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Orthodox Korea: DL for April 5, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Commentary to the Orthodox World of How the Moscow Patriarchate Tramples on Church Canons and Undermines Orthodox Unity in Korea

The Progressives Are Unhappy

Is their concern primarily for the "salvation of souls"? Maybe some will be concerned that Latins are led astray by the EF and traditionalist or tradition-loving priests, because their understanding of the Gospel is incorrect. That one pope permitted the wider use of the EF doesn't count as the proper exercise of authority for them -- it was a mistake, a rolling back of Vatican II. Since Francis hasn't nullified Summorum Pontificum yet, this must be somewhat of a disappointment to these liturgical progressives.

Let us assume for the moment that their understanding of the Kerygma, and how the liturgy embodies that, is correct. Are they willing to admit that their form of liturgical catechesis has not been effected? And do they concede anything to those who are critical not of the reform but its implementation and how damaging it was to the Latin faithful? Instead of trying to shout down their opposition or deprive them of the EF, shouldn't they be building up their parishes or religious communities and showing all of us how right they are? Don't tell me that is not part of their vocation, that instead they are called to pontificate through academia or mass media. That's just nonsense. If you are correct about liturgical reform, let us see your fruits.

Remnant: “Cancel the Decrees!”: High Dudgeon from Progressive Liturgists by Peter Kwasniewski

Pray Tell: Theologians Call Upon Vatican to Revoke Recent Decrees on 1962 Missal, and Why I Didn’t Sign the Petition by Anthony Ruff, OSB

A Protocol for Holistic Treatment of COVID-19

Dr. Brownstein: Coronavirus XIV: The Good News is Still There But Not Reported By MSM

Let's Be Honest

The two men who are the hosts of this show may be good Catholic men, but no woman who is not already of that mindset is going to be persuaded by them. They're just not alpha enough. Because contemporary women's self-value has been inflated due to "fempowerment," and because of their innate hypergamy, the number of men they would respect has decreased. Maybe a priest or a seminarian could get away with giving this message to Catholic women because they have enough status, but those women must already be receptive. They won't convince any feminists, Catholic and non-Catholic, who either interpret the Gospel in light of their feminism or reject the Gospel.

Some of this was good, some was not, and the presentation, as noted above, hurts the reception of the message by the average American Catholic woman, I think.

#2 regarding appearance was just blue-pill, TOB stuff. Do women think their only value is to be found in their appearance? No -- but they do recognize their appearance is important, both for intrasex competition for status and also for attracting alpha males, and these two purposes are not necessarily separate in female psychology. They seek to attract men they consider to be worthy, not the non-alphas.

Battle of Mogadishu

"Wait for Me"

A short film made for marketing a video game.

More from the Gordon Brothers on Feminism

An Institutional Crisis

For the Latin churches in the U.S. There are serious problems with its institutional practices, many of which have been in place for centuries, if not longer. It might be time to even reconsider the development of the monoepiscopate, but at this point in time, even if they were to do so, the Latins would be unable to change anything about it.

CWR Dispatch: Analysis: Policy and pastoral leadership in a time of crisis
by JD Flynn and Ed Condon for CNA

"Meanwhile, in China, where public health restrictions have been at least as dramatic as parts of the U.S., Bishop Stephen Lee Bun-sang of Macau sat outside his house last week, wearing a surgical mask and hearing confessions from behind a screen."

M was impressed with the bishop of Macau her visit before last.

Before he became the bishop of Macau:

Televised Services by Orthodox Korea

A necessity during these times of social distancing...


She Was Always Ideological

Let Emma Watson experience uncompensated work on a deserted island. Would she change her tune then? She suffers from too much white female privilege, like non-celebrity AWFLs.

Two on Classical Education

And one surprisingly from America Magazine: Classical education is countercultural. It’s time to bring it back. by Matthew D. Walz

And a caution: Why A Classical Education Is Almost Impossible Today by Shawn Barnett
Of course, I'd prefer my child read classic literature and learn history than sit around reading propaganda on an iPad, but we can't return to a classical education in the truest sense of the phrase.

