Friday, May 10, 2013

Yesterday I read an interview with Michael Emerson - he was praising the scriptwriters for his show, Person of Interest. Could he do otherwise? I have found the general story arc dealing with the origins of "the Machine" and Mr. Finch to be rather unsatisfying in how it's been handled or written. Certain characters are being exaggerated, in order to make them look like bad asses who can get away with anything. I don't want to spoil it too much for those who haven't finished the second season, but some of the details strain plausibility, especially if the viewer remembers that Mr. Reese is supposed to be maintaining a low-profile and concealing his real identity from the authorities.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Saw a lot of preteens getting their Frappuccinos during the Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour. Marketing to initiate new consumers at work.

The Assault of the State on Marriage

The Revenge of Religious Liberty by Thomas Storck

I think Mr. Storck attributes too much to [Lockean] liberalism as a cause - rather it is the predicament of an "immigrant" Church (rather than a "missionary" Church) in conflict with a growing, centralized state that is no longer Christian. Mr. Storck still adheres to a nationalist understanding of the founding - the federal government is national government and the ultimate authority in all public matters.

The impossibility of gay marriage and the threat of biopolitical control by John Milbank (Patrick Deneen comments)

Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage | Illinois Family Institute

What Few Deny Gay Marriage Will Do

UK: 'New law will compel churches to offer same-sex marriages'

Homosexuality: Yes, I Am Surprised

Oz Conservative: Abbott's scheme

Loss of Community Means More Power for the State

Raimondo vs. Rauch: The Marriage Debate You Haven’t Heard Before

Some Kathy Kallick Band Videos

"Cotton Eyed Joe," from 2010

The English Concert on BBC3 Live in Concert

Live from Wigmore Hall; directed by Fabio Biondi - Episode 1

Episode 2: Pugnani, Haydn

ROAM Artisan Burgers to Open Another Location

Over in the East Bay in Lafyette.


Stile Antico on Performance Today

Program & media player.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

She Should Have "Womanned" Up

Instead of becoming an academic. The Myth of Persecution.

Notre Dame professor: Christian martyrdom a myth

Another shame for Notre Dame. She is rather attractive, in that photo at least - probably had the potential to hook an orthodox Christian alpha. Ah well, pride and ambition, right? Here's an ad for her book:

She hasn't done much with her blog, but she has written for HuffPo. She has a fan at Patheos and "free thinkers" have interviewed her - Episode 113: The Myth of Martyrdom (Part 1) with guest Candida Moss.

The Myth of Candida Moss
Cardinal Newman Society
Seeing the Sword

Fr. Z: Martyrdom and You
I have to say, though, that the talk about persecution from some of our bishops may sound alarmist and premature to non-believers; but it is also the case that the elites are hostile to orthodox Christianity when it poses a threat to them. But for American bishops to say this, when much of what is happening to the Church and what will happen to the Church is "self-inflicted"? Such statements may mistakenly draw attention away from our own failings by putting all of the blame on an external threat. Friction between Church and state should be expected; the failure of Catholics, bishops, college presidents, laymen, to order their own houses is disgraceful.

More from Daniel McInerny on Work

Daniel McInerny: On Work as Craft

An Ode to Great Books and Beautiful Libraries

Peter Blair on Community

The Real Case Against the Suburbs, or, How Ought Christians to Think About the Common Good? by Peter Blair

He does not give a definition of the common good, but he does contrast a living community with a living arrangement that is manifestly marked by the absence of community.

Getting Enough Sun?

Science Daily: Sunshine Could Benefit Health and Prolong Life, Study Suggests

MDA has a lot of posts on the importance of getting enough exposure to sunlight - here's one: 8 Natural Ways to Prevent a Sunburn.

Man of Steel OST: Hit or Miss?

Some critical remarks on Hans Zimmer in the combox at AICN: Awesome Preview Samples Of Hans Zimmer's MAN OF STEEL Score!!

Man of Steel

Robert Reilly, Music in the Modern Age

Keith Norris on Realistic Female Body Composition Expectations

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Victims of the Imperial Presidency

The mass exodus of Christians from the Muslim world by Raymond Ibrahim

Go to Pieper

How Reading Josef Pieper Can Help You Stay Sane by Robert M. Woods

I don't think Martin Mosebach is considered to be a Thomist. Are there any outstanding German Thomists still? I don't have any familiarity with current intellectual trends in Germany, though I know who some of the big names are in philosophy and political theory. I don't think the secularization of Germany can be blamed on the economic transformation of West Germany; things have not been good there for quite some time. Germany might make for an interesting contrast with the United States, with respect to federalism and social and political trends. What is the typical OF Mass in Germany like?

