Saturday, January 13, 2018


Crisis: Why Church Teachings on Chastity are Undeniably True by Anthony Esolen

Bad bishops are a chastisement to the Church.

Heard today of a bishop's passive-aggressive response, i.e. retaliation to a perceived offense to his episcopal dignity (thanks to the
intervention of Rome, no less). (Who's the big tough bishop now? I suppose I wouldn't be working in his diocese for long.)

How many unfit candidates skated by through the connivance of the lavender mafia and how many because of the institutional Church's inability to properly evaluate candidates because it failed to readjust to an appropriate scale for human relationships?

A position of authority or ministry is not the place for you to work out your psycho-sexual issues.

Good for the Bishop of Salford

When Does Christmas Season End?

Why Liberalism Failed

Announcing the Death of Classical Liberalism by Gene Callahan
Patrick Deneen’s new book, out today, plays mortician for one of America’s most popular ideologies.

An interview by Rod Dreher: Classical Liberalism Strikes Out
An interview with the author of Why Liberalism Failed

3 Cheers for the Demise of the UC System

Commiefornia deserves no less.

AmConMag: Berkeley Is Collapsing in on Itself by Sean Kennedy
Financial and social costs that began 50 years ago are devouring this iconic university system.

The Father of Pin Yin

Google Doodle: Zhou Youguang’s 112th birthday
The Independent

Friday, January 12, 2018

WTH Happened to White America?

"Take one look at the photos and you know their stance on Trump, Brexit, feminism, Islam, transgenderism, and the EU."


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Apple Town School District Going to Suffer

I have no sympathy.

Steve Sailer links to Cupertino school board to mull potential $5M in cuts due to declining enrollment, costs

Let Twitter Bleed the Money

The company is reprehensible but they will just push people to find alternatives.

The Moses Option?

Or the Joseph Option?

Except arguably the stay of Joseph and his brothers was intended to be temporary? Or should have been? And they were not seeking to become Egyptians but to escape famine?

As for the Moses option, they were seeking to establish a new homeland; it wasn't colonization nor was it immigration, since they were commanded to do some ethnic cleansing of the territory.

What appropriate Biblical or saint's name should be applied to the pastoral strategy of encouraging conservative/traditional Christians to move away from "blue" population centers to "red" areas? There are already Protestants movement seeking to do this, like Christian Exodus, and the amount of cultural assimilation they may have to do may be less than that for Catholics, members of an immigrant Church. Protestants and Catholics both have to seek acceptance and integration with the natives, and be patient as the process takes time. Certainly a triumphalistic Catholic attitude with respect to religion would not be welcome. But what Roman Catholic bishop in a large urban area would be willing to encourage members of his flock to move away, and thus lose their tithes/donations?

Cardinal DiNardo, Of Course

Cardinal: Fight racism with love to honor MLK's legacy


Figure out the title for yourselves

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Russian Christmas

Article on Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone's visit here:

Who is Their Jealous God

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The State is a Jealous God

There can be no other competition for love and affection and loyalty.

Heartiste links to this online comment:

Gays of yesterday used to understand that they were in some way broken. It wasn’t just that they had a sexual dysfunction, but that they were excluded from broader social life. They could never produce a family, they could never be part of the basic unit of society. They knew it and embraced it. This is no longer the case.

Society has changed. Its basic unit is no longer the family, where men and women each play a part, where knowledge is passed from one generation to the next. (That was too bigoted.) Now it’s the individual, a citizen who pays taxes and consumes goods and services, who is society’s basic unit. This is all it means to be normal — this is what the social revolutions of our time asserted. Everyone is identical — men, women, blacks, whites, asians — and everyone plays the same social role. In this atomized context, where marriage and sex are private behaviors, then gays really are Just Like Us.

Leave it to a Frenchwoman

Catherine Deneuve defends men's 'right' to hit on women - BBC News

Can Philosophy Ever Escape Genealogy

The Imaginative Conservative: The End of Modernity by Thaddeus Kozinski

Modernity, by God’s grace, may be the site of a new synthesis, the transcending of stale categories of thought and practice, in which a new Christendom can emerge, one in which the reign of God in His glory and love emerges side-by-side with the full dignity and flourishing of man…

Michael Gillespie wrote another hit piece against nominalism, tracing all of the problems of the Western world to 14th ce Franciscans like Ockham: The Theological Origins of Modernity.

Fr. Foster on CBS

Fr. Z Has the Embedded Video

Boyd Cathey on the Duopoly

Keith Ellison, the Evolution of the Democratic Party, and the Cowardice of Republicans by Boyd D. Cathey

With Respect to Lifestyle? Maybe

Though they do live well thank to donors. But their ideology is in lockstep with the NYTimes and cultural Marxists.

Monday, January 08, 2018

You wanted equality.

How many women would be willing to speak freely on political issues without the protection of anonymity, distance, or men? If a woman wants to be free to voice a political opinion, then I am free to disagree and respond in an appropriate manner, which may not be through dialectic. After all, men used to understand these terms of discourse, though many of our coddled and emasculated young men of today may run away to their safe space, so why shouldn't we hold women to the same standard. If they say that they should be free from "intimidation," I say that they cannot be free from being held accountable for their words/advocacy.

Eberstadt, Soconning Again

First Things: The Zealous Faith of Secularism by Mary Eberstadt
How the Sexual Revolution became a dogma

Socons/Latins tend to be overly concerned with the 6th and 9th commandments, and in a very restricted manner. Eberstadt recognizes that the secularists, or the "left ," is anti-Christian but nonetheless focuses on license without consequences as the ultimate goal of their advocacy.

This includes what is basically a restatement of her article on identity politics in that neocon toilet paper The Weekly Standard, which locates the source of the phenomenon to the alienation of self from others produced by the sexual revolution. Too reductionistic.

It's not all about easy sex, even if the advocates may benefit from that. Rather, who are the anti-Christian forces and why do they wish to destroy traditional sources of morality and authority? (And I don't include the modern state as a traditional authority, but its enemy. The secularists serve the state, or the state uses the secularists.) Not for the liberation of others but for their control and manipulation and money. It is easy to inveigh against unchaste behavior, but once you start naming names, you put your livelihood at risk.

If you use the term "Judeo-Christian," you're probably a cuck.

Her interview with Crux.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Christians Naive About the State

Combined with other personality traits, becoming a cuckservative is a natural outcome.

As secular liberalism attacks the Church, Catholics can’t afford to be nostalgic (via Tea at Trianon)

Joseph Pearce on The Andy Griffith Show

The Decline and Fall of The Andy Griffith Show

I've never watched the entire series so I didn't know that it takes such a turn at the end. How sad. Can the Shire be saved without force? Joseph Pearce thinks that vague love is enough but I disagree.
Hearing Cappella Romana in person was worth it, even if it was with discounted tickets. Hopefully they will be back in the Bay Area soon.

Blake Shelton, "Home"