Saturday, February 06, 2021

MMA Handfighting Course

SARD UNDERGROUND 1st Edition Movie


Kyrie eleison.

Michael Pollan on is Favorite Topic

Journalists Have to Earn a Living

Even if the Synod is Fake, The Decision Has Meaning

Bergolio, the gift of Latin ecclesiology that keeps giving.

A Cult of Virginity

Tie it to legalism and elevating some form of consecrated life as being more "noble" than that of the ordinary Christian vocation, and what results? Things to consider, also in relation to the Latin emphasis on clerical celibacy and their relative absolutism with respect to ecclesial divorce.

CWR Dispatch: Peter M.J. Stravinskas

Preventing the "Auto-Load"

Storing an AR-15

What is Enka (演歌)?

Savage Arms Impulse Rifle

Friday, February 05, 2021


Homemade Lard Soap

26 Years Later


"Not a Tool"

This Is Cultural Subversion

The Fallacy of Guilt by Association

Facism and bad geneaology.

But Did You Take Scale and Homogeneity of the Population into Consideration?

This is very naive reasoning.

The DS Will Not Tolerate Threats to Its Power

Even its own "people."

Not Our Problem

How the Elites Roll

Sadly Cluless about Politike


QI Not Friendly to Reds

They are trailing behind the cultural revolutionaries.

Cleaning Up After Themselves

New World Order

Apologists for Sherman (and Lincoln)?

Liberty or the State

Prepping in All Areas

A friend thinks that this is necessary, for families to set up home altars or shrines because of future persecution or fragmentation of the Church.

An Interview with One of the Hillbilly Thomists

Will Biden Risk Conflict with China?

Or is that decision not left to him, but to his handlers?

Russian Ballet

But These May Be Illegal Too


Thursday, February 04, 2021

Trustworthy or Collaborators with the Oligarchs?

An Institutional Crisis

Two more from QC:

The CCP Counts on the Han

Even if they serve the CCP elites. The US elites, on the other hand, count on division and weakness to stay in power.

With Whom Are they Allied?

So D*mn Predictable

The State Will Crack Down on Threats

Especially if they are confident that the historic American people are passive and will soon be a minority.

Can't Pass on Permaculture if You Can't Reproduce

Soy men and feminist women... a dygenic combination for permaculture.

This Is How the Universal Teacher Uses His Supposed Authority

Latins Need to Call Their Bishops to Task

Or lose their churches.

This Is a Black Mark Against Him

Allegations against Cardinal Dolan

Shooter's Edge, Episode 4

The Politicization of Science by the Elites

RegenAg Links


What Privilege

Is the Kamala Harris Project going to study her internship under Willie Brown? This is what a crisis of legitimacy looks like

EMJ Would Agree

A comment on the rock n' roll of the Boomers:

Yes, Boomer, 'powerful and energetic' was specifically chosen for your generation.

Though it's nothing like powerful and energetic classical music, or other forms of music.

This particular 'style' of music was designed to agitate you, to create anxiety and dissonance in you... to create powerful levels of agitation that seek relief. Physical agitation that seeks physical relief.

You all found that relief in alcohol, drugs, and sex outside of marriage.

Hmmmm, this same mass agitation/dissonance project aimed at the Boomer youth happened to occur at the very same time the mass anti-Christian, Leftist culture propaganda (movies, tv, academia, literature, scientific nihilism) kicked into high gear.

Cohencidence? I think not, Boomer.

They Can't Help Themselves

Their mindset has bween shaped by the cultural revolutionaries, and they speak accordingly.

Gladden Pappin Interview

Speaking Beyond His Competence

Democracy is the only light? Not at all.

Ad Hominem Is Not a Fallacy

in this case, as it is a question of his credibility and witness to Christ, given his dissent from Latin moral teachings.

High Agency Communities

Kris Drever, Padraig Rynne, Julie Fowlis and Aoife Ní Bhríain, "When The Shouting Is Over"

Address by Allan Savory

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

New FPR Podcast

Will it be any good?

The Real Crisis of Legitimacy

on many levels, is that Massimo Faggioli holds an academic position at a supposed Catholic university.

Meanwhile, his patriarch at work...

Make Work for Latins

"Get a real job."

This is not an asceticism appropriate to Christian laity.

Forget an app. Find your tribe.

A Historian Who Doesn't Understand the Nature of the Current Existential Crisis

@Vermeullarmine, @iusetiustitium, @SohrabAhmari, @PatrickDeneen: Thread Reader App


LARPing as the Greatest Generation

Pretending to be soldiers of a republic, when they are really servants of an empire.