A true classical education that emphasizes fluency in Latin and/or Greek would be beneficial to the "cognitive elites," the intellectually gifted, but the number of such students is small. Consequently, mass-marketing "classical education" can only mean that standards or goals are modified accordingly. Instead of trying to sell classical education to all Catholics in an area, those who are trying to provide some sort of Catholic education to their brethren should match the plans of education to the students. If there aren't enough resources to start two schools, then other solutions have to be found. Some are needed to preserve high culture during this age of collapse, but not all require that sort of education, and they are not called to it either. The education, paideia, that should be common is moral, political, and cultural (the culture of the community, broadly speaking), and not necessarily intellectual.

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Tribe, Community, Survival, Ritual with Sebastian Junger

An Essay on Nathan Bedford Forrest

Abbeville Institute: The Duty of the Hour By Neil Kumar

Don Troiani:
Prints available for purchase here.


Eternal Memory

Childrens' book author Tomie dePaola passed away on March 30. (NYT, Boston Globe)

CWR Dispatch: Tomie dePaola’s Catholic art and heart by Sean Fitzpatrick
DePaola’s art presented the heroes of the Faith and the traditions of the Church with a vitality that is all but unmatched in the modern children’s library.

2011 National Book Festival
Reading Rockets interview

ConservativesTM: "We're Diverse Too"

The Hill may be true believers and not just aiming at respectability among non-conservatives, but still it seems like members of certain groups are determined to infiltrate mass media. Sagaar Enjeti, co-host of Rising, is also associated with the Hudson Institute. Is he a true believer in populism? Or is he part of the cuckservative effort to channel populism for its ends, upholding the state and using the ideology of civic nationalism to maintain control?

If he really respected Anglo-American culture he would have adopted an English name for his public persona, and I don't care what he might say about him keeping his given name is part of him being authentic. Group identity trumps authenticity; if you're that concerned about authenticity you're an ideological individualist or you haven't really assimilated.

Saagar Enjeti on Gabbard: 'I'm becoming a fan of hers
The Populist Pundits By Dustin Guastella

How "American"


The Elites Don't Care

And the enablers like Catholic Charities? (There are most likely religious organizations in the UK that help with refugee resettlement, but I don't know if there is a Catholic equivalent to Catholic Charities in the UK and if it is involved in this sort of work. Maybe not?)

More from the Token Conservative at the NYT

Is There Any Part of the Patriarchate of Rome Free of This Scandal?

CNA/CWR: In Japan, Church finds 16 cases of child sex abuse
Catholic bishops forum finds 16 cases of child sexual abuse in Japan

Even if the incidence of sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests is lower than among Protestant pastors and public school teachers (and it may even be lower than among the general population of non-Christians in Japan), Latins do need to ask the questions of what institutional practices enable this to happen.

Grensoorlog Bushwar

Playlist: South Africa Series: Grensoorlog Bushwar

From South African Recce Special Forces to Private Military Contractor

JHK's Tale of His Boomer Life

Boomer Elegy

Did Some Housecleaning for the Blog

Removed some links from the sidebar; will remove some more... I changed the theme a while ago as the previous, rather simplistic theme was starting to get old. But I don't think I will stick to the current theme that long.

Peninsula - Train to Busan 2 반도

An unnecessary sequel?

Not sure which video was supposedly in violation of DMCA; the original post featured embedded videos provided by EONTalk and this channel.

Rules for Retrogrades

Maybe they will say they are just using Alinsky against the left; were they influenced by the alt right, who did it first?

TAN - by Timothy and David Gordon

Catholic Culture Podcast Ep. 71—Thick Skin, Weak Stomach—Timothy & David Gordon

Timothy Gordon also launched a youtube channel with this as the theme:


Dave Solo Women Need to Cover Their Heads During the Liturgy

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Taleb's Choices

Sebastian Junger Introduces the Leakey Foundation Lecture Series



Probably Real Experts on COVID-19


Situational Awareness

Who cares about liberty these days?

"It was this close..."

