Saturday, February 21, 2015

Russell Kirk on Libertarianism

A Dispassionate Assessment of Libertarians

Fr. Moses on Fasting

Fr. Moses Sharing His Thoughts On Fasting

Something to think about in light of my last post on the topic.

More on the Dominicans in Iraq

Coptic Catholics Consecrate First Church in Sinai

Some Good News in the Korean Entertainment World

Be fruitful and multiply! Kyrie eleison.

An Examination of Conscience Based on Chapter 4 of the Rule of St. Benedict

A New Examination of Conscience for Lent

Dominican Chants of the Passion for Holy Week

Dominican Chants of the Passion for Holy Week Available (NLM)

A New Collection of Essays by Wendell Berry

Our Only World, from Counterpoint

This book cover image released by Counterpoint shows "Our Only World," essays by Wendell Berry. (AP Photo/Counterpoint)
Google Books
One of the essays: "The Melancholy of Anatomy" (available to subscribers only)

AP article

From last year:
Listen to Michael Krasny’s Interview with Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder for KQED Forum

"Better Dig Two"

I'm not a fan of Band Perry, but I do enjoy this song...

Friday, February 20, 2015

McFarland, USA

Capone likes the humble, noble version of Kevin Costner at the center of McFARLAND USA!!!

Jim White: Meet the Man Who Inspired McFarland, USA

Clyde Wilson on M.E. Bradford

M. E. Bradford, The Agrarian Aquinas (also republished at Imaginative Conservative)

Sean Penn Does Bryan Mills

Could be an ok action movie, there is very little coming out before the summer movie season that piques my interest, besides The Water Diviner (FB).

Sean Penn Turns Action Hero in 'The Gunman'
New Trailer and Poster for 'The Gunman' Starring Sean Penn

(Hollywood Reporter review)

website, FB

Shaun the Sheep, anyone?

Verily, You can Have It All

I don't see any indication of the magazine (FB) opposing the feminist dream.

More Catholic feminism at work?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Not everyone is a fan of Cardinal Zen...

Vatican Insider: “Cardinal Zen, don’t you believe in miracles?”

Related: If Beijing does not grant religious freedom to the Church diplomatic relations are useless

"Respect for Persons"

Ecumenism That Matters

Dominican Friars: NPR: Piece By Piece, Monks Scramble To Preserve Iraq’s Christian History

Fasting and Paleo

For those who are recovering from metabolic derangement, there is a fear that returning to a diet that is dominantly carbohydrates will lead to a return to their health problems. Is this fear justified?

If going paleo satiates hunger and moderates the appetite in itself, does it make sense to return to a diet that destroys this balance and makes one hungry when one doesn't actually need to eat for the sake of observing an ancient fasting discipline? In essence, would going off paleo entail making myself feel hungry in order to prevail against that sensation? Mortification for mortification's sake? The great ascetics may have been able to observe the fast without any adverse health effects--was this because of graces being given to them for the purity of their intention, rather than the natural consequences of the fasting?


Another Nominee for Official Paleo Theme Song – Blue Collar Boys – Frank Foster

Frank Foster

A step above normal "dude bro" country song? Doesn't really seem like it... at least the MV.

I've been hearing Lee Brice's "Drinking Class" whenever I tune into 92.3.

Arguably a better song, definitely a better MV.

Romanticizing the blue collar class? Why not.

Libertarians Catching Up to the Liberal Agenda

James Kilpatrick, Libertarians Morphing into Leftist “Social Justice Warriors” At International Students for Liberty Conference

When you identify with liberalism rather than tradition, what alternative do you have than to follow the "progressive" liberal logic?

Jack Donovan on the Pressure Project Podcast

Pressure Project Podcast: Masculinity 2015


Dr. Wilson on James Fenimore Cooper and "Yankee"

Cultural Cleansing, Phase One

Blomkamp Alien Movie OKed

20 years too late?

New ‘Alien’ Movie Confirmed with Director Neill Blomkamp

It wouldn't bother me if this is a story to make me forgot Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection; those who talk about how important it is to maintain continuity may be making an idol out of an entertainment product.

A Response to Pope Francis?

From CRC: KERYGMATIC THEOLOGY The mystery of Jesus


Dating in South Korea

Rooshv's take? I would think that the ethos behind these is overly beta...

Happy Lunar New Year

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hong Kong Cinemaphiles Alert

Trailer for Johnnie To’s ‘Design for Living’ Arrives Alongside Word of Wong Kar-wai’s Next Film


A Tough Road Ahead

From yesterday: The serpents: More protests against Archbishop Cordileone’s school initiative tomorrow

I see less and less reason for living or working in San Francisco.

Scrap the University Too

Prof. Cyril O'Regan on a Catholic university's Theology requirement


Second season of this show is coming up. I saw a promo the other day while waiting for Kingsman. WGN America trying to compete with the dramas of more well-known cable networks? Stephen Lang has a minor role in the first season.