Just Because He's Opposed to Gavin Newsom

doesn't mean Chamath Palihapitiya is qualified to be governor. He's just another NuAmerican oligarch.

Weak Response, Weak Pastoral Advice?

St. Sophrony then goes on to quote the Sermon on the Mount to illustrate what “a life where first place is given to Christ” looks like. Particularly what caught my attention are Jesus’s words, “do not resist evil” or “an evil person.” What a radical response. You are slapped on the left cheek and what does Jesus tell you to do? Turn the other cheek. Jesus tells us to love our enemies. Jesus tells us to bless those who curse us and to pray for those who despitefully use us and persecute us.

Again, passivism as pacifism?

But if this world is not our home. If we are but salt and light, sojourners in a strange land, then we will adjust. We will find a way. We will carry on, looking for a City whose foundations and builder is God.

Eastern clericalism and gerondism leads to an other-worldly attitude masquerading as Christianity?

Steve Interviews Darren Beattie


『「宇宙戦艦ヤマト」という時代 西暦2202年の選択』本予告(60秒)

"The Ballad of the Green Beret"

BRN 180 and BRN 180S


Living the Family Legacy

It's all fun and games until someone needs to be shot.

It's a Hit Piece

But the oligarchs aren't really concerned about Latins.

The Upcoming Revolt of the Middle Class


Tool of the Statist Oligarchs

The Flip Side of Re-Wilding

2021 Homesteaders of America Conference

Someone Gets Paid to Tweet This

Tactical Reloads

DS at Work

In conjunction with this:

The Greeks Leading the Way in Decadence for the Chalcedonian Orthodox

Department of Inter-Orthodox, Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations: Webinar on Female Religious Leadership

Тобол (The Conquest of Siberia)

This is a confident nation, unapologetic and so far unaffected by subversive cultural revolutionaries. That is why the globalists and the American Empire have targeted it.

Life with Social Retards

Anonymous atomized living in a mass population center requires a certain amount of emotional desensitization to others and psychological stunting, resulting in moral numbing which cannot be healed by mere parroting liberal morality about "love" and "fraternity."

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Sarah Jarosz on Inside the Musician's Brain

Winter Concealed Carry

Decline of an Imperial Military

Air Force Times

The March Continues

The Political System is a Farce


Working for Hallmark

We Can Guess What Their Position on Migration Is

Diet Stuff

Pope of the Supercouncil

Audience with participants in the meeting promoted by the National Catechetical Office of the Italian Episcopal Conference, 30.01.2021

Dr? No! Still at It

Monday, February 01, 2021

No, Everything Belongs to G*d

At this point I can see BG selling himself to the oligarchs to have his brand co-opted by them.


And Yet This Guy's Book Gets an Endorsement from Klaus Schwab

See here.

Sisterhood Über Alles

More Genetic Manipulation Because We Can!

But is the solution warranted or will it create worse problems? Time to stop playing g*d and use the natural healing methods we have available to us.

To Which We belong

Blatant Anti-Natalism

“For the goats that give birth every year, each and every year, that’s a lot of suffering in a way. Once, twice, three times. Just ask any woman on the planet if they’d want to have a child every year or every other year. It’s no life,” Ruelloux said in an interview for Les Pieds sur Terre, French public radio station France Culture’s flagship program.

Fear-Mongering for the Oligarchs

Are these real concerns? Maybe. But who will solve them? The state adn the oligarchs who run it?

Imperial Statists Will Continue Doing Their Thing

Act and respond accordingly.

Still Pushing for Research on Psychedelics (and Ultimately, Their Use)

Another Ad for Catholic Liberal Arts Education

Time runs short. A lot of devout Christians couldn't tell Rome was going to fall, either, nor did they prepare.

Crisis: The Last Dogfight For Our Children? by Kevin Wells

Divine Mercy Academy

Lord Have Mercy

2016 Photo Op: Did He Get Permission?


Demographic Replacement, CCP-Style

What a Joke

Would paleos be allowed to participate? Unlikely, and forget the real deplorables. The invitation is suffused with feminism and blue pilled social conservatism; anyone who writes, “Civilization, in the end, is formed by men and women 'locked together in argument,'” knows little about community-building (much less empire-building), and has nothing to offer to Reds in this existential crisis. At best, liberals (especially those who call themselves "conservatives") have been useful idiots for the state and its oligarchs.