Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Marié Digby's 2013 Retrospect

Tonight: HOLY VIGIL for the feast of Christ's circumcision and the feast of St. Basil the Great - followed by fellowship until midnight. A Byzantine way of celebrating the New Year... alas, I won't be able to attend.

Predictions for 2014

Gerald Celente Shares His 2014 Predictions - Middle East War & Economic Crisis
Paul Craig Roberts: 2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse
Peak Prosperity

Monday, December 30, 2013


Generation Crossfit by Thomas Beller (via GL Piggy)

Will Crossfit and PX90 remain fitness trends for 2014? Or will functional fitness become more prominent?

I have a kettlebell that needs to be used.

An Visual Representation of White Flight and the Brain Drain

Deserted America: The maps that show how 60 years of white flight and brain drain have sucked the population from the Midwest
Mapping 60 Years of White Flight, Brain Drain and American Migration

Nom Nom Paleo on Joel Riddell’s Dining Around on Talk 910

Dining Around 12-28-13 Hr2: Paleo Food, San Francisco

"This hour on Dining Around, Joel brings on Michelle Tam and Henry Fong to talk about their book Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans, and what it means to eat paleo. Then Andrew Freeman, of Andrew Freeman and Co. Marketing and Public Relations, returns to talk about local hotels, restaurants, and wineries."

Nom Nom Paleo

Embedded player after the jump.

Contra Dance Etiquette for the Guys

If men naturally tune out women (as opposed to being a habit they gradually acquire, for whatever reason), would this be a sufficient reason for not having women as lectors/readers? Does the same apply to female cantors (cantrixes)? Male voices are better suited to commanding the attention of both men and women.

Alexander's Bridge

Related to this post - Pantaeo recorded the re-enactment of the Battle of Chickamauga for the 150th Anniversary and also used the occasion to film a movie about Delta Force operators who travel back in time to that battle. Unfortunately, they decide to help out the Union Army. (A reflection of the company's sympathies? Or just a decision made for the sake of PC?)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Cross-Cultural Utility of Cricket

Thanks to the British Empire and its legacy.

Vatican launches its very own cricket team
In recent years cricket has proven to be an efficient instrument for boosting interreligious dialogue (teams are composed of Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist players) and now it has also become a new means of ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Anglicans. When the club was launched back in October, Cardinal Ravasi praised the initiative, calling it an “expression of interculturalism and of “dialogue among peoples”.

Alas, in the Silicon Valley cricket is used more as a divider than a uniter (though a uniter for South Asians). There are some South Asians who play baseball with the East Asians and the whites who remain.

Cricket is not a bearer of Anglo tradition or identity, rather, it is an expression of South Asian identity.

Putting the Onus on the Pope

Vatican Insider: “We are prepared to make the changes Francis wants” says Legion of Christ

Twitch's Best Of 2013: Television From Lands Other Than America


Mark Royden Winchell

Nomocracy in Politics: “Mark Royden Winchell,” By Thomas H. Landess (republished from First Principles)

I've been waiting for Winchell's last book The Cause of Us All, to be in stock for a year or so; was it actually published?

In Memoriam
Notice in AmConMag on his passing in 2008.

"The Dream of the South"

Ushering in the New Year with The Tuttles with AJ Lee

At Freight and Salvage Jan. 2 and Don Quioxte's Jan. 5.

'Why I Like Vladimir Putin'

After Pat Buchanan's "Is Putin One of Us?," here is Peter Hitchens -

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope?

Obamacare Showdown: Missouri Bill to Gut Obamacare, Ban Penalties, Ban Healthcare Exchange; How Would Obama Respond?

A Reminder Why California Is ______

Shoppers Stock Up On Rifles, Shotguns Before California Long Gun Registry Begins

Stand With Your "People"

The Phil Robertson controversy and life in general makes me think that we should have the mentality that we should be on permanent war footing - the culture war but in other respects as well.

Ilana Mercer poo-poos the show. Too low-brow for her tastes? Or grasping for reasons to be deliberately contrarian? I think Rod Dreher likes the show itself more, but I could be wrong. Is this a giant money-making scheme hatched by A&E and the Robertson Family? Or should we believe the family that the network deliberately set up a trap for Mr. Robertson and that the show didn't work out like it had planned (U.S.A. getting laughs from dumb hicks acting like dumb hicks)?

While his talk may lend itself to support of white nationalism, I think the principles that one should determine who is one's people (not necessarily based only on race) and act in solidarity with them are valid for "conservative" Americans.

Jack Donovan, Becoming the New Barbarians:
As America declines and becomes a failed or failing state, the corporations and businessmen and bureaucrats who run it will continue to preach globalism and multiculturalism and feminism.

They will continue to condemn anything that could be considered racism or tribalism—especially among whites—until they are safely in the minority. They will continue to condemn “male sexism” and continue to promote any kind of go-girl female sexism that emasculates or devalues men. They will continue to promote reverence for their own academic priest class while condemning as “extreme” any religious belief that challenges the moral authority of progressive beliefs. They will continue to promote dependence on the State for security and income and healthcare—for life itself.

