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An Endorsement of The Highwaymen

Peter Hitchens:

I can still remember the explosive effect of the film Bonnie and Clyde more than 50 years ago. The violence, now normal, was deeply shocking, the suggestion of sympathy for two rather sordid gangsters was subversive.

So when I heard of The Highwaymen, a film telling the story from the side of the lawmen who hunted the pair, I was anxious to see it at the cinema. Alas, it never made it. I was forced to watch it at home on a subscription service.

I thought it rather good. The depiction of Depression America and the ghastly scenes when the two dead criminals are put on display are especially worth seeing.

But it has no superheroes or special effects, so someone somewhere assumed it would not be good box office. A pity, and can our cinemas survive long with such an attitude?

4.2 Million Subscribers

李子柒 Liziqi

Han nationalist channel? Who's backing her?

VD: China rejects civic nationalism

Night Stalkers

Trying to Get as Much Cash as They Can from the Property

There were several nods to Bruce Lee's Game of Death, and the modernized ninjas were interesting but the movie suffers from too much of the same, stylized shooting choreography. After the first 2 movies, I am a bit tired of that, and the hand-to-hand action was refreshing by comparison. Also, I found the unrealistic special armor to just be stupid. Did they intend all along to have a 4 (or more)-part series? I thought he was going to take on the High Table in 3.

And yet, what of your betrayal?

Remnant: FORGOTTEN HATE CRIMES: Martyred Catholics in China by Teresa Marie Moreau

What of International Law Regarding the Acceptance of Refugees?

Greece is not next to Afghanistan. Who is giving her access to the media?

L'Acte 28

Weaker Vessels

Perhaps men should refrain from using Cru crude language or profanity around women, not because they are delicate ladies, but because they need men to reinforce standards of conduct through example, lest the women start to regularly use such language when men are around. (They already might be using such language when only women are around, depending on their class/socioeconomic background.)


Johnny Cash in the Nixon White House

AmConMag: When Pat Buchanan Brought Johnny Cash to the Nixon White House by Jack Hunter
It didn’t go exactly as planned. But for TAC’s founder, this is where his populist antiwar movement may have begun.

Tim Kennedy

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Lauren Southern's Project

Edit. Youtube is preventing access.

It Will Be Crap


"We Must End Oppression and Bigotry Now"

Not Old Man Logan but Old Man Picard. More likely than not, this will be inundated with SJW messaging, because Picard's faith in Starfleet and its mission needs to be rekindled.


BCM Advertising

Another Training Tip from LAV

Reading Body Language

Alt Catholics, Obviously

Asian Representation

Authentic for whom? Not exactly a flattering portrayal. The creators might have something to say about getting away from the "model minority" myth but is this what Asian-Americans need to feel good about themselves?

Something for Memorial Day

AmConMag: Why Do We Fight? How Do We Fight? by Douglas Macgregor

The military spends billions on programs and missions that have no basis in reality. This is why we fail, again and again.

Another with Dr. Esolen on Defending Boyhood

The Catholic Current with Father Robert McTeigue, SJ: (Dr. Anthony Esolen) Defending Boyhood

More Keanu

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Christian Culture

Foodie Lifestyle

Nothing in the Trailer Says It Isn't a Girl Power Movie

Skills vs Stuff



Norbertine Beer

The Guardian: Belgian monks resurrect 220-year-old beer after finding recipe
Grimbergen Abbey brew incorporates methods found in 12th-century books




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Tails Tucked

A bunch of Latin Catholic liberals are complaining about Cardinal Burke and how he is engaged in hate speech and not being a good witness to the Gospel. He may be mistaken or simplistic to apply the virtue of patriotism to the state, but his comments, as recorded here, are rather mild. These same Catholics would support stricter gun control laws.

If you do not have the role of defending the perimeter or show no interest or desire to do so, your opinion doesn't matter. If you choose to subject yourself and your loved ones to the power of others, you are free to do so and I won't prevent you from doing so or put my life on the line to save you, but if you think you have the right to take away what I need to exercise my God-given responsibility to defend myself, family, and community you are mistaken.

Catholic Herald: Cardinal Burke: Limiting Muslim immigration is patriotic by Robert Duncan

A Warrior

Blue Force Gear


Task and Purpose: Green Berets parachuted over Mont Saint-Michel to honor the 75th anniversary of their Special Forces predecessors' arrival in France

DOWNTON ABBEY - Official Trailer

Medieval Trauma Care

Wounds and Wound Repair: Medieval Culture. (nd). Eds. Larissa Tracy and Kelly Devries.

Three Holy Hierarchs Romanian Orthodox Church

unofficial FB - check out the photos

Masculine Excellence or Stupidity?

Or both? Is that accomplishment worth the risk of his life?

"Captain Kirk tried to do it!"

Vanity Fair

Free Solo 360
What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Behind Filming “Free Solo” | Op-Docs
Bonus: Free Soloing with Alex Honnold | Nat Geo Live
The ascent of Alex Honnold
Jimmy Kimmel
Documentary Roundtable: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Bing Liu, Rashida Jones | Close Up


Maneuver by Bounding Overwatch


Lila Rose on teh Candace Owens Show

At 13:24 Lila Roses endorses first-wave feminism. She's wrong that it was good.

But what of identity issues?

In ethnically and culturally homogeneous areas those issues do not need to be addressed. How are you going to enforce accountability if there loyalties and identities are divided?

Politics and Civic Friendship by Elias Crim

A few years ago, I heard that our Valpo Mayor Jon Costas was recommending a book called Community, by Peter Block. I got myself a copy and found it full of great, even inspiring ideas toward a goal of community transformation, partly by pushing back on our terrible social isolation.

Here’s one of Block’s nuggets: Our goal in politics and civic life should be to transform citizen entitlement into citizen accountability.

Meaning: voluntary, enthusiastic accountability — another way of saying commitment to the community. I think a lot of our Valpo residents get this and practice it.

In other words: we need lots of what are called Strong Citizens, people who want to go beyond just passively belonging to a place to “co-owning” it. This sense of co-ownership is the most powerful form of what we call “civic engagement.”

But Farming Is Not Enough

For there to be a group identity to be formed. The left and the aging Hippie Boomers and their followers may try to reappropriate economic fundamentals but their other values work against community-building.

NCRep: Peter Maurin's farm-rooted vision gains ground among Catholic Workers

The Market Gardener

Chivalry Has Been Dead for Some Time

The Catholic military orders have been tamed for some time.

1P5: The Knights of Malta and the Death of Chivalry by Steve Skojec

On May 1, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which has just gone through one of its most tumultuous and troubling periods in its 900-plus-year history (see our coverage here), conducted its Chapter General. The purpose: to elect a new …

Ordination to the Diaconate

New Album

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More Imperial Propaganda

The only surprise is that more women weren't featured in the video.

Knives at the NRA 2019