Fr. Stephen Freeman on Tolkien's Themes

More on Exodus 90

A little too much self-deprecation which may be ok among men but not if it is tied to a blue pill mindset.

full episode

How to Quit Porn

Devotion, Zealotry, or Foolishness?

Infection of orthodox communities in NYC/NJ happened as well:

Coronavirus News: Concern over COVID-19 spread in Orthodox Jewish communities

As Coronavirus Spreads in N.Y., These U.S. Jewish Communities Pray They're Not Next by Amir Tibon
Chicago, Boston, Miami and Washington have been identified as potential COVID-19 hot spots. All are hoping they can avoid the fate of New York’s Orthodox community

Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn fight COVID-19 and antisemitism By OMRI NAHMIAS
This is ‘perhaps one of the most significant challenges our community has faced since the Holocaust’

Israel Faces Challenges In Fighting Coronavirus In Ultra-Orthodox Communities by Daniel Estrin

At Least 5 Rabbis From Ultra-Orthodox N.J. Community Have Died From Coronavirus by Anastasia Tsioulcas

WSJ: The New York Neighborhoods With the Most Coronavirus Cases
Working-class and Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn among city’s hardest hit areas, according to new data

Coronavirus cluster in NYC Hasidic community confirmed By Gabrielle Fonrouge, Larry Celona and Reuven Fenton

Now it is a problem in Israel.
God and the Coronavirus by Gilad Atzmon

JCRC: COVID-19: What should you be doing?
NYPD is carrying out moment-by-moment analyses of Hate Crimes: At no time is hate and discrimination of any kind ever tolerated in New York City, but amid its ongoing Coronavirus response, the NYPD is reinforcing the importance of reporting all hate crimes and bias incidents. Since the outbreak, the Hate Crime Task Force has investigated 11 cases where all the victims were Asian and targeted due to discrimination based on the Coronavirus pandemic. To date, investigators have apprehended the wanted subjects in seven of these cases.

CCP Propaganda vs. Reality

More propaganda:

Never Gonna Happen

CNA/CWR: China owes ‘apology and compensation’ for coronavirus, says cardinal


Tom Woods on Libertarian Culture Wars

Life in a (D)-Controlled State

TakiMag: Locked Down in Third World California by David Cole
As I type these words, Californians are under a mandatory “stay at home” edict issued by the Patrick Bateman cosplayer in our statehouse. Any Californian caught leaving his, her, its, or zir home for “nonessential” reasons is subject to fine or imprisonment.

Yes, the state that removed criminal penalties for knowingly giving someone AIDS has imposed criminal penalties on anyone who might inadvertently spread Wuhanvirus. Yes, the open-borders governor who claims he has no moral authority to tell Mexicans to stay out has ordered all Californians to stay in.

See also Reckonin': Revolution in Virginia by Boyd Cathey. The (D)s definitely want to take our liberties away in order to maintain power and continuing electing a new people to keep them in power. The oligarchs have already taken other liberties away and they don't care one way or another, since the rules don't apply to them. Find your tribe, G and G up, and train.



More Futile Lecturing

Is there anything else Latin intellectuals and bishops can do?

R. R. Reno recommends “Can We Measure the Value of Saving Human Lives in Dollars? Somber Calculations in a Time of Plague” by Rob Koons:

Koons goes on to explain why we are not just morally permitted, but in truth required to return to normal life well before the probability of deaths caused by the disease goes to zero. He notes the common good is not “the aggregate of the individual welfare of a society’s members, but rather the flourishing of the whole community as such.”

That may be the definition of the common good as received in scholastic theology and in some interpretations of current Roman Catholic social teaching (but not as stated by the Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching, which nonetheless appends the scholastic understanding of the common good without trying to harmonize the two). But does the state care? The novel definition of the common good is more in line with liberalism and what is suitable for the purposes of the state. Are two intellectuals writing essays to Catholics really going to persuade anyone in government to reconsider, or affect the shutdown? Most probably not. What is their defense? "We got to make a living." "It's part of my vocation to write." Maybe they should be writing on more practical things, or limit themselves to explaining theology. Or maybe they should be doing something to become anti-fragile and to restore community. Now that would be real work.

