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Shawn Ryan Interviews Mike Ritland, Part 1


If Burke is being used to promote civic nationalism and "national community," maybe it's time to leave Burke to the professional conservatives and start referring to other authorities for the tradition which we wish to pass along.

Devolution by Max Brooks

Penguin/Random House

Max Brooks discusses new horror novel ‘Devolution’ with Northwest Passages Book Club

Books Connect Us
Sasquatch Chronicles
Seattle Public Library
Wizard World Virtual Experiences

One-Person Economies


Lord Have Mercy

John Colet

Imaginative Conservative

Colet’s life and learning represent Catholic humanism at its finest. He advocated for such reforms in education as the soundest minds of his day also desired, and gave real impetus to the study of the Greek language, which was then seen by certain more cautious authorities as too powerful an intoxicant. He knew the value of learning and—unlike more than a few intellectuals—he knew also the limits of its advantages. So much we find in one of his surviving letters to Erasmus, in which he writes, “Of books and learning there is no end; but there is nothing better in this short life than to live purely and holily, to strive daily after perfection and enlightenment, as these books teach us; but that can only be done by a tender love and imitation of Jesus Christ.”

Would it be unfair to criticize the Christian humanists for failing to appreciate Greek theology on its own terms and as a proper inheritance from Hellenism, and instead of focusing too much on the pagan Greeks (and Latins)?

Redefning the Modern Military

U.S. Naval Institute

Blog Talk Radio ep 449

Army U Press
Real Clear Defense
Air University (AU)

Colin Macleod and Julie Fowlis: "Dream"

Bulgarian Folk Dance

Something Different

Albert Jay Nock on Self-Government

Imaginative Conservative

The Imaginative Conservative

Save Our Soil


Chesterton Quote

Go train.

The Flip Side of Everyone is a Child of God

There needs to be a easy to use name for this... some sort of "univeralism"?

Another Review of Luke Sheahan's Why Associations Matter

Law and Liberty

Again, I am not impressed by the arguments of the book -- if one needs to read into the First Amendment a protection of "association" and "community" in order to get the Constitution to be aligned to a liberty or right that is fundamental and which exists prior to the Constitution, then we have a problem, not just with how the Constitution is read but with the system claiming to be based upon it.

From Paul Horwitz's review:
There is no textual federal constitutional right to freedom of association. Like the right to privacy, it is a creature of judicial doctrine—and often an ill-fitting one at that. One major hurdle involves the dualistic architecture that guides the courts. On one side stands the individual, “abstracted from his social context in associations and institutions, the communities of belief and action in which he is actually found.” On the other stands the state: “monolithic in power and reach, absolute in sovereignty.” That does not mean social activities are unprotected. But the measure of their rights largely involves individual claims on one side and asserted state interests on the other. The conceptual space between them remains mostly empty, despite all the meaning-making activity that we know occurs there.
At least Sheahan admits this:
To fulfill that function, associations need the freedom to insist on their own central tenets and to form their own rules of inclusion and exclusion (at least as long as there is a right of exit). They should not be forced to follow what political theorist Nancy Rosenblum calls “the logic of congruence,” under which “the internal life and organization of associations [must] mirror liberal democratic principles and practices.”
Whether he would admit communities may choose to exclude and include according to "illiberal" principles, I do not know. It is unlikely that he would support communities to exclude not only from their meetings or buildings, but also from their territory. I assume that Sheahan still concedes sovereignty resides in the states, because who has not been indoctrinated to do so? But I don't plan on getting the book. But Horwitz does reveal:
And although much of the book is aimed at undoing the decision in Martinez, Sheahan would draw the line at racially exclusive associations, while allowing student clubs to exclude on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. There are reasonable arguments that race is different and historically unique. But they are hard to sustain. And it is harder still to argue that judges are qualified to say that government has a compelling interest in combating racial discrimination within universities, but not gender or sexual orientation discrimination.

So Sheahan has to maintain respectability or is a true believer in (forced) integration.

City of God Podcast with Joseph Bottum

City of God

Edwardian Architecture

Co would like this.

The Biggest Nuke

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Wild Grass

Allan Carlson on the Collapse of the Family

A consequence of the loss of patriarchy.

