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Metanoia? As used here and in the texts of the liturgy?

OCAMPR Conference 2015: Barriers in the Heart #myOCN

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But the USG Won't Do This

At least no now. What about the next administration? If they fail to act and more acts of terror, will there be a backlash against those in government who were negligent? Defeating Domestic Jihad: A Program of Action by Srjda Trifkovic

Another CD

The Christmas album, “Byzantine Ark- Nativity of God Incarnate,” is a compilation of hymns from the Orthodox Church.

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Chop! That trauma will have an impact on future cooking.

Day of recollection seemed to go well at least.

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I Said It Would be a Mixed Bag

The Vatican study sSeminar on women and work -- looks like another attempt to formulate Catholic feminism, using the John Paul II as cover. Erika Bachiochi cites the press release, which gives the topics for discussion, which includes the following introduction:

Today it is necessary to recognise the important role women play both in public life, for building structures that are richer in humanity, and in family life, for the wellbeing of the family itself and the education of children. Starting from this premise, the Seminar’s goal will be to discuss causes and consequences of today’s dichotomy between family demands and the organization of work. Furthermore, the meeting will seek to analyse and consider paths to leave behind the “either-or” dilemma in which too many women find themselves today, and to propose innovative solutions towards a “one and the other” answer that combines the demands of work and the demands of family life. Proposals will be considered in favour of a greater appreciation of women's work, so that discriminations that women workers still face – like penalization of motherhood and disparity of salaries – might be overcome. Also, there will be analysis of how to bring to light the irreplaceable service that only feminine genius can offer to humanity, for the growth of each person and the building of society.

The list of topics is at the end of the press release.

Before cheap energy and the industrial revolution, women's work was primarily a support role for their husbands and family, whether on the farm or artisan production or the performing of a trade. What was once common, a disparity of salaries to give the advantage of men supporting families, is now seen as unjust (though this is not explicitly stated so in the press release). As for the role women play in public life, it is a very truncated vision of public life, what passes for "public" life in the modern nation-state, mostly bureaucratic work and participation in institutions acceptable to the modern nation-state.

On this issue I expect the Latin churches to continue to make ineffectual noise until reality makes it all irrelevant.

An international seminar on Women and Work takes place in Rome on December 4th and 5th organised by the Pontifical...

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Of Course He Gave His Support

Pope Francis has gave his support to a two-day International Workshop on “Women and Work” taking place in Rome beginning Friday.

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Perfumed Princes Everywhere

Instead of doing the honorable thing and resigning...

Extraordinary Jubilee Events

The countdown continues to the Jubilee of Mercy which officially opens on the 8th of December.In the second of a four...

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The SJWs in the National Government Continue Their Quest

Pentagon chief to military: Open all combat jobs to women

Not a peep of opposition from the USCCB or the Military Archdiocese, I bet. They deserve no vocations.

A lot of people need a reality check.

Sant' Egidio Needs to Go Away, Too

Watch as the Colosseum is lit up to celebrate the abolition of the death penalty in Nebraska.

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America Magazine: Irrelevant to America

Repeal the Second Amendment
February 25, 2013 Issue
The Editors

(via MOJ)

How many donors does it take to keep this Jesuit waste of paper and electricity afloat?

The Pilgrim Centre Opens

The Pilgrim Centre for the Jubilee of Mercy opened on Tuesday.

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At Least They Probably Won't Be Imprisoned

Five South Korean Catholic bishops left for Pyongyang on December 1, to discuss repairs to North Korea’s Changchung Cathedral and expanding interactions between South and North Korean Catholics.

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Is This a Neutral Act?

Here is the Flickr feed from Caritas Internationalis with photos from their campaign to raise awareness about the...

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Civil war in Ukraine has left some 3 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Caritas Internationalis is...

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Clean Up Your House First

'Let Us Permanently Be in State of Mission,' Say PopeSpeaking to Plenary Assembly of Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, Urges to Announce Joy of Gospel to All

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More Luther on the Way

Hey, look who's back!And with a trailer no less...

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I Don't Care for the PTSD Interpretation

of Macbeth's behavior, but I will watch the movie.

A film version of MACBETH, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, directed by Justin Kurzel? Oh yes, bring it...

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Give Me...

The Problem With Liberty: A Warning to Conservatives by Patrick J. Deneen

Francesca Aran Murphy Responds to the Core Curriculum Review Committee Report

Weak Goals at Notre Dame

Early Music Singers Tonight

Early Music Singers: Spanish Motets and Songs
December 2, 2015 -
7:30pm to 9:00pm
Memorial Church

William Mahrt directs the Early Music Singers’ program of a cappella works from Encina, Morales, Guerrero, Victoria, and others.

Coca Cola: Why Corporations are Our Enemies

There is a Coke commercisl featuring a mom giving her young son some cokes so he can use them as an icebreaker to talk to a young girl at a dance. It played before a movie last month; I can't find it online, so I don't know how old it is. Where's the father to tell his son to man up or gie him some age-appropriate advice? nowhere to be seen. Instead, the boy is taught to offer the girl a drink. How beta is that?
And moms can feel like they can take dad's by purchasing a product for their sons to use, rather than giving him the proper guidance. What a joke.