More of Douthat on His Newest Book

What problems and guilty parties does he not name?

Ross Douthat on "The Decadent Society"

I Knew It Was Meant to Be a Fempowerment Movie

Now I have confirmation.

The Guardian: Sicario film-makers faced demands to change female lead role to a man
Nervous producers wanted the central character in the drug-war thriller, played by Emily Blunt, to be rewritten for a man, says director Denis Villeneuve

Emily Blunt: Sicario role inspired by real female FBI officers
Why Emily Blunt's 'Sicario' role was almost rewritten for a man and how the FBI helped her get tough
As in Real Life, the Characters in 'Sicario' Are Motivated -- But Not Always Stable
Emily Blunt refused Sicario nude scene because her breasts 'didn't agree with it'
CT Review

It is said in the following video that Taylor Sheridan believed that a woman would be more likely than a man to adhere to her [moral] principles.

Hollywood Reporter: Taylor Sheridan Has "Master Plan" for 'Sicario' Trilogy

How Many Catholic "Feminists" Giving Presentations?

0? 1? More than 1? Cursory Google search on the following names + feminism didn't get any relevant results.

Virtual Catholic Women's Conference

Sr. Bethany Madonna

Alicia & Michael Hernon

Katie Hartfiel

Erin Ingold

Karen Cruess

Sarah Kozak

Stephanie Clarisse

Kendra Von Esh

Melissa Foley

Audra Nakane

Jackie Sunga

Christine Wessa

Angela Schnieders

Nancy Bandzuch

Avera Maria Santo

Stacey Sumereau

Kelsey Skoch

Jen Settle

Kathleen Billings

January Donovan

Anna Saucier

Maria Spears

Megan Mohan

Sterling Jaquith

Devanie Marie Cooper

Stephanie Lind

Shannon Morgan

Neena Gaynor

"You Can't Have It All." "We Still Want It All."

Public Discourse: Learning the Right Lessons from COVID-19 Can Benefit Mothers after the Pandemic by Eileen Reuter
So much of feminist thought is concerned with the idea that women need affordable, high-quality childcare options so that they can pursue professional success. But there is so little written on the ways we could use technology so that women could be with their children the vast majority of the time while still advancing in their careers.

The MoJ post which links to the above naturally has some "You go, girl!" cheerleading: "As we all sort through the consequences of our crash-landing into the world of on-line education, here's another very refreshing perspective. Some aspects of what we are all learning to do now could be opening doors to many people, such as this (obviously smart and talented) woman."

Apparently both are not smart enough to understand that if the economy craters, they may not have jobs afterwards. (Even if the MoJ poster is an academic, the higher ed bubble will pop.)

Clueless American Bishop

Bishop Peter F. Christensen... Only 5 seminarians in the major seminary and 2 in the college seminary. But that's not his fault, right? It's the fault of society or of parents...

CWR Dispatch: Boise bishop bans ‘ad orientem’ Masses in new liturgical instruction by JD Flynn for CNA

"Experts" Advise Against Wearing Masks

Some health experts questioning advice against wider use of masks to slow spread of COVID-19
The coronavirus question: To mask or not to mask

This is the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada and head of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam. She sounds like she has a Canto/HK accent. I don't care about her credentials -- but it isn't too much to ask someone with her supposed intelligence to learn how to speak English like a native. She is a reminder of how meritocracy has been subverted through immigration by the state or its elites to undermine national identity.

And a recent Twitter thread on the use of masks.

Chris Martenson has a critique of her "expert" recommendations:

I note that she is also a member of the Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee for the WHO Health Emergencies Programme - another strike against WHO. Another cog in the alliance between WHO and China?

And of course the MSM in Canada is simply parroting the opinions of these "experts." We experienced the same thing in the US, with the CDC, but now the official opinion may be turning towards a more pro-mask-wearing stance.

