Saturday, August 17, 2013

Woke up in the middle of a dream about El Pollo Loco (which turned into a generic fast food place) and some riff on Austen...

Ross Conrad discusses Natural Beekeeping

Useful if we have any bees left...

Friday, August 16, 2013

The History of Western Boxing

What happened during the middle ages? An ancient art, a long absence

Studio Ghibli's Next Release

Twitch: Nine New Images From Ghibli's TALE OF THE BAMBOO CUTTER

Who are the Scouts of Saint George?

Chris Thile and Mark O'Connor

The Greatest Improv Mandolin Solo Ever: Chris Thile w. Mark O'Connor

The Goat Road Sessions will be swinging by the Greek Theater in Berkeley on August 24 and Chris Thile will be performing at the SF Jazz Center on Feb. 14.

Will It Look Better than Pacific Rim?

Or perhaps propel the live action Evangelion movie forward?

Twitch: Get Your First Look At The Live Action PATLABOR

I Was Surprised to See This in The Atlantic

How the Western Was Lost (and Why It Matters) by Michael Agresta
As superheroes, sequels, and international appeal influence Hollywood studios, films from the frontier are riding off into the sunset—just when America needs them most.

How the Wild West REALLY looked: Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures show the landscape as it was charted for the very first time

The Rise and Fall of Katharine Hepburn's Fake Accent

Maybe a More Masculine Frame Would Be Effective

NCR: Vatican’s overseer tells LCWR he’s a ‘brother and friend’

Unethical to run 'game' on womyn religious?
Extraenvironmentalist: Melanie Rios // Succession Spirit

"Melanie Rios presents on ‘Nature and the Human Soul, Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World” with Permaculture approaches to nurturing thriving social ecosystems."

Primal Con Promo

Best Butchers in San Francisco

According to sfist. 4505 Meats is listed first.

Two Dominican Heavyweights

Serge-Thomas Bonino and Romanus Cessario

The Contemplative Dimension of Dominican Spirituality

Immortal Songs Season 2 - Bada - Old Love | 바다 - 옛사랑 (Immortal Songs 2 / 2013.05.25)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tradition Must be Revivified

The Imaginative Conservative: The Restoration of Tradition by Stanley Parry

Related: Local Politics: Small may not be Beautiful, but it’s what we’ve Got by Bruce Frohnen

Fr. Schall on the Right to Happiness

Imaginative Conservative: The Right to Happiness by Fr. James V. Schall, S. J.,

Perhaps Fr. Schall holds to the Straussian line too much here. Can we understand the right to happiness not as an entitlement but as a freedom from interference by a central authority or as a curb on unjust exercises of power?

Two Responses to William Cavanaugh on the Modern State

Thomas Storck, William Cavanaugh's "Killing For The Telephone Company," A Critique

A response to both Storck and Cavanaugh: Cavanaugh and the Question of the State by Joshua Bowman

The major problem with Storck's critique is that he ignores the problem of scale - perhaps an assumption about scale is implicit in Cavanaugh's critique of the modern state but he should have made it explicit. Aristotle, as I don't cease to point out, certainly had much to stay about scale and we are reminded of the fundamental importance of scale to the health of a community by 20th century thinkers like Leopold Kohr, E.F. Schumacher, and Kirkpatrick Scale.

The consolidation of power, political and economic - facilitated by improvement in communication and cheap energy. Earlier large political units (I would not call them polities) were forced by the limits of energy and communication to be somewhat decentralized, with some empires more decentralized than others (Roman and Chinese and Persian).

What of the managerial state, with the development of bureaucracy which seeks to legislate every tiny detail? What bigger violation of "subsidiarity" could there be at this point, as the bureaucracy serves those who hold power and implements their will?

Even if they claimed to be sovereign would their claim be just or right?

Martel on the Fragmentation of the Androsphere


Tradition, Community, and... Morris Dance

Walking Into My Past by Lily Kruskal Leahy

Some videos of Morris dance after the jump...

