Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Final Part of Defending the Family Castle

by Thomas Fleming

CCD Update


He has not been officially confirmed yet; if that happens will there be protests about the casting?

Find a Cherry Blossom Festival Near You

Courtesy of Anime News Network.


Thick, That is, Based on Liberal Values

C4SS: In Praise of “Thick” Libertarianism by Sheldon Richman

Ground Zero for Reform?

After the personnel change-up at Newman Hall, I was pleasantly surprised to see this event advertised on Facebook - Learn Chant with Fr. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B. at Newman Hall. It is an initiative of the Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship (FB). How many locals (Cal students and residents of Berkeley) will be in attendance? Those who have "progressed" beyond the liturgical traditions of the Roman rite may not have any reason to attend, but will they raise a stink about this?

I Thought of AA When I First Saw the Story

about Kwasi Enin. What "prestigious" [neo-]Yankee institution wouldn't want an intelligent African(-American) as one of their students for display? Everyone feels good as a result of the bargain, no?

Do Ivy League Schools Collude On Admissions? (iSteve)

Mr. Enin will appear on Letterman. CS Monitor. Heavy. Time.

New Patlabor Teaser

Still Chugging Along, the LCs

Life After RC: "Feel the competence"

TED as a Part of the MSM

Columnists for the NYT posing as teachers and prophets?

I stopped following Mark Bittman on FB for a reason... namely, because he adopted a more aggressive vegan stance, one that was hostile to paleo.

Post by TED.

Temple for St. Elias the Prophet Ukrainian Catholic Church Burns Down

Blaze destroys Ukrainian Catholic church in Brampton

The church's website.

Friday, April 04, 2014

A Great Weekend for Music

This post will take a while to load!

Emmylou Harris at the Warfield, Yonder Mountain String Band at the Fox Theater in Oakland, and Solas at F&S. (Solas will also be performing at Don Quioxte's on Sunday at 2 P.M.)

And on Sunday at the F&S, John Reischman and the Jaybirds, with guests Molly Tuttle and John Mailander. (Will their EP be on sale?) A short documentary on John Reischman and the Jaybirds.

Set 2

Nickel Creek will be on Prairie Home Companion tomorrow:


A BBC Drama on the East India Company

Ridley Scott to direct BBC TV drama

Standing Desk

Archie Fisher

Fr. Dwight Longenecker on St. Benedict

Carlene Carter

Della Mae on Yahoo

Nickel Creek on Soundcheck

An Ecumenical Gathering in Belmont

Catholic SF: We are called to be one’ by Valerie Schmalz
Ecumenical tradition continues in Belmont as archbishop, Orthodox prelate meet in prayer

A prayer service on April 8 at 7 P.M. with Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone and Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Gerasimos

Church of the Holy Cross - the service can be viewed online at its website.

Related: San Francisco Archbishop: Those dissenting from Church teachings shouldn’t receive Communion (VIDEO)

Shaun the Sheep

A Post-Constantinian Crisis

The decline in numbers is not solely a Latin phenomenon, alas.

Russell Shaw on Factions in the Church

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hubris... and the spread of the errors of the West...

A Local Hero

Joy After Sorrow

Why Would a "Conservative" Waste Time on This?

True Detective, Breaking Bad, I can understand. Maybe even Mad Men. But How I Met Your Mother?

A First Things writer has a post on the 'comedy' series. Engaging with [mass] culture? For what purpose? Are there limits to this enterprise, or is it just an attempt by "intellectuals" to get paid for doing little, rather than doing the heavy lifting of bringing about civic reform?

Sitcoms that promote fornication as a road to sex should be avoided - "good intentions" and all do not legitimize the story-telling or the indoctrination.

A TV Guide blogger on Monday's episode which was apparently such a disappointment to so many of the show's fans.

Catholic Social Teaching and Distributism

Pope Francis Needs Distributism by Arthur W. Hunt III
Americans and popes alike can embrace a humane alternative to modern capitalism.

The conservative case against capitalism The left's anxiety about concentrated wealth was anticipated almost a century ago — by the Catholic right By Michael Brendan Dougherty

Nickel Creek on Fallon

The Tonight Show



St. Mary of Egypt, Pray for Us!

And for American women...

Dalrock: Rationalizing sluttery as a path to marriage.

The Difference Between Men And Women. This Is Genius.

More on the New Union Army

Holding on to things like the following...

Official Recognition Down the Road?

NLM: Dominican Rite Missa Cantata in Rome by Gregory DiPippo
This Saturday, April 5th, the feast of St. Vincent Ferrer, the Fraternity of St. Peter’s Roman parish, Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini, will have a sung Mass in the Dominican Rite. The celebrant will be Fr Reginald Rivoire, a member of the Fraternity of St. Vincent Ferrer, an order who use the traditional Dominican liturgical books. The Procurator General of the Dominican Order will preach, and after the Mass, a relic of St Vincent will be presented for veneration, and water will be blessed in the Saint’s honor, in accordance with the long-standing custom of the Order.

What is the state of relations between the FSVF and the Dominicans? Is this the first time a "high-ranking" Dominican has officially been part of a FSVF liturgy?

Officials of the General Curia of the Friars
The Dominican Procurator General

Tomorrow, in NYC

Upcoming Conference with Roberto De Mattei and John Lamont

NLM: Solemn Vespers, Conference in NYC by William Riccio

Interview with Roberto de Mattei

What, We're Not Bonobos?

Post by TED.

Hey Jane, when we see other animals observing, researching, riting and teaching about other animals, let me know.

Wayfaring Strangers Cover

Edit 4/4. Apparently the post has been deleted. Was the cover supposed to be a surprise? Or are they rethinking it?

Marketing "Classical" Music

Is the group's name offensive to the women to whom they are being marketed?

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Published Yesterday, But Not an April Fool's Joke?

Japan's Biggest Organized Crime Syndicate Now Has Its Own Web Site and Theme Song


A PC Response in the Works?

On the heels of this post...

Wayfaring Strangers

"This is Spam"

Reporting it as such wouldn't be taken seriously though...

Post by TED.

Using their wealth for bad causes since...

The Zolla Boys

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tactical Kilt Now Back

Interview with Fr. Fessio

Leadership School?

The New Sensitive Union Army

The Haden Triplets

Monday, March 31, 2014


Someone will be complaining about this.

I Like Bluegrass, But...

Is this going too far?

Performances of bluegrass Mass scheduled in Shelby

Is it enough?

VDare: Democrat Suggests Immigration Patriots Should Support “Patriotic Capitalism”—German-Style Codetermination

I hope family stress isn't affecting her too much.

Soompi: Jang Yoon Jung Stepping Down from Programs Due to Pregnancy, Hyorin to be Guest MC on “Challenge 1000 Songs”

More from Greydanus on Noah

His initial article...

Everyone Chill Out About the Noah Movie!
A Theological Reflection

Rod Dreher at Eighth Day Books

View from Your Table

Crusading and Chivalry

Crusading as a knightly deed

Crusading as a knightly deed: How far do the works of Jean of Joinville and James I of Aragon depict crusading as an integral part of chivalry in the thirteenth century?

By Stephen Bennett

Thomas Fleming on the Family and the Family Home

Defending the Family Castle: Parts 1, 2, and 3

Unconventional Agriculture

Such wisdom.