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The Real Reason Behindi the Order of Malta Purge?

Rhiannon Giddens Tiny Desk Concert



L'Acte 45


Globalist Secular Humanism

Whence will the antichrist arise?

The Incarnation and Human Scale

Incarnation and human scale by Scott P. Richert

Celtic Colours 2019

I Go Gaga, My Dear

Chinese Hypergamy

Friday, September 20, 2019

CQB: Methods of Entry

Global Educational Alliance

The imperial papacy at it, again. By what authority or Divine Commission? Even if it were a Christian humanism, he would be overstepping his authority. But a humanism that deliberately doesn't mention Christ? The pope is a bishop, not a NGO leader trying to promote some sort of agenda for the political sphere. More Roman Catholic Personalism that is easily exploited by the state through its transformation into liberalism? Protestants might read these and think themselves justified calling the Pope the Whore of Babylon.


Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’

Pope’s proposal for ‘new humanism’ would ‘wipe out Christianity’

Pope calls for educational alliance to promote care for common home
Pope Francis: a global pact for education
Pope Francis announces ‘global village’ alliance for education, environment

Opening Today in Select Cities

Midnight Diner, adapted from the original Japanese manga and TV series.


Currently playing...

Dianxi Xiaoge 滇西小哥

BSA No More

PJ Media: An Obituary for the Boy Scouts of America by Tyler O'Neil

Cheap CAS?


Task and Purpose


75th Ranger Regiment wins first place in yet another competition

The Pic of the Day: Moon’s out, goons out

Stellan Skarsgard on Dune

Something from May of this year:



‘Glory to Hong Kong': The anthem of a protest movement


How much did this cost?

Handicapped But Abled




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Too Late!

林鄭月娥, Again


林鄭據報 9.26 灣仔搞對話會 市民可網上報名

Hong Kong pro-democracy district councillors slam meeting with Chief Exec. Carrie Lam as ‘political show’

Who Is the Real Hong Kong Police?

Woke NuAmerican

Yawn. Yeah, this doesn't get old.

Li Ziqi Interview


Her channel.

The Legacy of Southern Partisan

Abbeville Institute: The Defense of Southern History by Boyd Cathey

Dreherian Dilemmas and Despair

Murti-Bing Conservatism:

On the other hand, what does Team Ahmari have to offer to replace decadent liberalism? To put a fine point on it: what do they have that could win the support of a majority in America, while not crushing the minority? After all, we might hate each other, but we have to live together somehow.

I believe that Frenchism can only hold the barbarians at bay for so long. The Left is becoming increasingly illiberal, and absent some unforeseen radical change, its worldview will have captured all the institutions, including the courts. The arguments David French makes may no longer persuade jurists. Conservatives who put their faith in the ability of liberal proceduralism to defend our interests will themselves be crushed.

That said … what else is there? What else is realistically available to conservatives now? I honestly don’t know. Hence my dilemma.
 Realistically or morally? And perhaps the divide between the two isn't as great as Dreher thinks.
That’s why I’m on Team Ahmari in principle. What deeply undermines my confidence is the fact that we have lost the culture, and show no signs of getting it back. Again: in a morally sane society, Drag Queen Story Hour would not even occur to anybody. I often feel that many of my fellow conservatives have taken the Pill of Murti-Bing, and are willfully numb and blind to what is overtaking us, and maybe even celebrate it as the glory of individual liberty. 
Maybe Dreher needs to take his mind out of blue America and focus instead on red America, even if he chooses to live in blue America.

A comment in his combox has it right:

This is the source of your dilemma. At some point, you will have to drop the premise that we have to live together. On the evidence, many on the left have already done so (see, e.g., Antifa in Portland). The solution to the dilemma is to accept that people who don't share a common vision of the good life can't actually live together. The remaining question is what the separation looks like. The republic can survive, but it may not survive whole. I don't think this is imminent; but I'm afraid it is, some day, inevitable. To me, the main difference between Ahmari and French may well be that Ahmari accepts this inevitability but French does not.

An Innovation Worth Keeping

And will it remain economically feasible?

Still Putting Money into This

Do the Designers Know What They Are Doing?

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A Mini Cleaver

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Viking Preparedness Review of Preparedness Rifle and Carbine


A Hidden Life Poster

Trace Adkins - The Rest Of Mine

And if the government is illegitimate or unjust, what then?

What if it acts contrary to the common good, or if the common good is just a fiction to prop up the state?

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