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Unqualified for Political Discourse

CWR Blog: Pope Francis: "Amoris Laetitia" opens up "many" new possibilities for divorced, remarried Catholics
In remarks made during in-flight interview to Rome the Holy Father discusses Turkey and Europe, Bernie Sanders, immigrants, refugee crisis, borders, and new Apostolic Exhortation.

First, a repetition of "children of God" with the novel meaning, rather than the meaning proper to Scripture and to Tradition:
Franca Giansoldati (Il Messaggero): You speak much about welcoming, but perhaps you speak too little about integration. Seeing what is happening in Europe, where there’s this massive influx of immigrants, we see that there are many cities that suffer from ghetto sectors… in all of this, it emerges that Muslim immigrants are those who have the most difficult time integrating themselves with our values, Western values… wouldn’t it be more useful to favor the immigration of Christian immigrants? And why did you favor three entirely Muslim families?

Pope Francis: I didn’t make a religious choice between Christians and Muslims. These three families had their documents in order. There were, for example, two Christian families who didn’t. This is not a privilege. All 12 of them are children of God. It’s a privilege to be a child of God. For what regards integration…you said a word which in current culture seems to be forgotten, after war still exist: the ghettos. And some of the terrorists are children and grandchildren of people born in European countries and what has happened? There was no policy of integration. And this, for me, is fundamental. In the post-synodal apostolic exhortation integration is spoken of. One of the the three pastoral dimensions for families in difficulty is integration into society. Today, Europe must take up again this capacity that it has always had: to integrate. With integration, Europe’s culture is enriched. I think that we need an education, a lesson, on a culture of integration.

How does one integrate Muslims? By making them secular liberals along with Christians? The bishop of Rome has not thought this through.
Elena Pinardi (EBU): Holy Father, they’re talking about reinforcing the borders of different European countries, of deploying battalions along the borders of Europe. Is it the end of Schengen, is it the end of the European dream?

Pope Francis: I don’t know. I understand the governments and the people that have a certain fear. I understand. And, we must take a real responsibility for welcoming. How do we integrate these people with us? I’ve said this, but making walls is not the solution. We saw it in the last century, the fall of one. It doesn’t resolve anything. We must make bridges and bridges are made with intelligence, dialogue, integration. I understand the fear, but to close the borders doesn’t resolve anything. Because in the long run, that closure will hurt the people themselves. Europe must make a policy of welcoming, integration, growth, work, the reform of the economy. All of these are the bridges that lead us to not making walls. After what I’ve seen in that refugee camp, and what you saw, was to cry about. The kids. They’ve given me so many drawings. The children want peace because they’re suffering. It’s true that there they have educational courses in the camp. What have they seen? Look at this: what they’ve seen: a drowned child! The kids have got this in their hearts. Today was truly to cry about. It was to cry about. The same drawing was made by an Afghan child. These children have this in their memories. They’ll need time to remove this from their memories. There was a sun that cried in the drawing. A tear would also do us well.

No idea how to integrate them? Then don't advocate that they be present in the first place, or allow for segregation. At the very least allow that there may be no way to integrate them and that a different solution is required. After all, this should be evidence that specific means for integration and integration itself are not part of Sacred Tradition. And the current bishop of Rome has no special competence in moral theology in this matter.

Curtain’s Up! Showtime at the Pope’s Theater
Lesbos and Lampedusa. Holy door and washing of feet. The briefcase in hand on the airplane staircase. Here is how Francis is enacting the pedagogical theater of the seventeenth-century Jesuits

And so patriots are upset: Orthodox Church Joins Pope Francis’s Effort To Destroy Europe Through “Virtue Tourism”


The Dream Lives

Crux: Dorothy Day would be ideal American saint for Pope Francis By John L. Allen Jr.

Dorothy Day is the ideal American sainthood candidate in the Francis era, and it would be both symbolically and substantively apt if he can be the pontiff to raise her to the honors of the altar.

Save Your People and Bless Your Inheritance

Friday, April 15, 2016

Western Jesuits Improving and Expanding Novitiate Buildings

Generations Campaign Celebration at Jesuit Novitiate

Why? Just more to sell when the California province (in the process of combining with the Oregon province) dwindles down to nothing. "God will not be mocked."
Some may say that this is another example of Russian Orthodox hypocrisy, the establishment of Russian Orthodox parishes in the West while protesting the presence of Catholic churches in Russia. Church premises of two new parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate consecrated in Spain

Another Caravaggio Found?

Fr. Z: ‘Behind the door was a painting that the owners did not know about.’

The Guardian

Conan's KPop MV



Counterpunch Sympathetic to the Serbs?

