Saturday, January 30, 2021

Traitors Who Sold Themselves to the Oligarchs

And What Answer Do They Reach?

Sex Roles Are Based on Real Sex Differences

And will some recognize this? Or will their plan go the way of all utopian social experiments? Who in her extended family is making the decisions for this? I bet it's the strong women who are.

Noah Revoy on Femininity

And Now He Has Visited the Border, He Knows Better?

It didn't do anything for his understanding of the Natural Law or moral theology.

What Sort of Leadership Is This?

Imperial Shenanigans


East Asian-American Issues

Helen Charlston on the New Semele Album

Audie Murphy at the Alamo

Tony Blauer Interview

Feminism Is a Weapon

New Jack Donovan Interview

The Oligarchs Believe in Public Education

Types of Handguns and Ammunition

Related: A Q&A on the proper care of magazines

Bishops Importing New Parishioners

Bergoglio is Complicit in the WEF Agenda

Bergoglio, Universal Teacher

Love us as we are? No. He loves us in spite of our sins.

Bergoglio couldn't be bothered to get a second opinion from another US bishop who might disagree with Cupich? At the same audience?

The RC Military Archdiocese Would Never Take Such a Stand

for "pastoral reasons" -- taking care of souls is more important than taking such a public stand.
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Upholding Latin Ecclesiology... for Whose Benefit?

Despite his expressed desire for Christian unity, Francis doesn't have the theological acumen to realize that he and his stated positions are obstacles.

A Bad Trend

Christ is the conqueror of death.

Lord Have Mercy

Not sure if I've ever heard anything by xer.

Next Generation NVGs


Friday, January 29, 2021

A Home Altar for a Latin Traditionalist

Look at how the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt turned out. What are Latin traditionalists doing to combat creeping statism insteaed? Probably nothing.

Accommodating What, Exactly?

Feminist Complains about the Cultural Revolutionaries

There can be no alliance with any feminist.

Situational Awareness, Threat Evaluation, and...

Under the Rocks

Green Berets!

Go Train

And we of course get the feminist cheerleading:

PWS MK111 Pro

product page

Because Sig Thinks There Will Be Collectors of This?

Can't blame them for being capitalist, right?


Zelenko Protocol Plus

"Port na h-Eala"

John Eccles's Semele

"At Brigid's Well"

"Homeward Bound"

A Military Fit for a Multi-Ethnic Empire in Decline

Revolver: America's Military Is the Best in the World But Not for Long

Best in the world? Even that is questionable. Whom will the degradation of skills benefit?

Michael Hudson on Chopping Down the Middle Class

Sarah Jarosz Covers

RegenAg Links

Separation Now

Wayne Allensworth: Died of a Theory: What Happened to the Old America?

Repeal the Nineteenth

SSH Goes Mainstream

Vox Day.

Can we better understand monastics or those especially living an eremetical form of life as being sigmas? I suppose the normal hierarchy could be found where there is more of a monastic community. Monasticism then could be understood in such "sociological terms," though those who extol the perfection of living the evangelical vows would not be satisfied. But it would allow a place for continued development of our understanding of the "lay" Christian vocation.

Meanwhile, in the AmChurch...

The AmChurch continues to fail Roman Catholic men.

Because Universities Care about Robert George's Approval

A New Sniper Rifle

China's Response to the UK

The Result of an Immigrant AmChurch Losing Its Civic Nationalist Identity

Stonk Wars!

Long live the fighters. And G*d bless the short squeeze.

Is 2021 an Echo of 1641?

We Have Mediocratic Kakistocrats Running the Empire

"Do You Even Lift, Bro?"

Next Republican inauguration? Not going to happen. When the empire is in decline, preservation of poetry and the liberal arts are at the bottom of priorities. Find your tribe, go lift and train, and prep accordingly.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

A ROCOR Response to the COVID-19 Vaccine


See the whole chirp thread...

Prospects for Localism

"Our Help Is in the Name of the Lord"


Another book to get?

Vandana Shiva Profile

Things the Manchurian Candidate Won't Do

"Grassroots" "Populist"

Manipulated by the elites.

"Year of Youth"

Good luck with that.

Grad School is a Pain

Non-Profit Based in NYC? Who's Funding This?


Sex Differences in Moral Psychology Are Real

This was written by a woman:

The simple answer seems to be to swim upstream and foster those things which totalitarian government is against. If totalitarianism wants us to erase our memories of history, community, morality, and faith, then we must cling tightly to those very things.

This memory muscle can be strengthened by reading good books, studying history, and discussing the gleanings from these sources with others. Regularly attending church, getting involved with the community there, and inviting that community into your home for fellowship will also increase that anti-totalitarian muscle. And last but not least, embracing family and expending energy to model good morals and behavior to your children will not only be helpful for the current fight against totalitarianism, but for future battles as well.

Lightweight piece. By comparison this has better and more concrete suggestions. Influencers are not leaders.

Keibo Oiwa

Double Patty ๋”๋ธ”ํŒจํ‹ฐ


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Another Sign of the Dying AmChurch

AmChurch Dying a Slow Death

MacIntyre on Protests

This a modified excerpt from After Virtue, but since it was published with MacIntyre's position, one can assume that MacIntyre hasn't repudiated his position on natural rights.

Rise of the West by William McNeill

While Rome Burns, This Is What Latin Integralists Do

Veranda, "Yodel Bleu"


New Release from Oka Midori

Got No Confidence in This

Who is really running things?

Dunhuang Art

His Press People Aren't the Problem

A White Paper That Serves Whom?

Derek Turner Reviews A Small Farm Future

Pigment Creation

Solidus of Justin I and Justinian I

Eternal Memory

An Important Anniversary for the ROCOR Community in San Francisco

A Polish Documentary on Heiligenkreuz

Kershaw Cannonball

American Empire at Work

Go Train

Beau Wise on Three Wise Men

A False Irenicism

And of course Greeks are aping Latins.

Red Pill

"A man in this world must solve a problem: to be with Christ, or to be against Him. And every man decides this, whether he wants to or not. He will either be a lover of Christ or a fighter of Christ. There is no 3rd option." - St. Justin Popovich.

Savage Arms Hexlock

Filling a Vaccuum Left by Latins

Localism and Federalism

Solutions that haven't been tried, because... inertia. Upholding the state? Not the proper job of a bishop.

5.4 Million?

How many is too many for the UK to absorb?