Of course, traditional conservatives may prefer to see themselves as the civilized defending and preserving civilization from the barbarians (the leftists) in our midst - the folks at Chronicles, Rod Dreher, and so on. It's a noble attitude, but nonetheless we still need males who are willing to be men and do what men do for themselves and their group.

Meanwhile the Lefties continue to push their own brand of social engineering (that is, formation or paideia), in the name of deconstructionism: There's Something Absolutely Wrong With What We Do To Boys Before They Grow Into Men

Edit. A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to 'Duck Dynasty'

Two O'Clock In The Morning with Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Felix dies Nativitatis! Καλά Χριστούγεννα! Merry Christmas!

χριστός γεννάται! δοξάσατε! Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Monday, December 23, 2013

What Did He Say About Pretty Women Using Feminism to Draw Attention to Themselves?

Someone in the Androsphere... maybe it was Vox. Or maybe it was Sunshine Mary.

Feminism and AA in the guise of 'patriotism'?

Former Eagles cheerleader now stars for Army

The Latest from Nafeez Ahmed

Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will 'break economies' (Resilience)

The Neal Study

Important research: diversity is incompatible with community - The Atlantic: The Paradox of Diverse Communities by Richard Florida

“The (In)compatibility of Diversity and Sense of Community” by Zachary Neal and Jennifer Watling Neal

Steve Sailer

Vespers in English at St. Sebastian Church

Come and Worship in Song - Vespers of Epiphany
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Celebrant
Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB, Choirmaster and Composer
A Celebration of Light and Life!
Sunday, January 5th, 3:30 PM - St. Sebastian Church
373 Bon Air Road, Kentfield - Greenbrae

3:30 PM Rehearsal for the Vespers Schola
4:00 PM Introduction by Archbishop Cordileone and refreshments
4:30 PM Practice singing simple English Chant with Fr. Samuel
5:00 -- 6:00 PM Vespers (Evening Prayer)

Sacred Music by Fr. Samuel F. Weber
Taking up the Psalter
A letter to some friends by Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B.

The Office of Compline (audio samples)
New Liturgical Institute in San Francisco by Roseanne T. Sullivan
Archbishop Cordileone Rebuilding Church, Society in San Francisco (reaction at Pray Tell)
Surprise resignation stuns California seminary students, faculty

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oratory of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Goes SSPX

Letter of Patrick J. McGrath, Bishop of San Jose

Cal Catholic Daily

Meanwhile... Bishop Daly leads campaign for new Catholic high school.

David Collum on the Dominant Trends of 2013

Broken Markets, State Capitalism & Eroding Liberty - mp3

A Soon-to-be Forgotten American Hero?

An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: 'A Genius Among Geniuses'
People of Costco... not necessarily a prettier sight.

There are very few places where people watching is enjoyable.

Anyway... Karen De Coster, No Carbs, No Energy? Wrong.

Costanza Miriano

A follow-up to this post. The Thinking Housewife

Her blog.


Hilliard Ensemble to Retire

NPR: Deceptive Cadence

Without an abundant of ease, comfort, and food made possible by cheap energy, would the modern nation-state be as stable as it seems to be? One of its goals is the pacification of the populace by satisfying their appetites. But another goal is the removal of political liberty and participation, along with the suppression of masculine agency, as these are potential threats to the state.

Official Battle of Chickamauga 150th Anniversary Reenactment Video



150th anniversary
Longstreet's Breakout Tour

Friday, December 20, 2013

60 Minutes on the Copts


Need to find a way to finance enjoying the decline.

Nicole Foss on the Extraenvironmentalist

Episode 70: Downloading Responsibility (hi/lo) (Resilience)

The episode also features Laurence Boomert and John Michael Greer.

Two Thumbs Down for The Desolation of Smaug

Tom Piatak
Daniel Larison

More with Evangeline Lilly:

Orthodox in Hong Kong

Keeping Faith in the City by Brian Yeung
The majority of Hongkongers celebrate Christmas on December 25. However, a handful will set aside January 7 as their holy day – that’s the day the Russian Orthodox Church observes Christmas Day and many non-Russian Hongkongers have embraced the faith.

I am Second

Media bias: the conclusive proof and So, the gay thing backfired
Michelle Malkin

Peter O'Toole

Passed away on Sunday; I didn't find out about his passing until Wednesday. One of his last movies is Katherine of Alexandria:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finally back from my visit with the New Scot; wish I could have talked with him more, but he's busy, as one would expect with a religious who is also a cleric.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Old Roman chant - Inveni David servum meum

Saturday, December 14, 2013

First World Affectations

Hipsters of the World

Got a view of some TAD customers last weekend; the "urban tactical" look can be so pretentious, especially when modelled by overweight people and seniors. Lots of Asians and whites at the store - a young Indian couple, even. The fashion trend hasn't even really taken hold yet in San Francisco--how long will the company stay in business? (They seem to be able to sell out of their special knives and hatchets quickly, though.)

Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert, and Jordan Tice - Grandpa's Cheesebarn

Friday, December 13, 2013

Going to try to see the New Scot. Back after the weekend.

