Saturday, September 03, 2016

Zombie Comedy Made with Vets

including Tim Kennedy... Redband trailer after the jump


Why classify this as a girl power movie? Thoughts on the story based on the trailer: a woman (and by extension all women, since she is the only female character and the other characters are males) is portrayed as the communicator and the peacemaker, seeking to avoid war, while the men are belligerent towards each other and to the alien. Maybe the movie is not so dishonest as to make the cause of the (potential) conflict superficial, hatred based on just physical appearances alone (both other humans and the aliens).
Just found out today that Vivian 黎瑞恩 was divorced from her husband; has two tumors but I don't know how she is doing now. Thought she would have an easy life as 師奶, but apparently her husband was having an affair. She is currently (?) one of the hosts of TalkSoul.

Kyrie eleison.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Videos

Will this turn into a weekly feature on the blog?

What About Sensitivity for the Culture of White People?

In the Footsteps of Christopher Hitchens?

Kolkata will take a century to recover from Mother Teresa by Aroup Chatterjee

In Case You Were Wondering About Kolkata

How Kolkata Came To Be Calcutta — And Why It Went Back To Kolkata : Goats and Soda

One Last Post for PNAC for a While, I Hope

Program for the Papal Visit to Assisi

A Big Event for the Patriarchate of Rome

Latin Overreaching

Do the Knights of Malta Need an Ambassador to the Vatican?

It's not like they're Chile...

Trustworthy Recommendation or Advertising in Disguise

Albanian Temple

BBC-Approved Miscegenation Propaganda

Because the Grace Kelly story would be too white.

Friday, September 02, 2016

No Leader

Blue Force Gear Labor Day Weekend Sale

The Orthodox Have One Too

Went to the YCP event this week. Maybe some comments later.
Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen playing benefit to rebuild church destroyed on 9/11

Beale on Shapiro's Latest

When the lies fail

The series of posts responding to Ben Shapiro pushing the proposition nation has been good.

KIA Pushing the Narrative. Do the execs back in Korea care?

How Difficult to Shoot Down?

Do they expect the internet to remain a neutral means of communication available to all those with the capability to use it, or will it be policed in the future in accordance with their liberalism and cultural Marxism?

Chiesa: Diplomatic Spring Between Rome and Beijing. But for the Chinese Church It Is Winter

Baptisms are dropping off, vocations are collapsing. The numbers describe a Catholicism in full decline. And meanwhile the negotiation proceeds. Two revealing contributions from Cardinal Parolin

Top Ten American Civil War Songs by Stephen M. Klugewicz

A few of the union songs are examples of Christianity/religion subverted for jingoistic nationalism. Apparently the notion of American federalism had been lost from the understanding of many, such as Stephen Foster, and that probably wasn't the fault of non-British immigrants.

Not included in the list, that song by Major James Randolph, written after the war, I believe:

Solve 60

A Pan-Orthodox initiative: 60% of our youth leave orthodoxy. We're reversing the trend...

Caravaggio is Still a Favorite

Some Good Advice

VTAC Carbine

This or the BMC training carbine by Larry Vickers?

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

The band has quite a few American Catholic fans.

documentary website

Band website

MINI USA: Converged

The series.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


NBC SJW Silliness

Each successive fall season gets worse.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Carpenters, "Rainy Days And Mondays"

Playing Around with the Word Leadership

Three (more) reasons why Mother Teresa’s halo matters by John L. Allen Jr.

He May Have Money Now, But He's Irrelevant to the Future

Mark Zuckerberg.

Pope Francis has some face time with Facebook founder

"The couple said their goals in donating their funds would focus on “advancing human potential and promoting equality,” and would consist of several long-term investments made in areas such as health and education, while at the same time working to decrease inequality and use technology to bring about positive change."

Did the pope criticize their leftist SJW positions? If it is not appropriate to do so with those who are not Christian, then why bother to meet with him? Is the pope merely a celebrity or a political figure?

Dmitry Orlov on JHK's Podcast

KunstlerCast 280 — “150 Strong” with Dmitry Orlov

My Answer: It Depends on How Anti-American They Are

Or how much they hold up the 50s as some sort of standard with respect to culture.

Are Traditional Catholics “Weird”? by Peter Kwasniewski


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gaming the Results

The actress was cute to begin with so the short hair cut doesn't look so bad. (But it's still bad) On the average woman? It would be even worse. (The sort of hairstyle a SJW or a feminist would have.)

I should stop posting PNAC photos.

Saeguk Dramas

What's the Story Behind the Image?

Our Little Sister

Haruka Ayase!

Sony Pictures Classics

Learned of This Today

This happened in November of last year: Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Baptized With the Name of Panteleimon
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: “Do Not Fight, But Do Not Give Up!”

His clothing is more Chinese (or Northeast Asian) than Japanese...

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: I’m Not Afraid to Die, I’m Just Afraid I’m Not Worthy of God’s Love