Thoughtful? Or just showy but inconsequential handwringing?

AmCon: Race and the Right by Samuel Goldman

If "statist" or Federal solutions do not help but exacerbate the problem, and if minorities reject as "white paternalism" those measures which are directed towards the cultural and moral problems affecting their peoples, then what else can be done but to focus on building up friendships on the local level? Even that may not be successful, and balkanization in some regions may be inevitable. Is this really an attempt on the part of Mr. Goldman to expand the minds of conservatives or just cheap shaming?

Obama Administration Using Housing Department in Attempt to Diversify Neighborhoods (Vox Day)

"Police Telephone Box, England"

Google Maps Street View
"Amazing. Make sure you're looking at the Earl's Court police box, then click the middle arrow..."
(via Empire Magazine)

Talks from the Searching for the Sacred Symposium at Ancient Faith Radio


Daniel McCarthy on Gen X

The Flannel Generation Turns 40, and Millennials Go for a Walk

The Catholic Gentleman?

Fr. Paul Nicholson: The Marshall plan for the bourgeoisie Catholic Man?

to be continued...

An excerpt:
But that isn't the point of my contention. Its because the whole point of manhood, the very nature of fatherhood is to be a patriarch, a warrior, a monk and a lover.

And these splendid prototypes of masculinity were passed over or missed by Marshall.

I couldn't care less what a man drinks or smokes or doesn't drink or doesn't smoke, so long as he understands what his purpose in life is for. And to that, unless a man configures his manhood on the perfect manhood of Jesus Christ, he will always, ALWAYS get it wrong.

Man as Patriarch.

It reminds me of Brad Miner's list, to which Fr. Paul adds 'patriarch'.

Brad Birzer - Virtue and Christian Gentlemen Behavior are More Important than Politics

Rules of Cricket - Anglican Psalm Chant

More Interviews with Mother Dolores Hart

More after the jump:

Mother Dolores Hart on Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal's Dramatic Journey of Love, Healing & Forgiveness by Mary Claire Kendall

See also the original NCR article.

A previous appearance.


Twitch: Get Your Classic Samurai Fix With Trailer For Mikami Yasuo's SHUNDOU


I'm all for organum.

Chant Cafe: Organum is Beautiful on Chant Verses

wiki and M-W

Chris Thile in Studio

Sound Check WNYC - entire interview and session

An Excerpt:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eric Garza on the Social Implications of Energy Return

The Social Implications of Energy Return by Eric Garza Ph.D (original - pdf)

A New Addition to Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Bluegrass Today: Cory Piatt to Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Fr. Andrew Damick on Being Rooted in a Place

Rootedness and Uprootedness: A Lament

Switzerland Refuses to Conform to a Leftist Globalist Agenda

And gets criticized accordingly: Switzerland Passes Racial Apartheid Laws

Discussion of Resiliency

Resilience: It’s who ya know. by Scott Doyon

A Foodshed View of Resilience by Philip Ackerman-Leist

Pauline Maier Passes

Pauline Maier, Distinguished Historian of the American Revolution, Dies at 75
Pauline Maier (1938-2013)
Legal Theory Blog

Her faculty page.

In Depth - CSPAN

More videos after the jump.

Paul Gottfried on the Frankfurt School

Interview with Robert Stark: Robert Stark Interviews Paul Gottfried on the Frankfurt School (mp3)

Paul Gottfried's latest article: The Virtues of Malfeasance

NSA Wiretapping Public Service Announcement

LWRC Military Action Video

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Propagandizing Continues

Army colonel: Physical strength not the end-all, be-all of combat service by Rowan Scarborough

Written by a female career officer who undermines her own case - "Col. Ellen Haring, on the staff of the U.S. Army War College, says commanders need to downplay obstacle courses and judge a service member’s ability to stay calm and think quickly." She's not really thinking about grunts, but those who want to become infantry officers and thus be able to rise more quickly in the ranks.