Two of Dubious Quality

David Letterman - Josh Groban Christmas Songs Top Ten

His talent is wasted on that show.

Trying too hard?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finally, a Bishop with...

Fortitude to give some defense to patriarchy. Though another term could be substituted for fortitude, either in English or in Spanish, and it wouldn't be so disrespectful.

"Granada's Archbishop Francisco Javier Martinez, who chose to publish the book has defended its content and insists that the furore surrounding it is "ridiculous and hypocritical" in a society that allows abortion, which he argues is a much clearer example of violence against women."

Book on 'submissive wives' becomes hit in Spain
Book that advises new wives "to be submissive" proves surprise success in Spain but angers feminists

Meanwhile Msgr. Cormac Burke (of Opus Dei) is the latest to attempt to reappropriate the term "feminist" (via PBlosser).

Junk E-mail from an Aspiring Federal Politician

The same old...

Friend --
My name is Ro Khanna. I’m a proud Democrat and I'm running to represent you in Congress.
I was born in Philadelphia, PA. Like so many people in the Bay Area, I am the American born son of immigrants who came to this country to give their children a better life. I attended public school, took out student loans, and after receiving my law degree, I moved to Fremont to be a part of the innovative and forward-looking spirit of Silicon Valley. After serving as a trade and manufacturing official in the U.S. Department of Commerce, I wrote a book on the future of American manufacturing. Currently, I teach economics at Stanford.
I’m proud to call the 17th district my home – and I’m excited to be running for Congress with so much local support.
Our country is facing many critical issues that need our attention: growing the economy, creating good-paying jobs, and improving access to a high quality education.
That is why I am spending every day out in the community knocking on doors, holding meet and greets, and working with people like you to build forward-looking proposals on training a skilled manufacturing workforce, championing small businesses, and advancing women in the workplace.
Unfortunately, Congress is completely paralyzed with ideological entrenchment and finger pointing. The result is a complete lack of vision to keep American competitive in the 21st century.
If you believe that we can’t keep sending the same people back to Congress and expect a different result, please click here to join my campaign.
Thank you,
Ro Khanna
P.S. When I launched this campaign at De Anza Community College back in April, I pledged never to take a dollar from PACs or Washington lobbyists. This campaign is about you, not the well-connected special interests.
I've remarked on the stares that I've received from Indians and Chinese, elderly and not so elderly, in the town or in the neighborhood. If one doesn't want to be threatening or be attacked, one usually avoids looking at the other, no? Such a unfriendly stare (not neutral or blank - there does seem to be some tension in the face; there is definitely no smile) can be perceived as hostile? Is it natural to get angry at such a glare, an instinct to ready oneself for a defensive (or aggressive) stance?

When one receives it within one's own territory (neighborhood) from a stranger, it does seem like a sleight, rather disrespectful. The virtue of sociability is lacking and would serve to defuse the situation.

Doctor Who - Take On Me

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TV = Plato's Cave

Not just "reality TV" but especially "dramas" - lies (for example, sexual egalitarianism) are on display all the time, in the name of political correctness. It becomes another form of indoctrination.

Even escapist fare (action series like Burned Notice) involve artistic license with respect to their portrayal of the real world. (How much deviation from reality can a story feature before it is no longer realistic?)

Comedies might seem to be the exception but even they have reality as a standard in some respect - can there be comedy if the standard is not true?
AntiWar: A Book the Military Won’t Want You To Read by Kelley B. Vlahos
Ann Jones on They Were Soldiers

The Last Part in Gregory DiPippo's Series

Sacrosanctum Concilium and the New Lectionary

Katie Melua - Better Than A Dream

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Next Sunday at F&S

Dirk Powell and Cedric Watson - info

For the women? Or men?

California, the Apex of Culture

From FB:

December 8, 2013
by Fr. George W. Rutler

A young businessman told me that on a recent trip to California he was struck by how insipid the art of conversation had become among those he met there, and that the stock reply to almost every observation or critical comment on any subject was: “It’s all good.” Although New Yorkers might breezily pass this off as typical of the insipidity of what they call “La-La Land,” this insouciance has infected all parts of our society, and anyone walking among pre-Christmas shoppers here on 34th Street can marvel at the epidemic of vacuousness all around. To say of everything, “It’s all good,” is to imply that nothing is bad, and that, in turn, means that nothing is either really good or really bad.

Solemn Pontifical Mass/Conferral-First Clerical Tonsure/Ordination-Subdiaconate-F.S.S.P.


Obama's gestures during Mandela memorial scrutinized

As many Uhmericans won't see any problems with taking a selfie at a memorial service, this won't be enough to shame those who voted for the man for their poor decision. But if scandals and Obamacare can't shame them, either, then what will?

"At another point, President Obama posed for a "selfie" from his seat at the memorial with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt."

The other participants were the "man" they call prime minister in the UK and the female prime minister from Denmark (who may have been the instigator - what a shock). Good job, Boomers, you've raised your children well.

