Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Obligatory Photo of a Woman

Primacy as Christ Intended It?

Pope Francis: Trust in Multilateralism Is ‘Indispensable for Building a Peaceful World’
Pope Francis: Migrants Are ‘Voice Crying in the Wilderness’

Yes, But...

There is that nationalism that is a product of the state and a tool of the state. Civic nationalism is a form of that, even if civic nationalists are ignorant of the fact. But there is ethnonationalism, which historically has had no necessary connection with the state or a specific opinion about the legitimacy of the state, and is not reducible to "nationalism" in all instances, as some have written about ethnonationalism in reaction to civic nationalism.

The question really should be, "Can a Christian be a statist?" -- Can a Christian be a Nationalist? by Marc Barnes

Even Conservative Inc. Operatives Know Nationalism Can't Ignore Race. Will Hazony/ Lowry-Style Neutered Nationalists Get The Memo?

Latins, You Have Problem

A problem with the lack of accountability and masculinity, and this problem plagues your clergy, especially your bishops.

via Rod Dreher: It's the Child Abuse, Stupid

What is Noteworthy is the F:M Ratio

Friday, December 20, 2019

Master Leia or Master Organa? Not Mistress Solo.

In Star Wars Rise of Skywalker they have a scene where Luke is training Leia and of course, Leia beats him... can't have any depiction of a woman losing to a man, can we? And if Luke were to beat Leia there would be cries of him being a bully.

What a screwed up mass culture.

He Doesn't Wear the Pants in the Family

Andrew Yang: ‘Our Country Is Deeply Misogynist’ — but Legalize ‘Dreamers’

The wannabe Tiger FLOTUS...

On the wrong tack...

"Let's all get closer to unity by being wrong on the order of charity!"

The last symposium for the Huffington Ecumenical Institute: Immigration and Healing with Ecumenical Dialogue: West, East, Orient, and Refugees

Still Going On

Becoming Fully Latin

Former Queen’s chaplain to become Catholic by Nick Hallett

The Two Actors of The Two Popes

'You couldn't help but be moved spiritually': Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce interviewed by Gabrielle Donnelly

Two Popes, Too Many Untruths by John Waters

Nathaniel Peters on A Hidden Life

A Hidden Life: The Story of a Marriage by Nathaniel Peters

Happy Anniversary!

May God grant Fr. Rutler many years.

Fifty Years On by Fr. George W. Rutler
The year of 1969 was a time of the finest and the worst, when most institutions, equipped with the polished trophies of new science, seemed to be having a mental [...]

A Tribute to Father Rutler by Crisis Magazine
Editor’s note: Fr. George William Rutler was ordained in the Anglican Church 50 years ago today. All of the friends and followers wishing to mark the occasion with him wouldn’t [...]

Thursday, December 19, 2019

American Princess

Christopher Nolan's Tenet

No Grace Kelly Character in This One...

Rear Window x Vertigo x ...?

What is George Lucas's Legacy?

He was pretty much a feminist and left Kathleen Kennedy as his heir (on purpose, because she was a woman) and sold his intellectual property to Disney, who mashed it up. Does he merit the Cuck of the Year Award?

Any SUT Training?

New Helmet Liner from Team Wendy

Glock G43 +2+ Mag Extension

Wednesday, December 18, 2019



Pope Francis's Mistake on Nationalism

Sandro Magister: Between Nationalisms and Right Idea of Nation. The Political Misstep of Pope Francis

But Roberto Pertici is wrong too about the nationalism that is tied to the state, as it serves the state and not the other way around.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Army Lost

But still a nice dig...