Saturday, April 27, 2019

What Consequences for Ukraine?

The Saker.


Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences: Nation, State, Nation-State

Breitbart: Vatican Proposes European Union as Example of ‘a Supranational State’

Male Aggression

Status Jockeying

and female games in a household with more than one wife/concubine.



They don't even bother with discharging blanks -- just CGI for the gun going off. I'm a bit disappointed even if the movie magic is effective; the guns firing don't look as fake as the wounds and blood.

Robert George and James Martin, Besties

First Things: Father Martin Corrects Cardinal Tobin by Robert P. George

L'Acte 24

Friday, April 26, 2019


Greens Make Another Appearance

Team Wendy

Penny Drill

Gender War

Thursday, April 25, 2019

"Yesterday Once More"

Eternal Memory

Chronicles: Aaron D. Wolf, Rest in Peace
Chronicles has suffered a tragic loss: on Easter Sunday, executive editor Aaron Wolf died of a sudden heart attack.

Romanian Bishop-Martyrs

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Monday, April 22, 2019

What is the state of the Ordinariate?

The Current Cultural Marxist Onslaught Will Not End Well

Where the hell do these people come from?

Liberated by Capitalism

even in Japan!

Gregorian Chant

Clueless Latin Catholic Academics

CWR: Catholic universities, contemplation, and our cultural future by Joseph G. Trabbic
What many parents still fail to grasp is that their children’s university education isn’t just going to get them a job, it’s going to give them a worldview.

We can redeem the culture in the twenty-first century, if we want to. Universities are essential to that project. The good news is that in Catholic higher education we don’t need to start from scratch. The institutions already exist to advance this project. They only need our encouragement, support, and the right leadership.

Culture must be redeemed first by existing healthy communities; higher education is proving itself increasingly irrelevant and unnecessary to the creation of community, and Latins will have to learn how to do without them in an age of collapse.

Gerald J. Russello Reviews The Limits of Liberalism: Tradition, Individualism, and the Crisis of Freedom

AmConMag: Liberalism: The Great Anti-Tradition By Gerald J. Russello
It may have rejected traditional authorities of church and state, but it has put other authorities in their place.

Where's the Equivalent for Men?

CNA: Why Blessed is She’s founder says she’s blessed

YouTube podcast

And what is their take on feminism?

Someone Who Doesn't Understand the Culture War

Whether it be the divide between Brexiters and Remainers or however the split between the natives and the globalist, neoliberal traitors is to be understood.

CNA: Easter can correct society’s ‘bitterness and intolerance’ – English bishop

What the bishop doesn't understand is that the political choices facing the UK and other Western countries boils down to the negation of the order of charity by neoliberals, globalists, and leftists, all in favor of the state.

Based on the excerpts, it would seem that his homily was too shallow and he shouldn't have even made the attempt. Truly sophomoric.

Dark Phoenix

Alpha Males

Petros Gaitanos

Blake Shelton, "I Lived It"