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Something Wrong With This Photo

Someone is missing... whether 소녀시대 can retain its popularity despite the departure (firing!) of Jessica remains to be seen.

Cast Confirmed

Friday, January 02, 2015

Hot Rize for the Holidays

Because They Don't Take it Seriously?

Haven't seen the first female soldier version so I can't say for sure that they didn't parrot girl power lines at the end of the special.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CWR Interview with Fr. Rutler

Catholicism in New York City
An interview with Fr. George Rutler, pastor of the Church of St. Michael in New York City, and noted author and commentator
Jim Graves

(via Fr. Z)

Our Catholic education system is a disaster, from kindergarten to the university level. I am continually appalled by the ignorance of Catholic college graduates I meet. They know nothing at all about the Faith or Western culture. We’ve returned to the period of 800-1200, with the Church the repository of learning in the midst of the total dearth of the life of the mind.

We have a generation of parents who did not receive the Faith from the previous generation. Fifty years ago, parents had some sense of their obligations to God and tried to pass them on to their children. But today, many parents are a blank slate when it comes to religion. They have nothing to pass on to their children. Some have turned to homeschooling, but that’s a small percentage of the total. There are also some splendid new academies and colleges faithful to the Magisterium which are opening, which I hope will serve as models for renewal for some existing institutions.

In our recent discussions of the Church and family, much attention has been paid to those in irregular situations, such as the divorced. These are important considerations, but let’s keep our focus on the traditional family unit and on how we can support it. The family is our future.

The people I find most heroic in our society are young couples bringing up children. I’ve had parents bring their babies to Mass and get embarrassed when they cry. They come to me afterward and apologize for the disruption. I say, “Don’t apologize, that’s the sound of the future.”

See also: Catholic Higher Education in Ruins by Robert Oscar Lopez

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