From October 2012: Female soldiers fight Pentagon in court for combat positions
Two highly trained female soldiers contend that the exclusion of women from combat posts is unconstitutional.

One of those soldiers was "Colonel" Haring.

U.S. Army War College Col. Ellen Haring, complainant in women-in-combat lawsuit, 'surprised' by Pentagon decision
'Everyone Is Entitled to a Chance': Panetta Lifts Ban on Women in Combat

Do You Have To Work At Being This Stupid?

Breaking Bad as a Tragedy

One example of a critic of Breaking Bad was given in this post.

Breaking Bad: A Contemporary Tragedy by Dutton Kearney

I question his handling of Greek tragedy, though - it seems to be at variance with the account of tragedy given by Aristotle, though it is true that Aristotle's definition of tragedy (and the tragic hero) may not fit all Greek plays equally well.

‘Breaking Bad’ Premiere Draws Biggest Audience in Its History

Bringing the Knights of Columbus to Eastern Europe

The Way: Knights of Columbus expands to Ukraine and Lithuania; His Beatitude Sviatoslav via Video Addresses K.C. Convention

The Knights of Columbus are probably more respectful of Eastern liturgical rites and theology certain Roman ecclesial movements [whether it is because they are ultramontane or due to the eccentricities of their founder(s)]. Will they retain the American costumes or will they create new nayive versions? I know very little about them, but I do have an adverse reaction to their costumes and fake swords. They do a lot of good charitable work in the American churches, and the group is a good opportunity for Catholic men to meet and socialize, but it's not a replacement for the fraternization and leadership that should be taking place in a parish. If parishes were sized according to a proper scale and men were fulfilling their duties to the parish and to one another, would there be a need for the KoC except perhaps in a limited auxiliary role? And instead of being a fake knight, shouldn't men be willing to defend of their families and others? Or have we officially endorsed pacificism in an absolute manner?

Pope Francis asks Knights of Columbus to defend life and 'authentic' marriage

Theodore Dalrymple on Pope Francis's Remarks at Lampedusa

Pope Francis Should Seek Clarity on Moral Responsibility

Pope Francis: We Have Fallen Into Globalized Indifference
Pope: in Lampedusa, "Let us pray for those who are here and those that there are not"
In Lampedusa, Europe Is Also Emigrating. To the South

8 July 2013: Visit to Lampedusa - Holy Mass in the "Arena" sports camp (Video)

Spread the Message!

Pravmir: Leading Russian Orthodox official calls for ‘economy of self-sufficiency,’ not growth

But will Catholic and Orthodox bishops address the collusion between big government and big business?

A Sketch of the New St. Michael's Abbey

Included in their latest e-news - What is the purpose of an abbey?

There is another sketch included for this Q&A: Q: What is the difference between an abbey and a monastery?

New Abbey - Draft of Conceptual Plan

Augusta Heritage Center

NPR: In West Virginia, A Band Camp Of Sorts Prizes Old-Time Music - mp3

Augusta Heritage Center - Bluegrass Week - Old-Time Week

Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination

Circe Institute: Podcast: On Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination - mp3

Rod Dreher: Story Lines, Not Party Lines
Why conservatives must master the arts of narrative
The Stories Conservatives Don’t Tell

Peter Hitchens Interview

Via PH: Yet Another Student Interview with PH

Jeffrey Tucker on Pope Francis

Pope Francis Will Enliven the Benedict Legacy by Jeffrey Tucker

In my lifetime, there had never been a greater public-relations problem for the Church. For the previous ten years, the world press had free reign to trash, slander, detract, and calumny the Catholic Church and therefore the faith and there was no end in sight.

In the United States, as a result of court orders and legislation, parish life has been transformed. We’ve become bureaucratized to the point that even volunteers need background checks and must take tests on diocesan websites. Priests themselves have developed the habit of standing two feet away from everyone for fear of finding themselves embroiled in accusations of abuse.