And then there's its #MakeItHappy campaign...

Looking at the channel and its advertising in different languages, Coca Cola Global is spreading "sweet American goodness" around the world and the modern distorted notion of Christmas, focused exclusively on family. (And of course none of the Spanish commercials feature non-whites.)

What we need for the holiday movie season...

Two movies pushing the LGBQTXYZ agenda... Carol and Danish Girl. The distributors may claim that it is only a matter of timing but there is probably something more insidious to it. Of course there are no criticisms of the age disparity between the two female characters.

MS: Carol and Danish Girl

Of course the SJWs love Carol.
Carol: the women behind Patricia Highsmith's lesbian novel
Forbidden Love: The passions behind Patricia Highsmith’s “The Price of Salt.” By Margaret Talbot
Happily ever after, at last: Patricia Highsmith on the inspiration for Carol
Cate Blanchett reveals 'many' past relationships with women

Lee Young Ae on Saimdang, Herstory

Lee Young Ae is simply amazing 󾬐

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Nam Bora in Hanbok


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Good Luck

For those of you at a certain age, you know when all your friend's FB posts are about their babies? Yeah, that's what Bada is feeling.

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Korean Catholic celebs generally are poor poster children for Catholicism; they love being in the entertainment industry too much.

Psy Won't Be Able to Top Himself

Aww... but a collab between Michael Bublé and PSY would be epic 󾮗

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PSY owning. Do you think "Daddy" can top "Gangnam Style"?

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The 6th graders have been reading Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. Though they are getting older, they still had a visceral reaction of disgust to Deza Malone kissing Bud. Without the physiological and consequent psychological consequences of puberty, would human beings be motivated to have sex? Or would they still find intimate physical contact with members of the opposite sex repellent?

(How much of children's showing of affection to their parents through kissing merely imitation of adult behavior or following their request? And how much of their later revulsion related to natural modesty?)

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A Photo of the Icon Would Be Better

Pope Francis on Monday visited Rome’s Basilica of St Mary Major to pray at the ancient icon of Our Lady known as Salus Populi Romani and offer thanks for the happy outcome of his first pastoral visit to Africa.

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Restore the Sarum Rite

Every year on the first of December, the students of the Venerable English college in Rome go into the chapel and sing...

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Russia May Support It, But the UN Probably Won't Approve It

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago asks Political Leadership to recognize genocide, and initiate the United...

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I was thinking about the movie Suffragettes, and how those women needed a vigorous reaction, one that was not forthcoming as they did not live in a true republic but in an oligarchy. How much more unlikely is there to be any sort of wide-scale pushback now, when the government and men in the cities are even bigger white knights. However, what will happen with the next generation or two of men, and the possible advent of a new barbarism? How will the men of the future resort to a physical challenge from women, especially if other responses are not available to them yet, like shaming and ostracisation?

BBC Archive

Not Posting This for Thanksgiving

but for the report Rod Dreher gives about his mission church: Thanksgiving 2015: Gratitude for Fathers

How Catholic is that part of Louisiana? Is there anyone there who is non-Catholic but would be interested in (Slavic) Byzantine Christianity? How much inculturation has been done at the mission church? The challenges of thriving and growing face most if not all Byzantine churches in the United States, both Orthodox and Catholic alike.

Energy Transition Show: Transition from Oil

Podcast - download (Resilience)

Just words...

What about the actions of the administration and of the university president? Draft report of Notre Dame's Core Curriculum Review Committee (via MOJ)

Who will evangelize the Catholic children...

6th grader in response to my question: "I know what sin is! I went to Catholic school!"

Abbeville Institute Podcast Episode 2


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Not My History

Pilgrim Myths and Legends By Carey Roberts

More of the Catholic spin on Christmas:
The Catholic Origins of Thanksgiving
Michael Voris

Gavin McInnes being Gavin McInnes

Chris Stapleton

Stapleton By Brion McClanahan

website, FB, and Twitter

Fr. Schall Reviews Fr. Spitzer's Latest Book

Fr. Spitzer's Brillian Examination of the Whole of Reality

I Expect a Mixed Bag

 Pontifical Council of the Laity - Press release: Study Seminar Women and Work

MOJ: Women and Work at the Vatican
MOJer Lisa Schiltz and I will be at a conference in Rome this weekend, sponsored by the Pontifical Council of the Laity-Women's division. Lisa will be among the 15 speakers from around the world (and I among the 80 participants). Lisa is on a panel discussing how to reconcile work and family commitments. Helen Alvare and Endow Founder, Terry Polakovic, are also speaking from the US. Other papers include discussion of neurological and psychological research on the differences between the sexes, women in leadership, care ethics, and educating girls. My favorite title is: "Women Work and They Have Always Done So," offered by the married Italian economists Stefano and Vera Zamagni.

Is anyone going to lament the loss of the domestic economy, or criticize the encroachment of women on male spaces?

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Pope Tawadros II to Visit Jerusalem

Pravmir: Head of Egyptian Copts to visit Jerusalem for first time in 35 years


I haven't looked at the list yet but Lee Young Ae better be on it!

Who is the fairest hanbok beauty of them all?

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