Statist BS from a secular state:


Jocko Podcast 223 w Pat McNamara: Be Skilled & Prepared to Take Care of Yourself & those Around You

Mark Bauerlein Discusses American Secession

National Breakup? by Mark Bauerlein

American Secession by F. H. Buckley


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A Batman Fit for the CW


DC Comics Circles The Drain – Reveals Gay Alfred And Chinese-American Bruce Wayne And More Franchise Killing Abominations

EW: First look: Batman meets Gossip Girl in new graphic novel Gotham High By Sydney Bucksbaum
Author Melissa de la Cruz and illustrator Thomas Pitilli preview a Batman story like you've never seen.

2016: Why Melissa de la Cruz's Immigration Story Matters Now
Fresh off the Boat

Kyrie Eleison


UK Humor


Skip Carlsen


Make Ready with the Experts Podcast

Glenn Arbery on Wyoming Catholic College

First Things: Studying the Western Tradition in Wyoming by Mark Bauerlein

Wyoming Catholic College

Jack Rasmus on the "Free" Market

Jack Rasmus "On Market Solutions to the COVID-19 Crisis" (via PCR)

PCR's gloss: "Neoliberal Globalists and Free Market Libertarians Have Become Threats To Life—The Former Are In Service To Capitalist Greed and the Latter Are In Service To An Ideology"

The Bloody History of Mankind

Fat Fiction


Abbeville Institute: Roots of a Revolutionary Ideology by Richard M. Gamble

A review of Progressivism: The Strange History of a Radical Idea (University of Notre Dame Press, 2020) by Bradley C.S. Watson At the height of the Progressive Movement in 1914, William P. Merrill published a… »

UND Press

Blind and Dumb 20th Ce Nationalism Isn't the Solution

Death by Identity Politics by Jane Clark Scharl

The reality is that every American should be prepared to sacrifice for the good of his fellow citizens in the coming days. This is not a time for us to parade slogans like “diversity” and “identity politics,” or for us to hoard goods and economic opportunities to bolster a false sense of security. It is a time for us to find creative ways to extend charity and dignity to others, and to recognize that each and every one of us, as bearers of God’s image, is infinitely valuable.

Who is my tribe or community? How about the order of charity? Telling people that they should love or sacrifice for their fellow "citizens" ignores what unites people into a community, and it's not being subject to the same government.

Find your tribe.


Coronavirus & Conservatism’s Future by Rod Dreher
Of 'folk libertarianism,' and what the pandemic reveals about the American right

Here’s why it worries me. It’s not really about Trump, but what comes after Trump. To repeat: the Trump presidency, especially in how the president has responded to this unprecedented crisis (with the strong support of his usual followers), has unveiled the feebleness of philosophical conservatism. It’s not conservative at all; it’s just a species of right-wingery.

Something better: Orwell & SJWs
If the sworn left-wing enemy of cant were writing today, would he be able to publish in elite liberal journals?

Joe Diffie

AmConMag: Joe Diffie, 1958-2020 by Emile A. Doak
Coronavirus claims the country singer who became a cultural icon to Middle America.

Kyrie eleison. Requiescat in pace.

Hitchen's Concern for the Loss of Political and Civil Liberties During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Peter Hitchens: We Love Big Brother

More from Hitchens, most recent blog post first.
The Frightening Implications for Liberty of the Shutdown - An explanation of the Use of Law to Deprive us of Freedom of Movement and Assembly
There's Powerful Evidence This Great Panic is Foolish. Yet our freedom is still broken and our economy crippled
PETER HITCHENS: Is shutting down Britain – with unprecedented curbs on ancient liberties – REALLY the best answer?

Of course, he is not the only conservative to raise the alarm about the possible loss of liberty. But what sort of political rejection of such measures would be possible, even if people could be energized to defend their liberty?

See also:
The Modern State During COVID-19​ by Jonathan Harris
We should not surrender our liberties to fight the virus.

A different view: We Are All Totalitarians Now by Guillaume Durocher
Coronavirus Brings Back the Spirit of the Polis

Is Hungary’s Orbán Using the Pandemic to Impose Dictatorial Rule? by Will Collins

But VD supports and trusts Orban.

Was the Author Insensitive? Or Just Dumb?

Both? Too much of an academic?