This was published at the website: The Disneyfied Narrative of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia by by Milan Djurasovic

Thursday, April 14, 2016

We Need More Cooperation and Less Bickering

Palio, Not Paleo

Stephen Heiner recommends the Italian documentary.

official website?
Tried South Winchester BBQ tonight, comparable to Smoking Pig, but a bit more expensive. $3 for
fountain drinks! I tried the St. Louis ribs and tri-tip salad; both were decent for this area. (Though tri-tip apparently can be done at home rather easily and well; alas I'm not cooking for an army or a familyi.)


According to a yelp review: "From the great folks who brought you Trail Dust BBQ (Morgan Hill), BBQ 152 (Gilroy), Salinas City BBQ (take a guess...), & Aptos St. BBQ (Santa Cruz)"

More places to check out...

A Political Gesture as an Ecumenical Gesture

Because bishops can engage in bad politics together. Shouldn't they focus on ecclesial issues instead? How about a discussion of the filioque?

With migrant mission to Greece, pope cements Orthodox ties

Has the patriarch considered that Christians or Europeans may not want their community to become Istanbul or Antakya?

A distinction without...
Trip to Greece is humanitarian, not political, Vatican spokesman says

An Alliance Neocons Hate

Counterpunch: Iran and Russia Join the Global Alliance to Preserve Syria’s Endangered Heritage by Franklin Lamb

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Howard Kainz on the Distinctiveness of Christianity

The Catholic Thing: The Distinctiveness of Christianity by Howard Kainz

Doctor Strange Teaser

For me, it's time for a full boycott of Disney, starting with Captain America, though that may be difficult.

Variety review

Cappella Romana Sale

Her Life Isn't Complete Without a Baby

And so, of course, a sequel was necessary...


Somehow, the consequences of Renée Zellweger's plastic surgery isn't as obvious in the trailer?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Saw a overview of the last few episodes of season 1 of Outlander; the visually younger male lover Jamie Fraser reveals to the main character Claire that he was raped/sodomized by the villain, "He made love to me." What sort of normal man says that? And to what part of female nature do the wording, act, and degradation appeal? Sounds like a twisted uhmerican BSDM version of Bishōnen. (You wouldn't hear a fictional woman character using those words to describe what her rapist had done, would you?)

Would normal women have difficulties respecting a man who experiences sodomy during his captivity?

Academe Finally Discovers Right-Wing Critics of Conservatism Inc. Will MSM be Next? by Paul Gottfried


English subs - alt

Jim Kalb on Human Rights

Crisis Magazine: Re-evaluating Today’s Human Rights Regime by James Kalb

Western Semi-Nestorianism?

Last Days in the Desert


What is the source of this exaggerated emphasis on the humanity of Christ? Some trend in Latin Christianity (early or medieval)? Loss the supernatural in Protestantism? The "subjective turn" of modernity? Modernism? Or just the loss of faith in the West (or in this case, Ibero-America, for the writer-director, Rodrigo Garcia)?


Monday, April 11, 2016

Eastern Christian Books: Eternal Memory Indeed: 50 Years Since the Death of Evelyn Waugh

I just saw something else recently on Evelyn Waugh... where was it?

St. Austin Review special issue on Evelyn Waugh
How Evelyn Waugh Tried to Save P.G. Wodehouse's Reputation
Supremacy and Survival: Evelyn Waugh, RIP--But Brideshead Lives On!
Plenty of attempts online to reverse-engineer the El Pollo Loco marinade. Here's one:

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Would Like to Be in Hong Kong for This

SWS45 World Series Cup FinalCongratulations Fiji, winner of Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2016, successfully defended their title by defeating New Zealand 21-7.

Posted by Hong Kong Sevens on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hong Kong Sevens

The Path of True Christian Life

The path of true Christian life, after all, is nothing other than the path of Christian perfection commanded to us by...

Posted by Orthodoxy and the World on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Order of St. Romanos

We are delighted to learn that Dr. Vlad Morosan, host of Sing to the Lord here at AFR, has been awarded the Order of St....

Posted by Ancient Faith Radio on Friday, April 8, 2016

This week, Christian is joined by Jacob Saylor, youth director at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Together they explore some of the foundational points of building a Christian community.

Posted by Ancient Faith Radio on Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Decline of Country Music

Or an honest expression of modern Uhmerican women in the South? Who wrote this song? Apparently she did.

Maren Morris - My Church

The replacement of Christianity by the passive consumption of mass-marketed music, even if it's country music, is not a good thing, and not a worthy way of celebrating country music.

Craig Campbell Covers One of His Favorites on Radio, Maren Morris’ ‘My Church’
Maren Morris on Every Word of “My Church”

Dierks Bentley Previews Maren Morris Collaboration, ‘I’ll Be the Moon’