A translation of an interview with Martin Mosebach regarding the Roman rite can be found here.

Ender's Game Trailer

I have friends who read the books, but I never got into them - child geniuses tested to become strategoi... that didn't pique my interest.

Looks like another movie with F/X done by ILM.

"Natural Conservatives"

As if we already didn't know that David Brooks is, at his intellectual core, a liberal.

VDare: David Brooks Goes Beyond Self-Parody

David Brooks promotes the meme about immigrants being natural conservatives - family values, socially conservative, traditional values, religious etc. He may be repulsed by the idea that some form of "ethnocentricism" is part of conservatism or "traditional" values, but preferring to be with one's own "kind" (or ethnic group) because one has more in common with them and identifies with them more is a natural inclination, even if it is weaker than the inclination to associate with those who are of the same "kind" and culture.

What is basic to human nature? "Real" conservatives acknowledging reality, human nature and its inclinations, rather than seek to impose their utopian vision on reality because they adhere to some Cartesian/dualist heresy, even if they happen to be materialists. ("Blank slate" and all that.)

If one's community is defined primarily by one's ethnicity then is not the love of one's ethnic group part of conservatism? Brooks believes in America the abstraction. Consistent liberals may acknowledge that family is important (and thus psychologically beneficial) if the individual makes that choice. But do they scoff at the notion that individuals have 'natural' duties to their kin?

At any rate, the traditional values that Brooks lauds only goes as far as the love of family; Brooks has very little understanding of what authentic community is--otherwise he would understand how admitting people with different cultures, identities, and loyalties would undermine community.

Casting for Silence

Twitch: Andrew Garfield and Ken Watanabe Anchor Scorcese's Silence

Supply Shock

Supply Shock: The Journey by Brian Czech
New Society: Guest Post - Brian Czech - Supply Shock
Jubilee Society

New Society Publishers

An Evil Means to a Good End? – Another Reflection on Hilaire Belloc’s “An Essay on the Restoration of Property” by John Creech
Small vs. Big, Local vs. Global by Nancy Folbre
Someone commented how disturbing he found a newsmagazine cover photo of Obama - seeming to confer upon him a divine aura. "The One" or "the Messiah." I think it was this cover, from Newsweek:

Game theorists will talk about how one should hold one's chin up to convey a sense of confidence/superiority [arrogance] and give the illusion of greater height in order to attract women. This may work on unsophisticated women, but does it work on men? I think men who see someone facing them like this would be offended, even if that man had proven himself to be superior in some way. Wasn't Mussolini known for posing in such a manner? I don't consider such a pose to be statesman-like or even regal, looking at it from the side or from the front.


Uhm Jung Hwa's most recent movie...

Michael Pollan's Latest

Cooked. (His website)

NPR: Michael Pollan: You Are What You Cook

It’s the End of the World Unless We All Start Cooking

Michael Pollan on How Reclaiming Cooking Can Save Our Food System, Make Us Healthy & Grow Democracy - dl vid

How Author Michael Pollan Fell in Love With Cooking
How Michael Pollan Learned to Make Traditional Korean Kimchi

Colbert Grills Michael Pollan on 'Locavore Flim-Flam'
Fire, Water, Air, Earth: Michael Pollan Gets Elemental In 'Cooked'
Reclaiming the Kitchen: In Conversation with Michael Pollan
The Wendell Berry Sentence That Inspired Michael Pollan's Food Obsession
Michael Pollan wants you to cook


Monday, May 06, 2013

Went to solemn vows on Saturday afternoon; I am still planning to go to the ordinations later this month, but that may be the last Dominican event I attend. Some photos here.
NoFilmSchool: Watch Steven Soderbergh's State of Cinema Address, Plus Info on His Latest Twitter Novella

EW: Inside Movies
I wish I could get a glimpse of the iconostasis at St. Nicholas.

Admiral McRaven on C-Span

U.S. Special Operations
"Admiral William McRaven, commander of U.S. Special Operations, outlined his vision for the role of special operations forces. Afterward, military policy experts responded to his speech."

