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It is one thing to talk about how Christians should be united in prayer, but to explain the our Father to the Orthodox? And should he be doing the former if he himself hasn't done much to advance reconciliation with the Orthodox? He may not see his office as a principal stumbling block and the Romanian Orthodox might have been polite and not mentioned it but isn't there more that can be done, and should he not, if he is the first of the bishops, do something on that front?

Pope prays the 'Our Father' in Romanian Orthodox Cathedral: full text

Catedrala Mântuirii Neamului



P-51 Mustang


Church Life: Deadwood's Violent Theological Realism by Jonathan Heaps

In Memoriam

Not Quite a Diamond in the Rough

L'Acte 29

SEAL Podcast Episode 21: Cmd. Master Chief (SEAL) Britt Slabinski, MOH Recipient

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Man Up

and stop emoting... doing something like this or similar to RASP might be helpful for those prone to being cucks, like certain contributors to National Review or The American Conservative.

Rod Dreher: Sohrab Ahmari Vs. David French



BCM Gunfighter Charging Handles

The New Art of Manliness

Boyd Cathey on Jefferson Davis

Reckonin': Remembering Jefferson Davis, His Faith, and His Defense of the Secession by Boyd Cathey

Reckonin' is the new blog of Clyde Wilson.


Abbeville Institute: The Inescapable Anti-Americanism of the Left by Jack Kerwick

"Dancing in the Moonlight"

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

How Big a Risk?

The Illich-McCarrick Connection

From a Berkeley Center interview with Theodore McCarrick: A Discussion with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C.

Nobody knew quite where studying sociology would take me. The famous philosopher, Monsignor Ivan Illich, had urged me to focus on sociology. He was a great scholar, a genius. He was like “a river without banks,” as someone once described him to me. He later left the ministry, and yet he had an influence on Latin American thought in a very special way. Some said, “Go and study sociology as an academic discipline so you can go teach in the seminary.” And others said, “Go and look at it as a research tool, so you can work in the chancery.” And others said, “You can build on sociology as a means of working with the poor, and then you can come and work with Catholic Charities.” And ultimately, I tried to do all three.
Not a very big connection.

Triumph of the Mediocre

Unable to separate the office from the personal? Or do we have a third-world papacy, in which personal connections matter more than procedural justice?

Interview indicates that Pope Francis knew more than enough about Zanchetta by Christopher R. Altieri
Francis, in short, believed the explanation of his friend over and against the evidence.

Isn't there someone in the Curia who is supposed to do the spinning for him?

He never heard anything about McCarrick but he knows that Catholics in China are happy to be united now? Did he talk to the majority of underground bishops? Did he even bother to contact Cardinal Zen? Cardinal Zen must be one of those few dissatisfied Catholics.

Pope Francis responds to heresy accusation, China concerns


Dr. Shawn T. Smith

More with Tim Kennedy

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Hasn't the Patriarchate of Rome Already Decided?

How many European Latin Catholic bishops with sees in Europe can be considered based? Perhaps there are some in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Sandro Magister: Europe At the Polls. But the Church Must Also Decide On Its Future

Subverting Even Themselves

the anti-Logos spirit...

The Day Is Now Far Spent

The Consequences of Feminism

We have greatly underestimated feminism's harmful influence on millennials by Suzanne Venker

St. Elizabeth Convent

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Le patriarche Cyrille consacre l'église orthodoxe de Tous les Saints à Strasbourg


Kalashinkov Komrad

SHOT Show 2019

Let's blame the devil, and then?

Of course in spiritual warfare one must fight through prayer and other acts. But what else is needed to rectify the current situation in the institutional church? Is the latest motu proprio enough? Msgr. Pope, agreeing with Bishop Robert Barron, thinks so:

True Reform Will Come — If You and I Remain Steadfast by Msgr. Charles Pope
As the U.S. Bishops’ June meeting draws near, it’s time for faithful Catholics to regain our focus

Given the continuing breakdown of all traditional roles and failure of the bishops to police themselves, the question is whether the laity should be doing anything else in addition to prayer. According to one model of church authority, no. But what does our Lord want? What if He expects the laity to have a part as well? What if the problem is clericalism, just not in the way outlined by the current bishop of Rome? We pray for our sake, but we may also petition for our Lord to bring about reform through men, but will we recognize authentic reform if our leaders cling absolutely to old institutional structures and practices in the name of "Tradition," failing to differentiate between what size divinely given or instituted from what was initiated or adopted through human positive law (if we can even assume that such law was legitimate or valid in the first place).

Voice Sexism!

This Is a Black Comedy?

Or a hit piece against "toxic masculinity"?


Grace Slick's Vocal Track for "White Rabbit"


Memento Mori

A reminder for Christians, but especially those who will be stuck in blue urban areas when things really get bad.

Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom Ceremony Honoring Cardinal Joseph Zen

Tang > Han

Not enamored with the Yuan.