Fatherless & Childless by Allan C. Carlson
Dereliction of Duty Inside & Outside the Church

The Sort of Solidarity that the State Can Endorse


The alternative Mommsen offers is just as false as the "false solidarities of today’s identity politics on both the right and the left" he decries (erroneously). His appropriation of John Paul II's Sollicitudo rei socialis is also incorrect. Mommsen's version of solidarity is no threat to the state and is just more ineffectual utopian liberalism disguised as "Christianity." That all are called to be children of God is insufficient by itself to erase all legitimate ethnic and cultural differences that exist, and those differences are only strengthened through identity politics and cannot be eliminated even by violence. Supernatural solidarity in Christ does not require or even logically entail political solidarity and unity under one political authority. Mommsen's proposal, in so far as he takes his political claims as an extension of Christianity as a moral necessity, is a counterfeit Gospel.

A Career... Bureaucrat?

Robert Nisbet's Conservatism

Imaginative Conservative


Children of Ash an Elm

Basic Books

We Are Weimar?

More Losing with Liberalism

Use their standards against them! Because they will listen to reason!

Maybe they should have included: keep a lawyer on retainer once you start running into trouble. Or: choose your college or university carefully.

First Things

Claiming the Center

A Lukewarm Defense

Orthodox Times

This paragraph could have been worded better:
The Orthodox Church elevates woman as a person by giving her a vital role in the development of young people and their presence in society. Contrary to timeless perceptions and realities, which want women to be marginalized, the Church suspends any discrimination between the sexes by considering men and women as equal members of a Body, endowed with the same spiritual gifts and with a common goal of Communion with God.

Discrimination needs to be defined, as well as justice. The prohibition against women being ordained to the presbyterate is a "just" one, and not discrimination according to the most popular meaning of "the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex."

The uniqueness of the woman and the functions she performs in the Church make her undoubtedly a member equal to the man. In Orthodoxy, respect for individuality is a fundamental principle. Thus, the concept of equality is not used within Orthodoxy, whether the concept of equality between the two sexes, between persons is being supported. The fact that women are excluded from the sacrament of the priesthood, means in no way a devaluation of the Woman, as some want to see it. Priesthood is not an ecclesiastical profession, nor is it of a formal or customary nature. It is a Mystery instituted by Jesus Christ himself, given by Him only to the Apostles and to the successors of their work, the Men-Clergy. Why this possibility was given only to males is interpreted humanely as due to purely practical and biological reasons. Man, after all, is called with faith – trust in Him to accept and live the divine truths and actions. This fact, however, does not detract from the value of the woman as a person. After all, the possibility of sainthood exists freely and equally in both sexes. Let us not forget the following: The body has many parts and each part has its own mission, which with its value and uniqueness contributes to the overall harmony.

Purely practical and biological reasons? Why should mere biology matter, unless differences in "biology" are tied to other differences between men and women?

A Polemic Against Constantinople

It's not 100% unjustified, but the jockeying for power (which the MP does as well) is scandalous to non-believers.

Mark G. Brennan on the Loss of Intellectual Freedom

Jason Peters on Christopher Lasch

Gen. Jon Bolduc

The Future of Irregulat Warfare

Is It?

Just for Show?

This is Latin Integralism

This is "Conservatism"

Jerry Salyer Reviews The Vanishing Tradition

CWR: New book ponders the continuity (and conservatism) of today’s conservative movement
A Review of The Vanishing Tradition, edited by Paul Gottfried.

Cornell University Press

More Girl Power - This Time Sherlock Holmes Has a Sister

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The Eight Hundred

And There's a Girl Archer...

but otherwise, Fall of a Kingdom might be good B-movie.

Terrorists, Anarchists, and Republicans

Princeton U. Press

Endorsing versus Demanding

Endorsing a politician is just a bit more of an overreach than advocating certain legislation or government policies. Who said bishops were competent to do either? The jeopardy of non-profit status notwithstanding, why shouldn't a cleric, as a private individual or even as a member of a political community, have a voice as to whom he would choose in a political election, so long as he makes it clear that this is just his private opinion, it is not a binding teaching with canonical consequences if people don't follow it, etc.? Those in his church would have to make a judgment as to whether his opinion on such matters matter, even if they do not have the habit of doing so.