Some of my priest friends who took great pride in their vocation quietly stopped wearing clerics when shopping at the store or going on trips. Many young people just stopped attending Mass; they were just too embarrassed over the bad press. Many Catholics just felt a profound sense of demoralization, and it only became worse with every revelation, every court decision, every defrocking, arrest, disclosure. And it never seemed to stop, year after year.

How Will I Explain Peak Oil to My Son?

The Oil Drum: How Will I Explain Peak Oil to My Son?

An interview with Bill McKibben - ‘Breaking the power of the fossil fuel industry is going to be the real key’ by John Wiseman (original)

A Tribute to Richard Marlow

Oregon Live: William Byrd Festival will not forget its late director, Richard Marlow (his obituary)

William Byrd Festival
Cantores in Ecclesia

The 2013-2014 season of In Mulieribus: Musica Brittanica

Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen Tour CA

List of dates and venues.

8/17 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Fremont, CA - Brask House Concert - Mission Coffee Roasting 151 Washington Blvd. Fremont, CA 94539

9/6 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Mountain View, CA - Red Rock Coffee - 201 Castro St. Mountain View, CA 94041

9/8 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Saratoga, CA - Cinnabar Wine Tasting Room - 14612 Big Basin Way Saratoga, CA 95070

official website, page and FB

Rambling Dan Frechette

John Mount's YT Playlist

Carson Peters Impresses Betty White

His website.

Claude Bernard and the Discovery of Glycogen and Gluconeogenesis

Richard Feinman, Revolutions. Political and Scientific
Slate: Sun Food vs. Oil Food by Mark Hertsgaard
Michael Pollan on how changing agriculture could reverse climate change.

Symphony of Soil Trailer


Jennifer Lawrence, Paleo

Diet/lifestyle, that is. "I eat like a caveman."

Jennifer Lawrence isn't willing to be super skinny: 'In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress' - Elle Magazine
Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is our body image icon
Jennifer Lawrence: 'In Hollywood, I'm Considered A Fat Actress'

I still think Leelee Sobieski was more attractive at that age, but her career hasn't really gone anywhere. (Supposedly Sobieski has had some work done to her face?) Chewed up and spit out by Hollywood too soon? She did get a role on CBS's NYC 22, but that show was quickly cancelled.

I still haven't seen Lawrence's Winter's Bone.

Rev. Fr. Father Anthony Uy, FSSP Gives His Story

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Can We Trust Google?

When the company is collaborating with the National Government? Google Reveals the 10 Worst Password Ideas

Related: Lavabit's Ladar Levison: 'If You Knew What I Know About Email, You Might Not Use It'

A Student of Fr. Foster

Monsignor Daniel B. Gallagher - Lessons from a Vatican Latinist
Rorate Caeli: Summorum Pontificum finally made available in major languages in Vatican website!

The Latin has been available, but for other documents it may still be missing.

Andrew Seeley on Natalie Wood and the Ruin of American Women

Natalie Wood and Purity at Midnight Mass by Andrew Seeley

The Story of How the Cloisters Came to Be

Not One Chance in a Thousand: How the Cloisters came to be

Visit the Cloisters

Good News for Sarge

FSSP: Regina Caeli Parish in Houston Officially Established

Steve Sailer's Thesis on Why the Quality of Movies is Declining

Steve Sailer, Why is TV cooler than movies these days? (VDare)

Vox Day: The Unexpected Winners in the Culture War

On the new movie Elysium:
“ELYSIUM”—Hollywood Open Borders Propaganda Concedes "Nativists" Are Right
Elysium: Propaganda for Illegal Immigration “Reform”

Chris Thile Featured on NPR's Deceptive Cadence

deceptive cadence: Chris Thile Looks Back To Bach To Bach - mp3

Some more details about the mystery priest in MO. The face of mysterious priest at car wreck.

3rd Annual TWJKD Seminar – Los Angeles – November 2 and 3, 2013