He's also pushing for the inclusion of women in special operations.
What if we all enjoyed meaningful social connections?: Lisa Cook at TEDxMahtomedi

Something that might seem obvious to a traditionalist, who has no intellectual commitment to explaining the world in terms of evolution -
Survival of the ... Nicest? Check Out the Other Theory of Evolution
A new theory of human origins says cooperation—not competition—is instinctive.

Men have the drive to do both - compete and cooperate, within their community. Competition for the sake of improvement, status, and establishing some hierarchy, cooperation for their own benefit and for the benefit of the group.

Vocaloid Opera

I didn't think this could get any more extreme or weird, but the Japanese mass entertainment industry must be meeting some sort of demand for this.

Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid Opera "The End" to Debut in Paris
Louis Vuitton Designs Hatsune Miku's Costume for Opera

Official site
wiki - Hatsune Miku

Functional Strength and Fitness

The Telegraph: Children 'getting weaker because they don't climb trees'
Children have become weaker and unable to do physical tasks that previous generations found easy, a study has found.

Food and Localism

Erik Curren, Convinced that food can save America
Woody Tasch - Funding Our Own Local Food Economy
Helena Norberg-Hodge: Localisation: An Economics of Personal and Ecological Wellbeing
The Myth of Progress vs. Sustainability and Treating All Life as Sacred

To Make a Farm

A New Book by Lauren Pristas

Which will feature much of her previously published material on the collects of the Roman rite. Chant Cafe: An Item for the Book Budget

St. George, Patron of a Men's Group

Why not? OLF will be getting a pastor and everyone is praying for a growth in parish life. I think that a future creation of a men's group would be beneficial.

Pravmir: Courage and Cowardice: On St. George the Trophy-Bearer

Kevin Ford: The Beginnings of Community

Men working together and enjoying time together... Catholic Land Movement: Community Incarnated

Soompi: Jang Yoon Jung: “Mom Spent 10 Years of My Savings Racking Up $1 Million in Debt”

Patriarchy gone wrong? One notes that it is the mother who apparently was favoring the son, not the father - she was the one managing her finances. An unmarried daughter may need to contribute to the well-being of the family while she is still living with them, but to have her savings used unwisely by her mother on her brother specifically? Does she not have a future too, should she not be financially prepared for marriage and having a family of her own? Is this a case of patriarchy being wrongly enforced by the mother, favoritism, or just multiple errors of judgment?

Ron Maxwell Discusses Copperhead Premiere

Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Foundation to Freedom of Association?

The Most Basic Freedom Is Freedom to Quit by Peter Gray, Ph.D., research professor at Boston College

If we move our minds out of the quagmire of competition (indeed, we can’t win tennis matches by quitting) and think of life’s broader goals—the goals of surviving, avoiding injury, finding happiness, and living in accordance with our personal values among people whom we respect and who respect us—then we see that freedom to quit is essential to all of these goals. I am talking here about the freedom to walk away from people and situations that are harmful to our wellbeing.

Freedom to quit is a foundation for peace, equality, and democracy in hunter-gatherer bands.

"Adults" who have children expecting them to be as easy to handle as pet animals. Children are not more complex only by degree - parents
are charged with forming the character of their children, and not to be the target of unrestrained or unreasonable emotion.
Is it possible to acquire the virtue of obedience if one's expression of masculinity has been inhibited or deformed?

Христос воскрес.

Last night I saw the greatest number of blonde women I've seen together, in California, for a while at... Holy Virgin Cathedral last night - Russians, not Anglos. It was packed for the Divine Liturgy when I went inside a little bit past 11 P.M. Sarge suggested that a lot were probably "Easter Orthodox," who showed up only for important feasts. Maybe; it would explain why some of those young women did not have headscarves. (I was actually surprised that someone didn't pass some scarves out to the women. I heard Holy Virgin Cathedral had the reputation for being rather strict - women are supposedly directed to the vestibule to borrow a headscarf. Perhaps they ran out?)

Maybe next year I'll stay at Holy Virgin Cathedral - I heard that's where a couple of Dominicans went; but it was good to be at OLF.

Russian or French women...

KoC: "Our Eastern Brothers"

An interview with Archbishop Stefan Soroka about Eastern Catholicism, Orthodoxy and traditions by Alton J. Pelowski

Today it is Pascha on the Julian calendar.