Is This Rabbinical/Talmudic Judaism

Perilous Bounty Discussion

Bloomsbury and the author's website.


Leonard Lopate, WBAI Radio

The goop Podcast (

Connect the Dots

Texas Standard article

The solution:

One Taxonomy

Robb Wolf on the Paleo Diet

Benchmade Bugout

Another Movie for an Agenda

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Regeneration International Review of Sacred Cow

Ivan Illich

Know Your History

Another NuAmerican at work.

Another Disappointment

Apparently he doesn't really know what the common good is. Being subject to the same state power and having that as the only commonality is not a foundation for the common good or having a common identity. Given the psychologically conditioning imposed on UKers with respect to guns, of course he would respond this way and not only that, think the UK is more civilized. What happened to the free peoples of the UK?

Not a Good Way to Advertise How "American" You Are

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Ma and Pa Kent Reunion Movie

Let Him Go may have to do until the next season of Yellowstone.

Keeping to a Prayer Rule

LTC Dave Grossman on the Patrick Coffin Show

Because Women's Cricket is Necessary for Civilization

As long as they don't expect men to subsidize their activity, they can do whatever they want.

Animal-Based Nutrition

Canon 747

If Canon 747 §1 and §2 apply to the Church as a whole, and not just to the bishops, then the canon taken by itself does not imply any sort of Latin integralist theory regarding the authority of the bishops (or the pope) in relation to the political community. As it stands the canon does not tell us what qualifications are needed to "announce moral principles, even about the social order, and to render judgment concerning any human affairs insofar as the fundamental rights of the human person or the salvation of souls requires it." Not all Latins are experts in moral theology, and this is true of Latin bishops as well. And a knowledge of the basic laws or commandments of God does not guarantee that one can reason well from them to derive secondary, positive human legislation or even policy positions.

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Seeing a Theme Today

How "liberalism" that is "conservatism" is insufficient to respond to adherents of the new woke religion.

More valuable advice in the following than the same-old liberalism of professional conservatives like Robert George, who would have you charge from your trench across No Man's Land.


As a "principle" of Roman Catholic social teaching, solidarity by itself it is insufficient to elaborate a systematic moral theology. We should diligere all with caritas, but that doesn't entail that we should diligere all equally. An essay like this cannot be systematic, given the limits of length, nor should it have attempted to cursorily mention difficult moral problems as if solidarity (or caritas) could tell us what to do.

Solidarity Means Giving Yourself by Sister Dominic Mary Heath, OP
Can a cloistered nun help a hurting world?

Guess What the Lyrics Mean

I'll listen to this instead...

What Is the Source of the New Woke Religion?

Protestant Christianity? Secularized Yankee culture? Something else?

At the moment I am dubious of genealogies that put the blame on American Protestant culture, even if such a polemic is convenient for Latin apologists.


A discussion by two NuAmericans:

Thanks to the Oligarchy

Factory Farming Poses a Pandemic Risk

Allan Savory Has a New Book on the Way

P226 Legion SAO

A True Believer or Protecting the Band?

Assisting the convergence of the UK Army/military is not something to be proud of.

Celebrations of an Anniversary by a Converged Military of a Dying Empire

Perfumed princes in charge of a bureaucracy? Or do they really "care"?

This is What Oligarchy Does

Insane Trade

Part 2 of the Interview with Dale Bredesen

Spot the Virtue-Signalling

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Tactical Horsemanship Course

The Professional

Political Liberty Requires Economic Liberty

And republicanism requires agrarianism.

More Advocacy of Mass Politics

Modern Age

Can conservatives get state governments to give money directly to parents? I doubt it. Even if they take over local state boards, their schools would still have to follow state mandates regarding standards and content. (See, for example, California, and its imposition of Rainbow values through public educatio.)

Remaking Great Britain

No public discussion of getting rid of this, but someone is probably thinking of it, and would like to do so.

Chuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier in the X-1, 1947

Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia

Dunbar Number

Eastern Christian Books: An "Eastern" Christology?

Eastern Christian Books: An "Eastern" Christology?

Liberation theology that is grounded in the Eastern Church Fathers?

Herald Press: Jesus of the East: Reclaiming the Gospel for the Wounded by Phuc Lu - Google Books