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Trailer for The Wind Rises 風立ちぬ

Hayao Miyazaki's movie about the creator of the Mitsubishi Zero.

AICN: 4-Minute Trailer for Miyazaki's THE WIND RISES!!!



A Milestone for the FSSP

The New Sherwood has a post on the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of the FSSP (the anniversary of its official establishment as a society of apostolic life is in in October): Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter turns 25

There is a fundraiser for the society.
Confraternity Plans 25th Anniversary Pilgrimage to Italy in October

The American ordinations from a few months ago:

Paul Who?

How long before the majority of the youth in this country are ignorant of the historical figure at the center of this commercial?

Nothing Going on with the LCs?

Life after RC: Disappointment and concern and Connecticut Magazine
James Howard Kunstler's old posts are still available to be viewed at the old blog url, but his new website has been unveiled, and new posts will be shown at the main page.

Two Responses to Obama's Press Conference Today

Re: the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial

the nuAmConMag
Steve Sailer

The Thinking Housewife

Gaelic Psalm Singing

From the isle of Lewis.

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Fr. Nick Schneider on Liturgy

Chant Cafe: "Liturgy" as "Public Work" and "Opus Dei" - The Impact of Properly Understanding the Term

Boa, "Between Heaven and Hell"

BoA 보아_Between Heaven and Hell

From the OST for the drama Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus (상어). (The series is not yet available on hulu?)

Son Yeh Jin 손예진 has gotten older, but she is still quite attractive. Someone I know didn't like her because she thought Son Yeh Jin was a bit self-absorbed, but aren't most celebrities like that? (Even Kim Ha Neul, no doubt.) I enjoy listening to her speak... which isn't true probably of most female Kpop idols, on the other hand.

Former Miss Korea Honey Lee also stars in the drama.

Edit. The drama is available on hulu. It's just not listed on the Google search results yet.
Copperhead opens in various theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area tomorrow - we are being encouraged to watch it opening weekend to give the release a push. It's a busy weekend for me, but I may try to see the movie tomorrow morning or on Sunday. Here is The Pittsford Perennialist's review.

Looking for a Quebecois Fix

If I had a Sirius XM subscription I would listen to Sur La Route, if available. (I first heard it in a rental car several Christmases ago.) Are there any internet radio sites for [traditional] Quebecois music?

Sur La Route

Aristotle and the American Founding

Happiness: Did the Greeks and the Founders Share a Definition? by Bradley J. Birzer

Who of the founding fathers understood happiness as an activity in accordance with virtue? And regarding the social nature of man, did they accept what this entailed with regards to natural relations and the importance of communal life?
Someone mentioned Fr. William Young in conversation the other evening, and the name sounded familiar - I thought he was associated with the EF in San Francisco, and he was. While I was looking for more information, I asked why he wasn't celebrating the EF at Star of the Sea (the liturgy there is celebrated by the pastor of Star of the Sea, Fr. Mark Mazza, who was asked to do so by Archbishop Cordileone). Apparently Fr. Young celebrates the EF in Sausalito on weekdays and San Rafael on Sundays.

A video taken at Star of the Sea:

Some photos from the preparatory meetings at Star of the Sea.

Allan Carlson on Capitalism

Economic Smackdown!: ‘Porchers’ vs. ‘Austrians’

"So, what is the alternative? Here, I lay out the argument of Wilhelm Roepke, advocate of the Humane Economy."

FEE - The Arena: Capitalism

Anamnesis: William Cavanaugh's "Killing For The Telephone Company," A Critique by Thomas Storck
I will try to respond to this shortly.

Extraenvironmentalist Episode #63: Next US Revolution (hi/low)
With a media ecosystem focused almost entirely the corporate system, burgeoning elements of a new economy revolution escape the mainstream eye. As our political systems stagnate in the face of ecological, energy and social crises, can an alternative to capitalism develop over the next few decades? Do ongoing experiments in money, society and energy have the ability to coalesce into a broader cultural shift?

In Extraenvironmentalist #63 we talk about the growing network of institutions and businesses that are forming the new economic revolution in the United States with historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz. Gar describes the ideas in his new book, What Then Must We Do: Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution. Then we hear from two of Italy’s leading economists Stefano and Vera Zamagni about the civil society model of a market economy.

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The Oil Drum is shutting down. But older posts will still be available as an archive. What more can be said at this point, other than refutations of those who continue to attempt to debunk peak oil? What we should be doing, and should have started doing, is transition away from a fossil fuel-dependent economy. But we love our luxuries.

Herman Daly on Our Jobs Problem

Full Employment Versus Jobless Growth

The Extraenvironmentalist: Growth or Progress?

Timothy Noone on the Pope's Latin Twitter Account

CNA: Philosopher lauds Pope's thriving Latin Twitter account by Carl Bunderson


Daniel McInerny on Contemplation

What It Means to Be a Contemplative in the Middle of the World

Contemplation isn't just for monks, it's for everyone

Recent Theological Opinion on Infused Contemplation (from the last century)

A Russian Orthodox Church in Hong Kong

Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Hong Kong

The use of Chinese screens for the iconostasis reminds me of the inculturation exhibited by the Opus Dei chapel in Hong Kong as well.

Byzantine, Texas: A Russian response to an exclusively Hellenic South East Asia

Who can mediate disputes over canonical territory?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Language of the Readings

The position of certain Roman-rite traditionalists:

FIUV Position Paper: Latin Lections
In Defense of Preserving Readings in Latin

From the second:
'Put differently, it is not equivalent to do the readings in Latin and in the vernacular, because the former, as perfected and fixed over time, is for us the very language of formal liturgy, while the latter is a diverseand ever-changing medium of ordinary communication.'

But is it a language (as opposed to sounds) if the hearer does not understand it? "Objectively" it may be a language but subjectively, no. If lay people in general understood Latin, such an argument would be applicable.

Both papers deserve a longer response.

Maybe I would have held to this position initially; the compromise of having the readings in both languages (with the vernacular being read before the homily) seemed to be redundant and perhaps dumb. Such a compromise seems also to be concession that the proponents for the readings being in the vernacular may be right. Is Latin necessary for the integrity of the liturgy, to its character as worship? I don't think so. Repeating the readings also seems to break up the 'rhythm' of the liturgy, even more so than the homily itself.

If the sentiment that the readings should be in Latin only is strong in certain communities, then it seems unlikely that they would be willing to compromise or admit of legitimate liturgical changes. How widespread is this opinion in the world of the EF?

For the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and my Carmelite friends... the trailer for No Greater Love:

Ignatius Press

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Parish as a Focal Point for Localism

Faith Communities, Foodsheds, and the Future by Carolyn Baker

What is the relationship of the parish to the political community (assuming that there is one)? Is the parish a part of, or manifestation of the latter? Or is it separate from it? (Or above it?) How does the order of charity play out, especially during a long emergency? Is the parish just a service/charity organization to be used by the state or its "neighbors"?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Roman Concrete

Fr. V told us while we were visiting Pompey (a decade ago?) that we had not yet learned the Roman recipe to concrete. I think it was also claimed that their mortar was superior, too, as they needed less of it to hold their bricks together.

Secrets of Ancient Roman concrete revealed

Rhonda Vincent and Willie Nelson Sing a Duet

The song will be on her next album... Rhonda and Willie sing sweet music

U.S. Trailer for The Grandmaster

Tony Leung And Ziyi Zhang Gracefully Beat That Ass In New Trailer For Wong Kar-Wai's THE GRANDMASTER!