Friday, July 12, 2013

As a child who grew up during the latter days of the Cold War (the 80s) and with memories of the trailer for the original Red Dawn, I would never have imagined that one day I would be cheering Russia against the USG.

Frustrating Snowden's Asylum Bid
RT TV Reports Snowden Has Accept Russian Asylum Offer
Fugitive Snowden to seek temporary asylum in Russia

Marriage and Procreation

How Will Future Historians Treat Same-Sex Marriage? by Patrick J. Deneen

Hatred of Nature: Hatred of Sex
What Next in the Marriage Debate?

Studio Ghibli Documentary

Twitch: New Documentary About Studio Ghibli Coming To Japan This Fall

"Regarding the use of the word 'Madness' in the title of her film, Sunada has given the following explanation: "I think that having a dream entails having a bit of madness, no matter what the profession. There are times when you will go to extremes, and times when you are feared by others for that.""

Or maybe it's just male single-mindedness.

Masculinity is not a Social Construction

Are traditionally masculine characteristics oppressive to boys?

I believe that Sunshine Mary has stated that she sees herself as an ally to the androsphere - her blog provides another place for men to teach and learn from one another.

The Most Reverend Bishop Athanasius Schneider - "Vatican II Must be Clarified" (June 27, 2013)

I don't follow Michael Voris and generally avoid his stuff, but I learned of this video from another blog (which has taken the post down for some reason) and since it features Bishop Athanasius, I am posting the interview.

Mark Mitchell on Scale

A Human Scale Future

Daniel McCarthy on Copperhead: Love Thy Neighborhood, Even in War

See the comment by Aaron Gross - can there be a community despite disagreement on important political questions?

John Milbank, The church offers a holistic solution to child poverty

The Economy Isn't Coming Back

How unchecked capitalism has brought world to the brink of apocalypse and what we must do now

Convergence: A Novel of a Catastrophic Future

Alan Jackson Does Bluegrass?

Bluegrass Today on his new bluegrass album.

The Importance of Localism

Why Americans Should Worry about China's Food Safety Problems

Shannon Hayes: Health Lessons from a Local Diet (and her take on paleo)

Joel Salatin on Work and Stewarship & Forgiveness Farming and Redemptive Work
Joel Salatin is also featured in Episode 157 of Greenhorn Radio (mp3).

A Wish

That Dr. Ralph Stanley will make a stop in Northern California for his farewell tour...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Warming Up to the Anglican Ordinariate?

Damian Thompson - Pope Francis embraces the Ordinariate – and increases its power to evangelise
This week it emerged that Francis has widened the remit of the Ordinariates in Britain, America and Australia. Until now, only ex-Anglicans and their family members could join the new body. But, thanks to a new paragraph inserted into the Ordinariate's constitution by Francis, nominal Catholics who were baptised but not confirmed can join the structure. Indeed, the Holy Father wants the Ordinariates to go out and evangelise such people. Put bluntly, this suggests that English bishops who wanted to squash the body – and whose allies were rushing to get to the new Pope in order to brief against it – have been thwarted.

Vatican Insider

Call for a Revolution in Agriculture by Wes Jackson

First Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures - Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Michael Pollan Fermentation Demo and Book Signing

At Sur la Table, in Palo Alto, on Saturday (7/13) at 2 P.M. - from his FB page.

An Acton Institute Associate at Ethika Politika

Localism, Globalization, and Moral Progress: An Orthodox Christian Appraisal by Dylan Pahman

Neoliberalism in disguise. Globalization is the manifestation and consequence of capitalism and neo-liberalism, the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few ([multinational] corporations).

While I acknowledge the dangers that can come from alienation between production and consumption, nevertheless I cannot support any imperative to “re-localize” the economy. First of all, we live in a globalized and globalizing world, and it is simply not possible to turn back time. Localism cannot and will not turn the tide of globalization. Second of all, as Solovyov points out, my infinite moral potential can achieve greater realization through the greater number of people to whom I am connected, and globalization connects me to more people. Third, economic cooperation between nations made possible through globalization, or the international division of labor, has proved to be an effective (though not sufficient) means of raising the quality of life of people all around the world, surely a sign not only of material progress but moral progress as well. Through specializing in what each locality can produce most efficiently to serve others around the world, more is available through trade at a lower cost for all. Perhaps paradoxically for some, such specialization increases efficiency and therefore sustainability.

What does he ignore? The dependence of the "global economy"/exploitation on cheap energy.

Special Operations Legacy

Granddaughter qualifies to follow in boot steps of Delta Force founder

She may be Paul Howe's daughter and Charlie Beckwith's granddaughter, but this is still part of a bad trend.


Heard some great contemporary Celtic music (and some traditional songs with a twist as well) last night at Don Quioxte's - RUNA. It was a spur of the moment decision made yesterday afternoon; I had been thinking of going to DQ's for Saturday's concert, featuring Windy Hill, McCoy Tyler Band, and Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra when I saw the information for RUNA. Windy Hill is embarking on a tour of the West Coast and a little bit beyond, and won't be back in SJ until August 27.

Found only one video on YT for RUNA - they deserve more attention!


First Episode of Get Out Alive

Not bad...

Paul Gottfried on Paleoconservatism



Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - Marty Stuart's Late Night Jam 2013

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A Relaxing Sunday

Made it to the house concert for Nora Jane Struthers and the Party Line this afternoon. Could have done with cooler weather (like what Nashville was experiencing last week), but it was a great event - friendly, fun atmosphere, good food, and we even got to preview the first cut of the MV for "Bike Ride."

A live performance of that song for WAMU: