Saturday, August 17, 2019

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth


Boyd Cathey on Recent Events

Boyd Cathey: The Shootings, the Stats, and the Violent War Against the Deplorables and The Real Culprits of the Mass Shootings

Too Much Yin

JHK: The Yin and Yang of It

A few weeks ago, podcaster Dave Rubin had “spiritual teacher” Eckhart Tolle on for a chat, and Mr. Tolle made the surprising remark that the current sorrows of the world were due to an excess of yin and not enough yang, meaning, he went on to explain, too much of the female principle in operation and not enough of the male principle. This crack made Dave Rubin blink a few times, especially coming from the most serene celebrity on the planet, a fellow far less excitable than the Dalai Lama, and a demigod to the yoga pants and Chai tea crowd. Too much yin! He said that? Really?

Nationalism as a Form of Statism

Postliberal Thought: What The Nationalists Get Wrong: A Defense of the Particular and the Universal
Andrew Willard Jones, Marc Barnes, and Jacob Fareed Imam

No discussion of what is required for building community and the authors give too much legitimacy to the authority of the state, but otherwise an ok essay.

Bad Guys: The Movie

A Boomer Credo

Who else could mouth these platitudes?

J.H. Schein, "Freue dich des Weibes deiner Jugend"

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Who will get to the bottom of this mess?

Mat Best

Limited Edition

And illegal in many places.

60mm Mortar

A Mishmash?

"Natural Method"

Medical Assault Combat System

What Google Is Doing

More Feminist Lecturing

Because patriarchy is real!

Apparently Caroline Paul doesn't acknowledge in public that feminism has won in the public square. Why should an atypical high-T woman get to dictate what feminine virtue is for the average woman? I should check her

Catholic Herald

A Chinese Nationalist Idol

Need to Think of a Nickname

for a friend. Freak of Nature? FoN? It does fit in certain ways.

Ballistic: Freaks of Nature: The Guide to Cross-Eye Dominant Shooting By Sean Utley
Cross-eye dominant shooting can be a major headache or a blessing in disguise depending on how each shooter goes about correcting it.


Erik Prince

Little Women

There is an element of feminism in the original novel, isn't there, though it is fixed? Will the new adaptation play it up?

Will the new movie be better than the recent Masterpiece Theater adaptation of last year?

Francisco Guerrero, "¿Sabes lo que heziste?"

A Hidden Life

Terrence Malick's latest movie, a biopic about Franz Jägerstätter.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Another Mention of Bruderhof

Which Woman Is Responsible for the Debacle?

Or is there someone else?

What Would Confucius Do?

Don't get the ants angry...

Lauren Chen on Female Fertility

The Combox Reveals Much About the State of the American Church

At the Airport...

What a Joke

The Union Army, cucked and converged.

Somewhat of a Surprise

Bishop Robert Barron liked Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


ADV tactical Knives

website and FB

This IS Not Misogynistic?

They would probably defend it as being an allegory about living under patriarchy or something.

More Masculinity, Not Less

Tim Kennedy

Regenerative Agriculture

10th Group

Two Pilots

A Source of Hope or of Concern?

Coming Soon
Amazon will have to respect the canon

The Romanov Royal Martyrs

Voces8: "The Road Home"

Monday, August 12, 2019

An Example of Convergence Within the American Church

But schools have to advertise their success!

And in so doing, they show how they have accepted liberalism and feminism.

So Bourgeois


The Imperial Papacy No Longer Exists

But the pope will pontificate.

US Army Ad

Something about the Rangers:

On the List

Movie Comeback for Lee Young Ae!

Not Quite Copycat Movies

But similar enough... after Danny Boyle's Yesterday this movie will be released next weekend.