while being beaten (Breitbart)

Posting more for the photos than the articles

More Greyman


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Natalie Portman as Jackie O.???

What sort of (((casting decision))) is this?

Mel Gibson Interview

From August:


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Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR Gen 2


Am Schauplatz: Die Identitären


He picks Tora Blades -- but is his video credible? From the same author: Tora Blades vs. Coldsteel

Traditional Making of a Kukri
How the Gurkha Khukuri (Kukri) Knife is Made

Schrade SCHKM1

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

St. Seraphim of Sarov, Pray for Us!

Especially as tensions between the U.S. and Russia heighten.

An Orthodox Opinion -- Will Need to Listen

Western Women

From 2011:

You see plenty of older French women with short hair in the video. There are many such women in the Anglosphere and in Germany and Holland as well. Belgium? Scandinavia? how about the south European countries like Spain and France? This is probably less of a phenomena in Eastern European countries, for now.

Maybe they sincerely think it is fashionable or that it looks good. But perhaps it is not merely a fashion trend but women at some level realize they are making some sort of statement about themselves and the standard of beauty they wish to follow. For some it may be about practicality; but how many of them would be willing to change their minds if their significant others told them that they found themselves as being less attractive as a result? How many of these women care about their opinion of their men? How many do so to spite their men?
It's a statement about being "liberated" or "autonomous"?

Such ugliness in Western women, both on the inside and the outside, even if some are more feminine in other ways (supposedly the French) than others (Anglophones).

Women: don't cut your damn hair

Interview with the Economic Hit Man, John Perkins

VD links to the ZeroHedge interview.

book website
Yes Magazine

Charles (THE BELL CURVE) Murray Inches Towards National Conservatism by John Derbyshire (Originally published at Vdare.)

The post has the other videos from the conference as well, and Derbyshire praises Amy Wax.

More Videos of Pope Francis in Georgia

Thanks Be to God.

Monday, October 03, 2016

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic

Rome Reports: Musical Aramaic rendition of the Our Father that moved the pope in Georgia

Yes, But...

The European crisis is a form of chastisement for peoples who have fallen away from God, and a deserved punishment. And the crisis is a spiritual one which cannot be solved by indoctrination, the enforcement of secular ideology, SJW virtue-signalling, and certainly not by anarcho-tyranny.

But is this kind of tut-tutting by Christian clergy (including the bishop of Rome) helpful or likely to persuade people who are no longer Christian? And even if they are correct that Christians need to evangelize their neighbors, are they solely limited to this? They cannot take action to prevent worse things from happening, including a continuation of the invasion by other peoples? It seems to be wrong-headed and ineffectual lecturing that accomplishes very little.

On Migrants and a Biblical Paradigm by Archpriest Andrei Tkachev

Peace Without Christ?

More naivete...

More from BMW Films

The Hire, with Clive Owen. Screen Anarchy article

First one will be released 10/23.

The Name is Bravo...

Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

Black Hawk Down

(part 2)

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