Two From Gregory DiPippo

Is the Medieval Liturgy a Source for the Modern Lectionary?
A Note on the Mozarabic "Alleluja" - In Answer to a Reader

Vox on the Jane Austen MMORPG

Games for girls

Of little interest will be the resources historically required for such a lifestyle...

Academy of Ancient Music - 40th Anniversary

BBC Early Music Show - 5 days left to listen.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Repeatedly giving someone the cold - torture, but would it kill them eventually?

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Somehow I picked up another cold - I don't think 12 hours of sleep was enough to beat it.

Friday, December 06, 2013

The Pittsford Perennialist has some thoughts on NBC's Sound of Music after watching it last night. Reading the FB newsfeed this morning, I was taken aback that nuns were featured in the updated production, though their songs were apparently bad. Worthy of a post-Vatican II Uhmerican Mass? Maybe. I suppose the producers can only go so far in updating the story - taking out the nuns and Maria's difficulty in discerning her vocation would probably outrage fans of the musical and movie, or of the von Trapp family.

Von Trapp family snubs NBC casting, Suhay family concurs

You don't say?

The upward lilt, noticed by Dr. Wilson? Valley Girl talk. "What is wrong with American men?" Mainstream TV and media? Their mothers and teachers? Why do they no longer talk like men?

American men have started to talk like WOMEN: Californian study finds that males are rising in pitch at the end of sentences

“Reflections on the Political Right and Left,” By Paul Gottfried

Nomocracy in Politics

Tonight in SF

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

Sacramento News & Review - Fiddler in the groove - Music Feature - Music - December 5, 2013

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Having seen posts of obituaries for Nelson Mandela, the secular canonizations on Facebook (and undoubtedly Twitter) from those on the left, celebrities, and those who have been assimilated to modern PC group-think or are seeking to ingratiate themselves with the mainstream (Catholics included) were not far off.

Will it be a travesty?

NBC's live performance of The Sound of Music will probably resemble the musical more than the movie. The musical and the original movie could be considered products intended for mass consumption as well, and one could question
how much 'religion' was present in the real-life story (though the family was Catholic). NBC is desperate for viewers and trying to capitalize on Carrie Underwood as a country-pop star, but the producers probably feel the itch to update the musical in some way. I expect there to be very little religious references.

NBC's 'Sound of Music' Producers on Live Show Fears and Big Expectations (Q&A)

120 Martyr Saints of China

CWR: New Book on China’s Saints Published in Chinese

Hong Kong’s Salesians of Don Bosco mark the conclusion of the Year of Faith with a book celebrating the 120 martyr saints of Mainland China

Srdja Trifkovic on the Demonstrations in Ukraine

Ukraine: Orange Revolution Redux?
Trifkovic on RTTV News, Tuesday, December 3, 2013

With the Advancement of Neurophysiology, Radical Egalitarianism Falls

Independent: The Hardwired Difference Between Male and Female Brains Could Explain Why Men Are Better at Map Reading (Vox)

A good reminder that the accepted distinction between right and left brain could be erroneous:
Part of the problem here is that too many of the science media, and too many people commenting here, are assuming that the initial findings of Roger Sperry remain correct: that the left cerebral hemisphere deals with verbal phenomena, while the right deals with non-verbal phenomena. A good layman's presentation of this material can be found in Iain McGilchrist's The Master and His Emissary

A more accurate view, or at least one which is closer to current findings, is that the left hemisphere addresses close-focus processes (e.g., attention to detail, semantics, melody, etc.), while the right hemisphere deals with broad-attention processes (e.g. observation of background, syntactics, background sounds, etc.). As verbal behavior is a complex of integrated right and left brained functions, it should not be surprising from the recent study now cited that women would be better at verbalizing than men.

On the other hand, I think that several conclusions can be drawn from the recent study:

1. It would appear that men tend to work with two parallel tracks: close attention and far attention, simultaneously. This would make them better hunters and warriors.

2. This dual processing system in men would appear to integrate more in the way of executive, motor, and pan-sensory functions. This, by the bye, would explain why men are more quickly able to exercise their common sense or sensus communis than women. (I suggest that argumentative readers go through the wikipedia article on 'common sense' before beginning their disputations on this point).

3. This dual process involving a deeper integration of pan-cerebral functions could explain the reason why the creative process in men (as related by Koestler) involves intense study of a problem, prolonged contemplation, and then sudden insight: that process of cogitation has gone from the left to the right hemisphere, and then back again. It would also explain why the overwhelming majority of scientific, artistic, and literary creative breakthroughs have been (and will continue to be) accomplished by men.

4. The study would also explain why verbal instruction in childhood education works better with girls than with boys. Further, if McGilchrist is correct, a sole focus on semantic and close attention processes would tend to make worse the tendency for left brain activity to suppress right brain activity in males. A more pan-sensory and pan-motor activity approach (i.e. games and sports) would therefore be needed for boys, if people were actually interested in educating them.

I can think of more consequences from the underlying study, but this would appear to be enough to start with.

The Master and His Emissary

The Loss of the Immigrant Church

J.F. Powers and the missing Catholic subculture by Russell Shaw
Catholicism was once "a natural part of the cityscape" in Chicago and other U.S. cities

Until it was pushed out through a form of ethnic cleansing initiated by WASP elites, if we accept the thesis of E. Michael Jones.

