Saturday, November 02, 2019


The American Church

Assimilated to bourgeois, industrial America and turned away from God by opulence? And now suffering from an infection by SJWs.

America: What Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish can teach us about American Catholicism by Rachel Lu

Louisa Mak

Not Something to Brag About?

Fr. Hunwicke on the supposed forward-thinking of Latin Catholics: Women Scientists

Friday, November 01, 2019

Voces8 to Be in SF

Kyrie Eleison

CNA/CWR: Chinese Catholics barricade themselves in church to prevent demolition

What would Leon Podles make of this?

Would he say that Latin Catholicism hasn't been very masculine for a while?

La Croix: The Amazonia Synod: The end of Tridentine Catholicism by Isabelle de Gaulmyn
The Church has now embarked on a less clerical, less masculine chapter in its history

Beth Gibbons / Penderecki / Górecki - Symphony No. 3 Final Movement

Used for the trailer for A Hidden Life; Franz Jägerstätter's beatification by Benedict XVI would seem to confirm that there is a place for passive resistance to tyranny at least -- swearing allegiance or loyalty or a tyrant is not necessarily an absolute obligation. But whether one can do anything beyond this? No beatification yet of anyone committing or attempting tyrannicide.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

More Professionalism from HKPF

More from Carrie Lam

看中國 Vision Times
看中國 Vision Times
看中國 Vision Times

Colt M4 Carbine Marketing Video

Really Looks Like Fleece

Silicon Valley's Preppers

From 2017

The New Arms Race

The Imperial A-10

Best Ranger Competition 2019

Too Late

We are in collapse, but Catholic intellectuals are generally ignorant of this fact. Education will return to being a task of authentic communities, and not be the exclusive domain of "professionals."

What's Next After Catholic Colleges Decline? by Timothy O'Malley

House of Hummingbird

Convention de la droite 28 septembre 2019

Eric Zemmour

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Movie by French SJWs?


The Islands

Archetypal Rest Postures

Mark's Daily Apple

More on Maxim Defense PDX

And First Things

reminds us that it is still at heart a neocon publication...

Balm for Germany? by Cole S. Aronson
Germany must stake its national honor on the welfare of the Jewish people.

Why Sweden is encouraging citizens to become preppers.

Monday, October 28, 2019

An Emphasis on the Basics

CWR Dispatch: Dead Theologians Society: The ‘memento mori’ youth group By Mary Farrow

Cotter said a typical Dead Theologians Society (DTS) chapter will meet weekly for two hours. The first half-hour is reserved for socializing, after which the students move into a chapel or a designated prayer space. Taking a cue from the style of Dead Poets Society, the room is typically dark, lit only by candles or smaller lights, and decorated with icons.

“Many parishes…they’ll set up a room and make it look like a little monastery. They’ll have a crucifix, maybe some Byzantine hanging lights in front of icons, and they make it prayerful. It’s not spooky, it’s not macabre. It’s just a very prayerful and very sacred space,” Cotter said.

Creating a good prayer environment. Do they sing or chant any prayers?
Once the meeting in the prayer room begins, a facilitator tells the story of the life of a saint to the group for about 20 minutes, followed by time for questions from the students about the saint or about the faith. This is followed by praying a mystery of the rosary, which is then followed by the group’s signature prayer, the St. Gertrude Prayer for Souls in Purgatory: “Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.” ... The meeting then concludes with prayers for specific intentions of members of the group, and the Divine Praises.
I find this to be very Latin -- it shows that the Divine Mercy devotion isn't unique with respect to a prayer by which a Christian presumes to offer Christ to God the Father.

The organization's website.

《不屈進行曲》 《March of the Indomitable》 MV

The Slow Death of Catholic Spain

AmConMag: Franco’s Victory Was Necessary, But Ultimately Meaningless By Grayson Quay
If he was fighting for traditionalist Catholicism against the forces of modernity, then he failed.

Quay's conclusion: After his exhumation last week, the message for us is that the Christendom that endured from Constantine until the middle of the 20th century cannot be preserved, certainly not by force. If we try, we’ll only make things worse.

If one is referring to a "spiritual state of affairs," then of course being Christian cannot be coerced from without. But what exactly did the churches in Spain do to evangelize and make better Christians during the time of Franco? What did traditionalists do to preserve traditional Spanish cultures and communities? Maybe it wasn't just coercion that was a problem but coercion dependent upon the state, one which did not address the issues raised by Leon Podles regarding the disregard of men by Spanish Catholicism. If Catholic Spain was lost, the blame does not lie primarily with Franco, even if his government can be criticized, or at least scrutinized carefully, for injustices.

Sailer on Parasite

with some interesting questions about class and regional distinctions in the Korean language.

Is This Book Worth Getting?

Or will it be just too centrist to be useful?

The Miracle of “We” by R. R. Reno
This essay is an excerpt from R. R. Reno’s new book Return of the Strong Gods: Nationalism, Populism, and the Future of the West.

In the first half of the twentieth century, perverse loves destroyed a great deal in the West, not just lives and buildings, but cultural legitimacy as well.

Let's get this right: some may have been motivated by a perverse form of nationalism, but others may have been motivated what they thought was patriotism, as it was defined for them through state indoctrination. But the ones who were issuing commands? Their perverse love was the love of self and power, and this is what is at issue -- not perverse forms of nationalism, which are manipulated by the state, but the state itself.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

I Have a Cunning Plan

Posing as Moderate and Reasonable

Adam DeVille, unfortunately for those who appreciate his work in making known other ecclesial traditions: Hysteria Lives--in the Catholic Church. His recent post criticizing nationalism on the basis of the nation-state only is not much better.

What to call this posturing? Self-referential centrism? What would one of his favored psychoanalysts say about this?