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Multiculturalism is...

More on Young Adult Groups

Asssembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops (of the USA): Young Adults and Young Adult Ministries in American Orthodox Christian Parishes (via Byz TX)

How many of these young adults will remain "practicing" faithful? Too soon to tell? Is the young adult group a pastoral strategy whose time has come and gone and needs to be replaced by something that acknowledges sex differences?
A German girl, 4th gr: "You remind me of my uncle [who lives in Germany]." Thought that was humorous.

And one of the 4 year-olds, Ibero-American: "I am Jason. He is a bad guy." Why do their parents let their very young children watch horror movies? I don't understand, even if we are not getting their best and brightest.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Something Critical of Mark Regnerus's Cheap Sex


How Not to Analyze the Modern Family Crisis by Stephen Baskerville

None of these dynamics are to be found in this book. From the standpoint of the most important crises in family and sexual relations, the result is a huge red herring. It provides a bromide for conservative family values conservatives because it effectively leaves them very little to do. Short of restoring female chastity—not impossible but not very effective in the short run either—it renders their efforts hopeless and provides an unanswerable excuse for their repeated defeats. There is, quite simply, no solution to the family crisis.

It is this apolitical stance—more than his virtue signaling over homosexuality or “sexual abuse”—that explains why the book can be published by a liberal publisher like Oxford University Press and praised by radicals like Anthony Giddens of the London School of Economics. Apolitical approaches to changing family dynamics are, logically enough, politically paralyzing. They may well ingratiate us with liberal-left academia, but that merely provides cover for more policies that weaken the family and strengthen the state.

Bill Kauffman on Shelby Foote

We Could Use a Shelby Foote Today by Bill Kauffman

One of the greatest Civil War historians saw nobility in the stars and bars.

Another Young Adult Group/Movement in the Making

Yesterday I posted about the Frassati groups; today I see something geared towards Latin traditionalists: You suggest: Young adult traditional movement group and Rorate Mass in Nebraska. Just a traditionalist version of current Catholic young adult strategies and group models?

The New Tradangelization podcast & FB

Deut 22:5

Dalrock: Cross dressing snuck up in our blind spot.

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What are the stats?

Frassati Fellowships: Young Adults Building a Catholic Culture

"According to Father Zeiler, the group has grown organically by word of mouth and through Facebook. Young adults tend to move on as they get married—often to fellow Frassati members."

So There is a Version With a Skirt for Women

12 Strong Trailer #2

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The Jade Pendant

Looks like the Chinese title is no longer 唐人街 but 金山. What is the purpose of the filmmakers? To remember the ugliness of hate/xenophobia and its consequqences? To claim victim status for Chinese people? To uphold the myth of America as a "nation of immigrants"?

Should the Chinese who came here to seek wealth be treated unjustly? No. But should they have been allowed entry in the first place? And if they were allowed entry, what should have been the conditions for staying, the restrictions and duties placed upon them as well as the duties of the host? Questions that will not be asked by liberals pushing for the leveling of everything in the name of equality.

So Close and Yet So Far

The Challenge of Racism Today: Cardinal Donald Wuerl vs. St. Thomas Aquinas

Does his characterization of neo-pagan racism matter? Are there some who fall under that description? Perhaps. Is that whom the SJWs are criticizing? Not really.