There is a new immigrant Church now, but it's not white.

Two on Conservatism

Yuval Levin’s Must-Read Primer on America’s Ideological Faultline by Scott Galupo

Seven Conservative Minds by Bradley J. Birzer
Russell Kirk’s revisions trace the right’s evolution—and his own.

Cheap, Insensitive Moralism?

What can a socon post about a 'comedy' made to appeal to modern women and white knights teach us about social conservatism?

What Can Pornography Teach Us About Love? By Michael Bradley

Apple trailer

Is this sort of shaming helpful to betas and nice guys who use pornography? Let us be clear: the use of pornography and its attendant sins are contrary to reason and can become a vice, and heavy use of pornography and subsequent sins can lead to physical and emotional desensitization and other bad effects. But are these effects universal, or for only those who are heavily dependent, the "addicted"? Can pornography lead to unrealistic expectations about relationships and sex? Or is it possible for men to use pornography and be relatively unscathed when it comes to 'managing' their personal lives, treating it more as a relief or as an escape rather than as a substitute for a real relationship?

Often in popular moralism we see the heavy use of consequentialist argumentation to 'scare' people to avoid a certain action. Is this really an effective strategy? Or should we consider the reasons why men might be turning to pornography more (besides being hooked while young through early exposure) and address those as well? This kind of moralizing may seem like one-upmanship by those who've "got theirs" or are on their way to getting married at least.

The disordered desire for venereal gratification is a problem and a form of self-love but might it be possible that the natural psychic separation of sex and emotional intimacy in the male mind prevents many or most men from falling into the psychological pitfalls that conservative moralists always seem to discuss? (Even when men learn to associate sex with emotional intimacy and genuine love, they probably do not experience this association in the same way that women do, who do so 'naturally.')

If St. Paul is correct that it is "better to marry than to burn with passion," then what are conservatives or Christians doing to promote and facilitate early marriage in their communities? Do they acknowledge sex differences and what a healthy masculinity is like, or do they try to diminish it through a misguided ideology like TOB (which can be both sentimental and 'spiritualist' simultaneously)?

TOB lectures: EWTN
Christians Find Help for Porn, Masturbation Addiction Through 'NoFap' Community Started on Reddit by 24-Y-O Web Developer

Beware: Non-Celibates Writing about Celibacy by James Martin, SJ (via PBlosser)

50 Years After Sacrosanctum Concilium

The Liturgy, Fifty Years after Sacrosanctum Concilium by Dom Alcuin Reid
NLM: Is Your Liturgy Like What Vatican II Intended? by Peter Kwasniewski
Fr. Z: 50 years ago today: BUGNINICARE!
A Council Not Yet Fully Realized by Kathleen Pluth
Sacrosanctum Concilium Turns 50

Then you get the stuff over at a certain blog...
V2-50th Anniversary III: “A Reflection on the Ecumenical Impact of Sacrosanctum Concilium“
Pray Tell Live – Massimo Faggioli Interview

Sacrosanctum Concilium

Download it before it's gone for good

WinAmp is shutting down on December 20 - free version of the player.

When I first got the program through RHK, I thought it was a cool mp3 player and I was satisfied with it, not seeking any alternatives. I've simplified a bit since then, using vlc player as I don't listen to many mp3s while I'm using the computer - I'm more likely to listen to some online program. What killed WinAmp? Not enough people paying for the product?

The Devil's Path


Home (Ireland) Official Music Video - Marie Digby

What's Next for the Food Movement?

The Future of the Food Movement

With the requisite leftist cheerleading for women. That can be ignored without too much difficulty.

Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen Brothers

NPR: On Becoming Llewyn Davis, A Hero Who Excels At Failing


Showtime - premiering Dec. 13
American Songwriter

$35.95 to access

Economic vulnerability to Peak Oil by Christian Kerschner, Christina Prell, Kuishuang Feng, Klaus Hubacek

Imminent peak oil could burst US, global economic bubble - study
Major industrial sectors are at risk without a swift transition to a more resilient, post-carbon economy

Tara Firma Farms Special


Just Another Day in Middle-earth

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Quibble Over Words?

Or does antifragile really mean something different (and better) than resilient?

AoM: Beyond “Sissy” Resilience: On Becoming Antifragile

Civil War Photogaphers

Civil War Photographers Captured, Created History
Wonder Woman in the Superman/Batman movie now? Setting the movie up for failure by increasing fan expectations?

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Kurt Cobb on Sustainability

The single most important principle for sustainability (Resilience)
NLM: Dominican Rite Masses in the SF Bay Area this Week

One Benefit of Living in L.A.

One has the opportunity to attend this event on Friday.