CWR Dispatch: Vatican News posts troubling eco-essay, then hastily removes it by William L. Patenaude
For some who champion the Church’s environmental teachings, the desire to protect and nurture God’s gift of creation seems to have set them at odds with humanity itself.

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A Gynocentric World

Devil Mouse Trying to Get Boys to Watch Its Movies

Another kid power movie, like Spy Kids. Was there anything like these kid power movies before the 80s? Maybe children will enjoy the fantasy, but is this another form of narcissistic fantasy in which they know more and can do more than adults? Remember when children looked forward to the day when they became adults and had adult skills, instead of pretending they could be better than adults as children?

Flannery O'Connor and the Vision of Grace

How True Is This?

Cappella Romana CD Sale

I'm Not a Doctor, But I Played One in a Movie

Molly Tuttle — Live at Fraser

SEALs on Fitness and Such

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Bishop Strickland of Tyler on World Over

full episode

The 18th Ce Lives

At least with respect to how the pope conducts himself in relation to the secular powers, lecturing as if he has authority over them and as if they would be listening.

CNA/CWR: Pope Francis warns of a coronavirus ‘genocide’ if economy prioritized over people

Echoing the concerns of some Catholics (R.R. Reno) and conservatives. With what competence does he have to make this judgment, and why should his opinion count more than R.R. Reno's? After all, there is no guarantee that his judgment of particular circumstances are correct, nor a guarantee that he has the gift of political prudence. There is no guarantee that he has learned moral theology well, either. These statements amount to nothing more than royal nagging.

So much of the power of the patriarch of Rome would be taken away if the news media would stop covering everything he says. If Latin news media stopped reporting on the pope, would they be able to stay in business? Would they have any reason to exist? Maybe Latin laity, if they wish to see a reform of the papacy, should stop patronizing Latin news media and give their reasons for doing so.

As for the pope's presence in social media, which is in accordance with certain claims by Rome about the office of the bishop of Rome, does social media pass on charismatic gifts? Or does it produce instead counterfeits of Christian spirituality, one of which can be identified as the cult of personality surrounding the bishop of Rome? Do the charismatic gifts instead require a face-to-face interaction that is built upon authentic witness, trust, and accountability? To know that someone is an authentic witness of Christ, we must be familiar with his character and this is possible only through our observations of his words and deeds.

Hajnalka Juhász

This is an old photo... surprise, surprise.

Her MP page.

A Korean Argument for Polyamory?

Invitation 그녀의 비밀정원

Oliver Harper's Retrospective on Excalibur

Another Fempowered STEM Astronaut Movie




CNA/CWR: USCCB Domestic Justice Chairman welcomes coronavirus aid bill

Archbishop Paul Coakley:
The archbishop particularly expressed his “disappointment” that some aid and relief measures were not extended to undocumented migrants living in the United States, and said that it is “extremely concerning that testing and access to health care coverage was denied to certain immigrants.”


Hero 영웅

A musical?

Q&A with Steve Balestrieri

CSM Michael D. Albaugh

Latins Looking for A Solution

But before there can be a retreat to a community to strengthen it, there first must be a community. Latins (and the majority of Americans) have forgotten this because they no longer live in community with other people.

Crisis: Retreat and Engage: Towards a Conservatism for the Common Good by Emile A. Doak

HANA菊梓喬 - 如果你明白 (劇集 "機場特警” 片尾曲) Official MV

Sunday, March 29, 2020

黃凱芹 Christopher Wong《晚秋》

Has the number of Cantonese-speaking newcomers to the US peaked yet?

It Took a Woman

and 4 others to initiate shelter in place. Because the rest of the state and county governments are incompetent.

The Government Employee Who May Have Saved a Million American Lives

Luis Miguel, "Soy lo prohibido"

The Stolen Children (Il Ladro di Bambini)

Remembered seeing the trailer when it first became available, but never had the opportunity to watch the movie in the theater. Should see if this one is available on blu-ray.

Bad Education

This movie is based on a true story; but someone decided to cast a nuAmerican nuAustralian to be a student reporter. Is she the heroine who uncovers the scandal? The leftists are relentless.