Saturday, December 26, 2020

Motrin & Ice with Leo Jenkins | Mike Drop: Episode 66

Red Pillers Might Agree with the Idea of a Coffee Date

But the rest of the article is ignorant of the truths about intersexual dynamics and female hypergamy. Another female academic carrying on the "dating experiment" initiated by Kerry Cronin.

"Reset the Table"

More Christmas Music from the O'Connors

The Stag Hunt

Unsustainable Development

Inclusive Capitalism

The Same Sort of Thinking that Leads to a Misreading of Matthew 5:38-39

Is the martyrdom of St. Stephen really an example of "ordinary goodness" [better: holiness]?

One Sex is Privileged

Woke Chirchianity


Eat Right, Get Fit

Go train, and prepare for the future.

"Sleigh Ride" and "Country Roads"

Christmass Message from Archbishop Elpidophoros

More Data on Sex Differences

State-sponsored Misandry in the Name of Equality

A contrast...

Friday, December 25, 2020

"Santa Baby" in Gaelic

An Inventory Speaks

Christmas Greetings from the D-Day Juniors

Just Boycott


Or the false turn towards Christian imperialism, but in the pope and in the Western European political organization?

Fr. Reginald Foster Has Passed

Eternal Memory!


Visceral Fat

Nativity Message of the Metropolitan of Korea

Tireless in Promoting Their "Truth"

Prepare for the Future

Thursday, December 24, 2020


O Holy Night

"There is a Flower"

Team VTAC Podcast Episode 91

International Harvester M-1 Garand

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Gesualdo Six: John Rutter, "There is a Flower"

What Sort of Help Can Oligarchs Provide?

Collins: "But there are plenty of wealthy people I talk to every day who are saying, how can we reverse these extreme inequalities, rebuild some kind of social safety net and not keep going down this road toward economic Jenga and precariousness?"

New G4 Female Fit Uniforms from Crye Precision

How many women will be buying these articles of clothing?

Kate Liu

"Fairytale of New York"

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Latest from the President's Youtube Channel

No idea who the spokesman is or why he was chosen. Maybe Red normies won't care so much about his appearance and bearing and focus on the content of the video instead. It does make me think of "amateur hour" at the WH and question who is running this information campaign. (Unless it's a deliberate attempt to mislead the opposition into underestimating him.)

December 26. And now it's gone.

Too Distracting to Be a True Icon

The realism is even worse than that of 19th ce Russian icons, and Christ is almost smirking. The patriarchate of Rome has a long way to go in recovering its iconographic tradition.

The M-1 Garand


Ed Welsch on James Burnham

You Can Trust the (R)s to... Ultimately Cuck

Proposition Nation

No thanks. I haven seen one or two SJW posts from her on Chirper, and its because of immigrants like her that the American Dream is gone. Civic nationalism is dead, and movies like Minari won't bring it back, not when the cultural Marxism and SJWs have killed it.


Dixie Rising: Rules for Rebels

Twilight of Think-Tank Conservatism

That is to say, the better centers will probably close shop first, unless something catastrophic happens to the economy that wipes out ConInc.

Gary Taubes on the Lowcarb MD Podcast

Yes, But Will the State Let Us?


Helen Charleston Clips

Two from Mark O'Connor

Industrial Ag, Chinese-Style


Lord Have Mercy

Hope for Virginia?

Dr. Mark Hyman: The Doctor's Farmacy

What Jefferson Taught Us

Secession is the only Peaceful Solution Remaining

G&G up, and go train.

Tulsi Gabbard... ASP? Independent?

Does it matter? She's still a gun grabber at the moment.

An Eco-Marxist Critique of the Critique of Degrowth

It's Science, Until One Has to Deny It for Ideological Reasons

Train Well

Regenerative Economics?


How Long Before This Gets Co-opted?

The Future of the Republican Party is Female

Joni Mitchell, "River"

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

US Army Official Face Mask

America's Role in the Technetronic Era

Necessary Measures for Placating a Multi-Ethnic Empire? Or Just Cultural Marxism?

"Don't Mess with Texas"

Trying to Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Galilean Sights

True Toxic Masculinity?

"The Monsters of Mass Media"

Uncle Roger Approves

Sincerely Yours with Darling Katie

"Estonian Lullaby"

"The Oxen"

Female Guardian

The first human face we see in this ad. Sad.

Not the Official Party Line

What's the ATF/Deep State up to?


product page

Gary Fettke on Meet Your Herdmates

Symbol of Industrial Ag



"Incel" may be an effective insult against men but it's actually a more effective insult against women and a case of female projection.

Imperial Papacy or Global Spiritual Leader?



What is Going on Here?

A Dying Church

More Controlled Opposition?

Do they make exceptions for certain kinds of "hate" speech?

Who's Bought the Climate Change Committee UK?

The Advantages of Mob Grazing

Another Story about Returning Beaver

More Workplace EDC Considerations


Céline Dion, "Ziggy (Un Garçon Pas Comme les Autres)"

Monday, December 21, 2020

Patrick Holden Interviews Alice Holden

A Critique of MMT?

The State of American Higher Ed

#Localism. Find Your Tribe.

Training in Mental Health for the Military for the American Empire

New Jason Fung Video on IF

Blue Virginia

This is cultural Marxism.

Last Gasps of a Dying Christian Civilization

Is China Playing along With the New World Order?

Latin Progs Love It When the Shoe is on the Other Foot


Son Tay Raid 50th Anniversary Commemoration

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Pope Francis Inveighs Against the Commercialization of Christmas

But Rob Hopkins is Suspect Now

Who Keeps Greek Churches Afloat?

Oligarchs Bailing out the Vatican?

Pope Francis is available for purchase by the oligarchs, or already has been? John Allen needs to do his research before writing speculative pieces like this.

St. Constantine College

Interview with James Ronald Kennedy

The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien by John Garth

CWR: A World Alive: How Tolkien transformed England-as-Elfland into Middle-earth by Sandra Miesel

Generations of critics have studied Tolkien’s sources in minute detail, but none has integrated information and insights with visuals as elegantly as John Garth has done in the lavishly illustrated The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien: The Places That Inspired Middle-Earth.

Princeton University Press