Corporate Censorship

Watch the Pro-Gun Commercial Americans Apparently Aren’t Allowed to See During the 2014 Super Bowl
with the CEO of Daniel Defense: NFL bans Super Bowl gun commercial

Karen De Coster on Women in Combat Roles

Equal Opportunity Killing by Karen DeCoster

Prince of Peace in Taylors, SC

CWR: Traditional Liturgy Flourishing in the Bible Belt

Another Book I Have But Haven't Read Yet

A Noble Imagination: Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley Novels by James P. Bernens

Monday, December 02, 2013

Statists, Feminists, and Homosexualists Killed It

Whatever Happened to Male Friendship? by Brandon McGinley

McGinley's post is inspired by the recent Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey ad. I posted a video of the commercial here.

Daily Mail: To be a happy chap, see your pals twice a week: Men's wellbeing depends on meeting up with friends and 'doing stuff'


A comment at Vox Day: "North Vietnam Sodomized the invading PLA in 1979. The PLA suffered more dead and wounded in 6 weeks than the US suffered in the entire Vietnam war. As a side affect it also proved to the PLA leadership that women, who made up 20% of the invading army, should not be in combat. This toned down any belief they may have had in the PLA being a competent instrument of foreign policy."

The Dominant Value of California Culture is Comfort?

I have not seen any evidence of tool-sharing or skill-sharing groups popping up in this part of the Bay Area - I had thought that if this is reality, then this part of the Bay Area may be doing well despite the Recession Depression. But then I thought about another possibility, mentioned in recent articles about Silicon Valley and I was reminded of it as a cousin mentioned that there are many California transplants moving into his town in AZ, having moved there for work opportunities.

In the survival of the financially fittest, those wage slaves who become employed or would be in need of tool-sharing group or other solutions may not be able to stay to use such solutions. They may have been pushed out of the state already because they can no longer afford to live here, having lost their jobs or they are no longer able to make payments on the banks' houses.

Who's left? Those who still have decent-paying jobs or those who are being subsidized by the public, or live in poor, undesirable areas (bad school districts).

Many of the immigrants who come here do so because of high-paying jobs and good school districts (which they believe will enable their children to have high-paying jobs as well). Those whites (geeks) who are employed at the various tech companies can't be said to be different in this regard. (Besides, both the whites and non-whites who live here are predominantly 'liberal' in their politics and mores. Do the Indians excuse fornication, so long as it is with white women? I wonder.)

Middle-class and upper middle-class people move to California for the "good" jobs, the pleasant weather, the possibility of road trips to spectacular natural areas... the nice life. For the sake of joining a community, of being part of a people? No.

Hedonism and self-gratification. It doesn't have to be in the form of drugs or rock n' roll.

Are there any gray market alternatives? What a hotbed of cultural insanity California is, and the people who live in the blue areas are ignorant of their own sickness.

Something I read at Vox Day which was appropriate to this post:
"The Chinese are generally entrepreneurial , hard-working, family oriented, social conservatives."

That's just dandy, but none of those thing make them or anyone citizens of a nation. Is the qualification for citizenship: must be hard-working, family oriented, and conservative?

Also, they may work hard, but it's to benefit themselves, not the community. They may be family oriented, but they are oriented not around their communal families, but their nation i.e. Chinese families. And like we need more people to vote Republican.

All my Chinese expat friends are moving to Houston. There, they will move out the indigenous population and take over schools and businesses. They will not assimilate or work to improve Texas as a whole. This is all textbook Putnam.

'Feminine Genius'

Francis, women and clerical temptation. Andrea Tornielli
Most importantly, Francis writes that “the Church acknowledges the indispensable contribution which women make to society through the sensitivity, intuition and other distinctive skill sets which they, more than men, tend to possess. I think, for example, of the special concern which women show to others, which finds a particular, even if not exclusive, expression in motherhood.”

And yet...;
“I readily acknowledge,” the pope adds, “that many women share pastoral responsibilities with priests, helping to guide people, families and groups and offering new contributions to theological reflection. But we need to create still broader opportunities for a more incisive female presence in the Church. Because “the feminine genius is needed in all expressions in the life of society, the presence of women must also be guaranteed in the workplace” and in the various other settings where important decisions are made, both in the Church and in social structures.”
What Catholic feminist, liberal or conservative, would not cheer him for this? How will the Church mount a resistance to liberalism, statism, and social atomism if endorses the perpetuation of the social structures that are their manifestation?

Also saw this tonight: Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves, edited by Helen Alvaré, whose own contribution to the volume is on 'single motherhood.' (Does she endorse the restoration of patriarchy as a solution?) I think those who have power are quite content to continue having women become wage slaves.

One essay "Sex, Mating, and the Marriage Market" by Elise Italiano, whose credential (a M.A.) is listed after her name. The editor's decision? Or hers? One possible red flag. There is the common complaint, "Where are the good men?" How many chaste Catholic "nice" guys has she dated? If she were to be interrogated by a manosphere writer, what would her answers reveal about her and her actions? Does she think the description "Catholic professional woman in her late 20s who spent her 20s finding her identity) applies to herself as well? If so, more red flags?

Commonweal review
Washington Examiner interview with Alvaré.

None Dare Call It Treason?

The Roman Catholic recreation of the proposition nation.

Saw this book on display tonight.

