Saturday, February 01, 2014

More on the Benedict XVI Institute

New Liturgical Movement: The Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music - Guest Article by Roseanne T. Sullivan

Michael Pollan Clarifies His Position on Paleo

Interview at Paleo Movement.
Tonight is the first full Techno Contra dance experience in San Francsico. A successful hybrid? Or something that ruins the spirit of Contra?

From an event in Santa Barbara:

AmCon: Why Is Jane Austen So Popular? by Micah Mattix
NPR: American Beer Fans, Praise The Heavens: A Trappist Brewery In U.S. (via Tea at Trianon)

Watched Chris Pine pretending to be Jack Ryan, because of family. Wouldn't have gone otherwise. Westminster Cathedral may be beautiful but it is no substitute for an actual Russian cathedral.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Powerhouse Bluegrass Music Couple?

Happy Lunar New Year.

Someone in the neighborhood just lit some firecrackers. That was rather ghetto for this part of the South Bay, though East Asians (Chinese in particular) make up a sizable percentage of the city's population. Even the Chinese would probably mind having their sleep disturbed. Are there complaints when St. Thomas Aquinas rings its bells for Christmas and Easter Vigil Masses?

I don't really celebrate the Western New Year; I'm even farther removed from CNY. Some early Christians (like St. Augustine) frowned upon the celebration of the Roman New Year, even ignoring it. Should those Christians who live under the lunar calendar adopt the same attitude? Certainly there is much superstition that surrounds the celebration of the New Year in East Asia, and many practices embody these beliefs even if many no longer pay attention to the meaning.

Edit. In the morning I heard some more firecrackers in the vicinity of a school in St. Clare's city - I couldn't figure out where they might have been lit. I don't know of any East Asian businesses in that area.

Photos: The Independent
The Guardian

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pope Francis Condemns Usury

Zenit: Pope Denounces Usury as Inhuman

Any criticism of unproductive loans, especial in the home real estate market, forthcoming?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Got That Out of the Way

This afternoon I went to Popeye's because of its Tuesday specials. On the window of the store was a sign advertising the 2 pc. chicken only special, and inside the store there was another sign for the 2 pc. chicken combo. The last time I went to Popeye's I think I was visiting one of my sisters - at least 7 or 8 years ago? At the time I remember thinking that it was better than KFC, but that was also before I started eating better. Just a few weeks ago I visited the Jollibee (a Filipino chain, but started by Chinese Filipinos) at Great Mall (that night I got a flat, before watching American Hustle). I had wanted to try Popeyes again as I had forgotten what the quality and taste of its chicken was like.

The Popeyes chicken had a peculiar taste, not quite gamey. I get a similar taste with KFC sometimes, especially recently. A chemical aftertaste? It made me think of preservatives or formaldehyde (not that I've tasted formaldehyde). Is that taste worth the price? Not really. The chicken is like KFC's crispy, coming in mild and spicy flavors. (I should have tried the spicy in addition to the mild.) I still prefer KFC's original recipe, even though I've been dissatisfied with the chicken the last 3 times I've gotten it at KFC. Probably won't be going back to Popeyes any time soon, even though the price of the Tuesday special might be enticing to Asians (usually Popeye's is more expensive than KFC or Jollibee).

Chipotle may become the default fast food
place. May go again this week. (Last time was several weeks ago, the weekend right before the wedding. I've only been to Chipotle once or twice before that, when the local store first opened, and there was a coupon available.)

I haven't been to 99 Chicken for a while, and I can't find the will to pay for a visit to the local Chicken Bon Chon. Even though 99 Chicken has raised its prices again, the prices are probably still not as bad as CBC.

A negative review of American Hustle.

Food for a Finite Planet

Sarah Elton, Consumed - U. of Chicago Press

The Next Chapter podcast
Swallow Daily

An Ecumenical Concert by Cappella Romana


For today's memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas:

Time to Go to Kinokuniya

Contestant on Top Shot.

Drinking Games for the SOTUA 2014

Daily Caller
Drinking Game

Extraenvironmentalist Interview with John Michael Greer

Episode #72 // Green Wizardry - hi/lo

Monday, January 27, 2014

But where are the photos of the Christian sites?

The Guardian: Syria's heritage in ruins: before-and-after pictures

Recommendations from the Folks at CiRCE Institute

That Awkward Moment

A comedy about guys (and their 'relationships') that's supposed to 'keep it real,' but featuring Zac Effron? More Hollywood bullsh*t catering to women.

Pope Francis spoke out once again about the importance of the "feminine genius.” This time, before a large delegation from the Italian Women's Center, a women's association, which closed their yearly national gathering at the Vatican.
During his speech, the Pope reminded them that society and the labor force need a feminine touch. He added that he also wants women to have a more "capillary and incisive” role in the Church.
"Over the span of these decades, alongside other cultural and social transformations, the identity and role of the woman in the family, in society and in the Church, has seen notable changes, and over all, the participation and responsibility of women has continued to grow.”

Certainly his words can be interpreted as a support of "moderate" or "Catholic" feminism. But can they be read in a way that supports patriarchy and a traditional view of women's roles in society? It seems not.
Vatican Insider: Cardinal Zen says destruction of the Catholic Church continues in China

Kunstler on Breaking Bad

Like Your Hair's On Fire

A Different Take on Whit Stillman

The Imaginative Conservative: Whit Stillman: Poet of the Broken Branches by James Bowman

Paleo Peking Duck

British Columbia

From what I see in online profiles and from real-life people, Hispanic single women seem to prefer to be close to their own families - are Hispanic families less 'patriarchal' in that respect than East Asian families, in which it was traditionally expected that daughters would be marrying into another family and once she did so, her obligations would be primarily to her husband's extended family?

When the father is absent, weak, or busy, the influence of the mother can come to dominate over the children, shaping their beliefs and allegiances so that they feel closer to the mother's family than their father's? (Though the physical proximity of relatives also needs to be taken into consideration; if the father's extended family is close and affectionate, this would probably counterbalance the influence of the mother and her family?)
Aleteia: The Secret Riches of Heinrich Pesch and Solidarism by Stephen M. Krason
It's time for one of the greatest Catholic economic thinkers to be rediscovered.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

At SFO last week I saw two Cantonese women, probably lesbians, one was quite butch and they were both overweight. I couldn't help but feel pity for them. Of course your liberal do-gooders would be offended by this reaction, seeking to police emotion. They might even consider feeling pity for those who are physically or mentally handicapped to be wrong, too.

Some Orthodox Churches in Las Vegas

St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church (OCA)
St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

Jayson & Anna // Las Vegas NV Wedding Film Highlight from Moxie Studio 702.527.0258 on Vimeo.

All Saints Russian Orthodox Church
St. John Syriac Orthodox Church
St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church
Armenian Apostolic Church Of Las Vegas

Son of God trailer

Christ as the happy magical hippie? The movie does feature the cleansing of the temple, but the cut was not long enough to show a righteously angry Christ. I was somewhat surprised that they showed the trailer in the theater. It is Silicon Valley - on the other hand, the shrine is nearby and many Catholics do frequent the theater.

The early evening showing of Dhoom 3 sold out - Bollywood blockbusters are doing ok?