For the series premiere:


Rod Dreher Does Paleo for the Great Fast

My Paleo Lenten Diet

Wendell Berry, Burkean

Gracy Olmstead interviews Mr. Berry

Old-Time Orthodox Religion

There was a notable decline in attendance at the San Francisco event of this year's symposium. Too many competing Orthodox events that weekend? Or were there other factors at work. Attendance at Vespers on Saturday and the Divine Liturgy on Sunday was smaller as well. It would seem that at one parish at least, ROCOR is following the trends of the old country- the absence of men at divine services. I don't know if the situation is better at the new cathedral. What can ROCOR do to make itself relevant to the ethnic Orthodox and to society at large? The local OCA parishes seeming to be faring ok; this is due to more than a few converts from Protestantism, men who know why they are Orthodox? One of the priests on the panel was talking about how it was necessary to have services in a language the children can understand (i.e. English) so that they can understand and live their faith. I think he was spot on, but how many of his brother clergy in the ROCOR would agree with him? And even if they did, would it be possible to accommodate the older members of the congregation and the younger members while adhering to the rule of serving only one divine liturgy at the altar?

While Byzantine Christians have generally had a successful policy of inculturation (despite some bouts with Byzantine/Greek chauvinism), it is ironic that so many are unable to see how necessary this is in the United States in order to retain and grow their flocks and to evangelize to non-Orthodox. A "church for immigrants," rather than a missionary Church.

Is an incomprehensible liturgy a big problem for the young? Is it a problem for older men who grew up in the old country? Or is the problem a lack of catechesis, both with respect to the liturgy and to the Christian life in general? How well-catechized are the pious women one sees in the temple at the divine services? Do cradle Orthodox men not view Christianity as being relevant to their own lives as men? Or is it merely the sin of lukewarmness?

There's an Official MV Out...

Been available for several months. The Band Perry doing John Hartford...

Tim O'Brien...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Playing on... White Nostalgia?

Saw something from this campaign for the first time tonight, the commercial for the Charger.

Industrial America in its adolescence... that Uhmerica is dead and gone.

Talk by Mgr Mark Langham on the Anglican Ordinariate

The Ordinariate Clergy meet in Westminster Cathedral Hall

Orthodox Art Journal Review of Cappella Romana's Latest Album

5.11 Knives and Lights

St. Theodore

Monday, February 16, 2015


Kyrie Eleison


For the Hanbok

Korean Female Celebrities Are Generally Poor Role Models

No matter how innocent they may seem. Kim So Eun is just the latest to broadcast that she doesn't plan on settling down until later.

Then again, isn't narcissism a driving force for those involved in the entertainment industry?

Constantinople, Not Istanbul

James Howard Kunstler speculates on the future of the Middle east: Welcome to World War Three.
John Robb: The Open Jihad and
ISIS isn't the long term problem, Saudi Arabia is

When Islamic militancy burns itself out and its source of wealth is removed or taken away, will there be a possibility of Elder Paisios's prophecy coming true?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Disney Cannibalizing Their Properties to Produce More Garbage

Maleficent, 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid

Didn't know they had already done this at the beginning of the series; just saw a promo last week for the upcoming story arc? How many women watch this show and why?

'Once Upon a Time' prepares for a Maleficent nightmare
Once Upon a Time Is Bringing Back Maleficent: True Blood's Kristin Bauer Will Return for a Major Arc
Exclusive: 'Once Upon a Time' bosses tease the Queens of Darkness
'Once Upon a Time' ups the evil ante with Maleficent, Cruella de Vil and Ursula

Joseph Shaw on the Reform of the Reform

Check Pertinacious Papist for the links.

Unfortunately he upholds the traditionalist position about the "contemplative" nature of the liturgy against a notion of active participation based on intelligibility. He would not accept liturgical spirituality as expounded by the greats of the 20th century liturgical movement. How many of the great saints that he cites were religious or clerics who had an understanding of Latin? And how many of those who did not understand Latin were sanctified in spite of not understanding the liturgy but rather by the grace of the Eucharist nourishing a spirit of prayer and attentiveness separate from liturgical participation? How many beginners are capable of that?

Latin traditionalists will not be easy to convince; while the EF should be made available to them because it is pastorally warranted they should not be surprised if their children seek alternatives to nourish them spiritually.

Any possibility of a decent English translation of the EF or the Sarum use gaining wider use?

How many of the immigrants are there to marry S. Korean farmers?

Because farmers aren't good enough for the modern S. Korean woman?

The Changing Face of Gangnam by Peter Frost

The Politically Incorrect Truth About Same-Sex Parenting

California Catholic Daily: Is Father Sullins ready for the onslaught?

Peter Hitchens on What the Police Are For

Why catching crooks is NOT the police's most important job

Should we get away from "law enforcement" back to "police"?