Immigration and the Next America: Renewing the Soul of Our Nation by Archbishop José Gomez

What does Archbishop Gomez endorse specifically in this book? Any talk of assimilation and what is required to make it happen? Does he sound like an ethnonationalist who seeks benefits for his people at the expense of another group? Or at the minimum, without any duty to assimilate, being permitted to carve out their own place if they so wish?

Conquest by another name? He may deny that it is his intention to advocate it, but what of 'unintended' consequences? Is he that naive?

A Test for America

One man's mission to renew America's soul By looking at immigration’s past, Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles conceives its future by Gretchen R. Crowe
Gomez's "Immigration and the Next America" by Michael Sean Winters
Immigration and the Soul of America by Elise Hilton
Read: Immigration and the Next America by Meinrad Scherer-Emunds
Immigration And the Next America: Renewing the Soul of Our Nation by Mark and Louise Zwick
The Catholic Spirit
Archbishop Gomez writes book on immigration, discusses America’s Catholic heritage
Archbishop Jose Gomez's vision of 'Immigration and the The Next America'

An endorsement from Archbishop Chaput.

I am reminded of Paul Gottfried:
Even more importantly, says Ryn, Catholics recognize in Straussians figures who share their own “alienation” about living in a predominantly Protestant country. As Canadian philosophy professor Grant Havers documents in a forthcoming book about the studied avoidance by Straussian interpreters of America’s Protestant heritage, Straussians provide a narrative about the American founding that make ethnic Catholics feel secure about their Americanness.

According to the Straussians, America was founded on secular, materialist and democratic principles, but in no way on Protestant ones. Thus, if the Straussians try to de-Christianize and de-ethnicize America, they also conveniently cover up the Protestant aspects of a specifically American tradition.

Catholic Straussians (of whom there are many in Conservatism, Inc.) feel safe living in a “propositional nation” and “global democracy” in which they don’t feel threatened by the real American Protestant (and/or Northern European) American past, extending back to the colonial period. It’s more convenient to jettison such associations for the vision of a constantly changing hybrid society that is held together by universal, egalitarian propositions.

28 Days of Christmas Music

That's the programming for at least two local radio channels. After Christmas Day it all stops.

Pertinacious Papist: Chesterton: "There is no more dangerous or disgusting habit than celebrating Christmas before it comes. - Fr. Rutler's Weekly Message (his new parish)
Curb Your Hunger - Archaeologists Officially Declare Collective Sigh Over Paleo Diet

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Starting Next Week

Han Hye Jin's (who married earlier this year) new drama: 따뜻한말한마디

Observing the Welfare State

Several weeks ago I had to visit one of the local Social Security offices - a few white faces, senior citizens. The rest of the crowd? Immigrants, some could communicate in English well, others sounded FOB. Or fresh off the airplane. What were they doing there? You can guess. Everyone is out for his "share" of the pie.

The female security guard... "nice" but definitely looked butch and uhmerican. And packing a pistol. What stereotypes?

Vox: Multiculturalism is Isolationism

The Current Issue of Utne Reader

Will they reconsider their wisdom? "The Cure for Ignorance"

The articles:

November-December 2013 Table of Contents

Women's Work
Mother and Children

A Day without Care
What does it mean to strike when "production" isn't the production of widgets, but care for the children, the ill, disabled, or elderly? by Sarah Jaffe, from Jacobin

Sympathy for the Stay-at-Home Mom
Work, life, and the modern calendar by Judith Shulevitz, excerpted from The New Republic

Patriarchy, privilege, and work by Larisa Zehr, from Geez

Patrick Deneen on Common Core

Common Core and the American Republic

Spike Lee's Old Boy

Going to skip this one...

Twitch: Review: Spike Lee's OLDBOY, A Failed Attempt At Something New

Friday, November 29, 2013

Crony Capitalism

Fitness At What Cost?

The extremely wide variety of body types among top-tier athletes [14 pictures]

But are all sports created equal? Or are some more "human" than others? Or should we be concerned overall, well-rounded [functional] fitness, rather than in excelling in one sort of movement? Is it possible for certain forms of extreme physical fitness in women to ruin their physical attractiveness? I think so, especially when it has an impact on their body fat percentage. (Then there is the stunted growth of female gymnasts.)

Steve Sailer: Women's Olympic ski jumping: The Anorexia of Defeat

Distributism for Orthodox Christians

Distributism: A Primer for Orthodox Christians

Fixing a Hole: On Distributism and Orthodoxy
Orthodox Christians Discover Distributism
Distributism in Eastern Europe
Distributism and Orthodoxy

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Surprise Monarchists?

Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the Neoreactionaries

The nerds who would be kings?

I've seen the use of "Cathedral" before by Roissy. Did he get it from Yarvin? I'm anti-democracy, but that's because I'm a republican.

Robb Wolf and Allan Savory in Chico on December 6-7

Healing Our Bodies, Restoring the Land

Videos after the jump:

Wealth Pumps, Liberal Justice, Social Atomism...

Not to mention immigration and the pursuit of wealth - these are all at work in Silicon Valley, but gentrification is taking place elsewhere, notably San Francisco. How much longer before it leaps across the Bay Bridge into the East Bay? Small wonder those in government are engaged in social engineering, coming up with solutions for problems that they've created because of their adherence to liberal capitalism.

