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A Consequentialist Argument for Maintaining the Latin Discipline

Au contraire, the question of married priests is primarily a disciplinary one. Employing the "dismal science" to do a cost/benefit analysis of changing the discipline without questioning the institutional assumptions is to get the conclusion one wants. A change in discipline requires other concurrent ecclesial reforms (such as smaller parishes with face-to-face or personal accountability) which would eliminate or replace those institutional assumptions; do a cost-benefit analysis after those assumptions have been examined. After all, it is primarily due to centralization of ecclesial authority and the building of large-scale institutions (seminaries as a part of the Counter-Reformation), along with clericalism, that enabled the discipline of clerical celibacy to be take hold, despite previous resistance in many geographic areas.

Moya Brennan

How to Start Building Your Mobility Practice

533BK-2 Mini Bigout

product page

Another British Anglican Academic

who should refrain from voicing his political opinions. But he feels safe to do so, because his opinions are safe. This is how the Anglican "Church" dies, filled with women and soy in leadership.

Lord Have Mercy

No Thanks

The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman

Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All is Lost by Michael Walsh


Gammas and nice Churchians like Dreher won't understand this.

This May Not Be So Bad

NuAmerican at Work

What do you call it when foreigners come to your country and want the identity and culture of the natives destroyed? ๐Ÿค”

An Ignorant Take on A Hidden Life

This is what I expected from the left or leftist Christians to say about A Hidden Life, applying the Nutzees to Trump. They fail to understand that the true enemy of the people and of God is the oligarchy and the Deep State, and that erroneous "nationalism" is a product of the state. The cultural revolutionaries and (D)s have their own version of nationalism that they would use to make other submit to the oligarchs. But you can't fix ideological blindness, especially one posing as "Christianity."

A Hidden Life, Patriotism, and a Rightly Ordered Love for America by K. B. Hoyle

Expansion of Government Welfare Benefits

Pell is Deliberately Subverting Stereotypes

Or an inversion of roles. These are the verbal contortions politicians must do.

Planet Lockdown Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts

A Sure Money-Maker

Waiting for Hollywood to try to build a movie franchise in which a woman is a mentor/father-figure for a lost, fatherless male teenager.

Bluegrass Selections

Emotional Resilience

Psychology of the left. Of course Heinberg assumes that his narrative is the correct and reasonable one.

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Written by a Member of a NGO

collaborating with the state. We should expecet then for the NGO to say that local solutions are not enough, but bureaucracy and state intervention are necessary, with the assistance of the NGO. It's on the NGO to prove me wrong that their advocacy is not determined by their own financial self-interest.

Barron's Apology for Fratelli Tutti

Something to Consider

"Brave New World"

Ecclesial Reform Requires the Participation of Laymen in Ecclesial Life

Meador's review highlights one of the main problems with McGinley's book about reform. If Roman Catholic men are expected to "sacrifice" while being part of an institutional life that is completely foreign to anything they are as men because it is so feminized, why would they bother?
What they need is not only a masculine asceticism that is relevant to them (and not monastics), an asceticism that is subordinated to their living out their duties to (and love of) family and of the tribe, but they need to be appreciated as men within the Church, which is not happening thanks to feminism, cultural misandry, and clericalism. Nor are they being appreciated when the institutional Church embraces a feminized worship with female ministers in addition to the male clerics. Women can survive with a worship that is more reason-centered (but doesn't neglect the emotions; rather the emotions serve reason) -- in fact, I bet they do better with a more "male" form of worship. But men cannot thrive at all with a form of worship that caters to emotions and sentimentalism.

The US as 80s Uganda?

Cancel Culture is Necessary for Cohesion?

How about policing members and purging them? Did she study the Communist Party too?

Not One Mention of Feminism

and its exploitation by oligarchs (or of cultural misandry). This is why conservatives and Churchians lost the culture war.


