Friday, June 13, 2014

Annoying Movie Child Prodigies

Another Encounter Between East and West

Msgr. Ronald Knox on Fatherhood

Some Good News

Maybe some good can come out of RENEW.

The MSM Can Spin No Longer?

Upholding the Status Quo?

If one is concerned about the possibility of unjust violence or prohibiting [a just] war with little chance of success, then one might have an argument against secession. But for the sake of the "common good"? A misapplication of the concept that only strengthens the hand of the centralizers.

The Holy Father distinguished between "independence for emancipation” and “independence for secession,” giving the former Yugoslavia as an example of the former “where there are peoples and cultures so diverse that they are completely unconnected.”
As for the situations in Catalonia, northern Italy, and Scotland, Pope Francis said “they should be studied on a case-by-case basis.”
“There will be some cases that are just and some that are unjust, but the secession of a nation that hasn’t been previously forced together is an issue that must be taken up with tweezers,” he said.

Even if consolidation was accomplished mostly peacefully (through the consolidation of kingdoms, in which the ruled had no say) that does not mean that consolidation itself was just to begin with. And one must also remember the destruction of local cultures that happened as a result, with the language and culture of those ruling being privileged above all others and even imposed on the rest.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Who runs the school?

And what mold are they using to create their ideal father?

The Witch Explains Herself

Maybe? Will she be able to justify her claims of being poor after her husband left the White House? Am I going to bother to find out?


Food Security

Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Chris Martenson on Solar Roadways

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spewing the Multicult Line

Nationalist Propaganda

Because what the Union Army did during the War of Northern Aggression was defending the Constitution.

So for movie night, one of the movies being shown is Courageous. Why, oh why are they showing this Churchian propaganda aimed at betas? Who picked it?

See Dalrock on the message of the movie.

At Least They're Probably Right on This

Vatican Insider: Japan, the bishops to the government: it is wrong to return to nuclear power

Fukushima Is Still a Disaster
NKH World

An older article.
Vanguard Radio: Jack Donovan with Richard B. Spencer - The Hashtag Wars - soundcloud

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Benedict XVI's Green Theology

A Cool Photo, But...

a worrisome exercise?

More information on that training exercise here.

Sitting Properly in an Airplane

Another Instance of the Left Turning in on Itself?

VDare: Video Of John Derbyshire Speaking At The 2014 AMERICAN RENAISSANCE Conference: “China, America, and the Chinese in America”

A Reminder About Capitalism

NCR: Cardinal Tackles Libertarian Individualism as Harmful to Solidarity
Catholics Against Capitalism

Last month:
Another stunning statement from Cardinal Rodriguez-Mardiaga

The Wailin' Jennys at Infinity Hall

Video available for a limited time only:

Feast of the Chinese Orthodox Christian Martyrs

We Need a Workshop Here

CMT: George Strait Rides Away With Friends and Record-Breaking Concert
With 104,793 Fans Watching, He Plays Final Show Before Retiring From Widespread Touring

The Propaganda Machine Keeps Spinning

According to those commenting, she isn't really an infantryman, she just passed a local school (and got a certificate).

Plenty of "You go, girl!" women (quite a few supposedly in the Union Army) commenting, along with white knights. The Union Army is theirs, they can have it.

Army Times

Latinizations Persist

One would think that the restoration of traditional practices would be a priority...

Generation War


Forbidden Ground

Monday, June 09, 2014

Renewed Dialogue?

Kathy Kallick Band plays "Roscoe"

From F&S last year:

We Stand Alone Together: Easy Company

Band of Brother's Easy Company
AsiaNews: Japanese bishops: A future papal visit, a real chance for peace by Peter Takeo Okada*
Opus Dei: Prelate's Trip to Singapore, Taiwan and Korea

Of Course, Henry V

Powerful: Bill Monroe Remembered

Sunday, June 08, 2014

"Witnesses to the Holy Spirit"

For Pentecost...

Lee Ann Womack - "Livin' on Love (From 2014 CMT Music Awards)"

with Kacey Musgraves

Get More:

Apparently the embedded video isn't working properly - here is the link to the video.