Where does that leave those who are 'native' to the state but cannot find employment in tech companies or high-paying service jobs (plumbing)?

Charlotte Allen, Silicon Chasm
California's New Feudalism Benefits a Few at the Expense of the Multitude
Rod Dreher, The Shantytowns of Silicon Valley

Divided & United

NPR: 'Divided & United': Songs Of The Civil War Re-Imagined

Fare Thee Well

EW: 'Inside Llewyn Davis': Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford, and the Punch Brothers perform a song from the film -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Gene Healy, Kennedy Was No Conservative

His undelivered speech from that day.

Bill Kauffman, What Rural America is For
Where Wendell Berry Meets Martha Stewart

George Monbiot Changes His Mind

I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat (but farm it right)

The Practice of Natural Movement

Erwan Le Corre's book - FB - to be released in September 2014.

Dad Should Read This

MDA: Top 9 Most Important Foods to Buy Organic

Steve Sailer on the New Hunger Games Movie

His review and the comments left by others are more interesting than the Catholics trying to praise what is good about the movie and Katniss.

Do they have Black Friday in the UK?

So much for a rebalanced economy
The UK's apparent recovery is being driven by consumer spending.

Better Than the Prequels?

Google+ Hangout with Peter Jackson

If my cousins want to see it, I'll go with them, but I won't be that enthusiastic about it. Peter Jackson's interpretation/adaptation has worn thin.

Details Interview with Christian Bale

The Transformer: Christian Bale

Regarding his character in Out of the Furnace (FB):

DETAILS: For a Brit, you play a lot of Americans.
Christian Bale: I'm English, but America has been my home for half my life now, and I see Russell, for example, as someone who isn't represented very much: good old America at its peak. Someone who stays and is loyal and has to endure and take care, who is really having to take a look at his priorities and his loved ones and his loved town. And that's a very important part of it—the loved town. I've never had that. I've always moved around a lot, so I'm jealous when I see people who have an attachment to a place.

Variety: Christian Bale: Reluctant Movie Star Talks ‘Furnace,’ ‘Hustle’
'Out of the Furnace': Christian Bale on loving enough to let go


Details interview from 2008 - Bonus Photos

Ridley Scott’s Moses movie will be “shocking”, says Bale - Hitfix

Arnie's Next Movie to Be Released

Max Martini's in this one. But, not just one strong woman but two! Still, Arnie himself is enough to turn me away from the movie.

This Should Be Of Interest to My PR Friend

Fr.Silouan Justiniano – Returning to Puerto Rico With Icons

For Thanksgiving

The Invention of Thanksgiving
Localist Roundup: Thanksgivings
Anthony Esolen: Word of the Day: Thank
Fathers and Sons: The Principle of Love in Turgenev’s Liberalism

Renaissance Table Manners
Thanksgiving's Roots in Old World Harvest Feasts

M.E. Bradford, A Teaching for Republicans

Coffee with Sister Vassa (Thanksgiving Day / Eucharist)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Go and leave...

and take any feminist priests and bishops with you...

Vox: Bring it on - "I agree with Tony Jones. It is absolutely time for a schism in the Church over the role of women."

Mr. Jones is ostensibly a Protestant, but there are feminists in all Christian denominations in the West.

Sunshine Mary: Learning domesticity in a post-feminist world.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Not enough hours in a day for me to get ready for a trip.

A Third Season for Longmire

Variety: A&E Officially Renews ‘Longmire’ for Third Season

5 Byzantine Churches

Art Babble

Monday, November 25, 2013

C.S. Lewis

It was the anniversary of his death last week - there are a couple of Lewis fans at OLF. C.S. Lewis: Scholar to the Common Man
Independent Journal Review: Duck Dynasty's Robertson Family Has Skeletons, Here Are Five Of Them

Blind to the Problems of the Age?

The tyranny of low standards & the acceptance of girl power - no mention of the endorsement of radical egalitarianism by the movie.

What’s So Great About “The Hunger Games”? by Kim Scharfenberger
It's not great fiction and often leaves a lot to be desired, but there's more depth in this series than in other young adult offerings like 'Twilight.'

Theodore Dalrymple Tells the Story of One of His Patients

Some to Misery Are Born

The Cult of Niceness

Bruce Frohnen

Holy Virgin Cathedral Feast Day, November 6

Holy Virgin Cathedral: Cathedral Feast Day 2013


More Regarding the Pauline Roman Lectionary

Two by Gregory DiPippo at NLM: Is the Ambrosian Lectionary an Older Form of the Traditional Roman Lectionary?
Is the Ambrosian Liturgy a Source for the Modern Lectionary?

Sold Out!


Hope there are other local events on the book tour.

Adobo Peppered Steak
Something by the third winner of Master Chef (US), Christine Ha.

Jim Caviezel EXCLUSIVE on EWTN's World Over Live with Raymond Arroyo

Full episode (includes Joseph Pearce)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spent much of the day in San Francisco. Still looking for a wedding present. Links are piling up.