Increase in Oil Prices This Year

Michael Pollan Likes Plants

Winchester 6.8mm Western

Guess How Useful This Will Be

Carl Rollyson on William Faulkner

A Bureaucracy Like Any Other

A bureaucracy takes the natural instinct of living organisms to stay alive and perverts it, striving to keep itself in existence even if it is useless.

And I have doubts about the motivations of people who seek work in bureaucracies.

For What Does He Need All That Land?

The Conservative Grift Continues

What did conservatives to prevent two generations of men being lost? Nothing.

Throwback to '80s Teen Adventure Movies

Except it's more woke and PC, with some girl power thrown in. I am surprised it actually got bad reviews; doesn't look as good as Stranger Things, which had the benefit of actually being set during the 80s.

A Human Scale

Thursday, January 14, 2021

So Blue Pill

"Women Are More Spiritual Than Men"

At this point, that is just a cope by representatives and leaders of institutional Churchianity for their failure to appeal to and attract men with their distorted Gospel.

CWR Dispatch: Pope Francis and expanding lay ministries: A response to Fr. Stravinskas by Nicholas Senz
Some remarks on Spiritus Domini and the nature of “ministry”.

The formalization of women in the participation of these liturgical ministries merely takes the feminization of the patriarchate of Rome and its worship one step further, and the worship, which is the most important part of the life of the Church, will continue to alienate healthy men. But we know Latin bishops don't really care about bringing them back, not if it offends their false Gospel of feminism and egalitarianism. And so they reap the consequences they merit.

"I'm a normal man and I've stuck with Christianity. It's a problem with them." Let he who would say this subject himself and his relations with his wife and children to scrutiny by actual masculine men to determine if his claim is true.

A Liberal at Work

Shooter's Edge

Reno Responds to Waldstein

In theory, a strong nation-state would be a bulwark against globalism but what if the nation-state has already been captured by globalists and internationalists? What is one to do then? What does Reno advocate?

Typical Journalism?

Or are there real divisions of opinion among Latins who should be counted as "faithful members"?

Dreher: "I'm the Reasonable Conservative Adult in the Room"

A Thought on Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia will not be restored until the patriarch of Constatinople repents. while it may be necessaru for a council to recognize his renunciation of the status given to Constantinople, nothing prevents him from renouncing it and acting accordingly.

Autocephaly for national churches is an inadequate universal solution which respect to nation-states, as it will tend to reinforce and serve secular nationalism. A locus of churches in a city can be represented in council, but the Church should be moored primarily in a local political reality.

Will We Get Any Warnings about the WEF?

Should These Be Clerical Initiatives?

Do they need clerical approval or endorsement?


An Interesting Diversity


Cancel Cancel Cancel

Truth with RFK, Jr.

Jimmy Henning

An uncomfortable Truth for Blue Pill Socons

Mary Sue Fulfilled

Kershaw Folding Cleaver

Female in Charge

The American Empire preparing for conflict?

Surviving a Chinese Re-Education Camp

The Imperial Army Which Will Be Used to Manage Decline

A Review of Kreitner's Break It Up

written by a woman...

Once Again Confirming That He is Feminized

Possibly a gamma. Bergoglio knows nothing about intramale mutual support that is not at all incompatible with intramale mutual accountability.

The second does not follow from the first. Rather, the second is ersatz feminist ethics of care disguised as Christianity? Or just a female take on "encountering the other." Either way, it is the idealizing of female-to-female interaction, and is no different from the claim that women make friends more easily or women have more intimate friendships. All lies.

Advice to an Atomized, Alienated, and Deracinated Young Man

All Dreher can offer is his brand of Christianity, not even a substantial "man up" call, which is what the young man needs. Find your tribe and build it up.

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That Witch Laurie

Local Food

The Joitn Chiefs of Staff

This is Appletown

Jack Murphy with Christopher Rufo:

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Define Society

What makes a society? If a criminal kidnaps families and enslaves them, has he created a society?

Fr. Seรกn Connolly Remembers Fr. Reginald Foster

CWR: Ad Memoriam Maximi Magistri Latinae Linguae: Fr. Reginald Foster (1939-2020) by Father Seรกn Connolly

Fr. Daniel McCarthy, OSB speaks about the life and legacy of Fr. Reginald Foster, OCD, our generation’s foremost expert, teacher and champion of the Latin language.

"This is Conservatism"

New Benchmade Products

Another Review of How to Think Like Shakespeare

Liberal Education Will Fix Everything!

When you don't have political liberty, a liberal education really doesn't matter, especially if that liberal education is deemed to be in opposition to the reigning woke civic religion and therefore to be eliminated.

Priorities, people. Don't look to academics for leadership or solutions to our political crisis because they are stuck in the mindset of preserving their job and financial security. They are not really fremen.

Civic Nationalism Will Fix Everything!

That part of the culture war has already been lost. But the con contnues...

Because pro-life will win through the courts!

GF Handel

Expanding His Brand


The Supper of the Lamb by Robert Farrar Capon

Penguin Random House

Not Gerondism

As I thought the article might be based on the title. Yes, elders who have wisdom and have proved themselves through their deeds should be venerated and listened to. But what of those older than us who dot merit that sort of respect? Should they at least be acknowledged as equals? Or something else, if their behavior has warranted it?

Monday, January 11, 2021

This Is My Squad

Matt Yglesias on Strong Towns Podcast, Part 1

Latin "Centrism"

More with Brandon McGinley. Listen for yourself. I can't recommend following his work as his political understanding is so wrong.


Liturgy unites us with our fellow Catholics through space and time. We hear the same readings at Mass as our brothers and sisters in Tokyo or the terrorized Church in Nigeria. We pray the same Gloria and Sanctus and Agnus Dei that Christians have prayed for centuries, even if the language and musical settings have changed. And most importantly, in the Mass we share in the same Body and Blood of Christ, the victim of Calvary whose sacrifice unites all who take up their crosses and follow him.

A false identification of the patriarchate of Rome with the Church. Not all Catholics have the same readings or even the same liturgy every Sunday. And his is just a transformation of our "identity" in Christ into a sort of political identity which will serve political purposes. A remnant of Latin ecclesial imperialism.

A Leftist Reading List

Korean Fantasy

Who wrote the script? A man or a woman? It in no way reflects the reality of intersexual dynamics. Croissant ํฌ๋ฃจ์•„์ƒ.

Wu Fei Sings ้ข†ๆ‚Ÿ

A Friend Can Relate to This

Feminized PC Conservatism

Three Wise Men

Kathrin Glock

A World with Limits, But Set by Whom?


The Future of Europe

Is not a return to monarchy or an imperial papacy...

Winding Things Down for a Break Soon

Keto and IF

FPR Discussion on January 21.


I don't care if his theological education was inadequate and he wasn't properly prepared to discern between talking about particulars (or refraining from doing so). He is representative of the clericalism that affects the American Church (and of academia).

Good for Saying One Thing in Retirement

Lew Rockwell goes further and advocates secession:

Taleb is Fundamentally Aligned with the Revolutionaries

Having accepted the lie of the proposition nation?

Tool for Obama, Now Tool for Biden

"Universal Teacher"

It is that not ordinary life is great in itself but that the glory of the Son of God shone even in ordinary life. Big difference.

Everyone Thinks They Know What is Going on

American bishops need to learn how to refrain from voicing an opinion.

What is Next for Bergoglio?

The feminization of the patriarchate of Rome from above continues...

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This is Conservative Entertainment

Run Hide Fight

What a Rancher Looks Like

Thompson M1928A1 - BCM's Made In America

The Logic of Roman Primacy

Nothing prevents a pope from acting in accordance with the words of Vatican I.

He knows this is the case and yet he advances a different notion of fraternity, one that is not grounded in incorporation in Christ.

Coping with Stress

Not Feminist Enough But Still Feminist

Swing Panel Pantry

Carry Positions

Ammoland Review of SIG SAUER MCX RATTLER CANEBRAKE 300 Blackout

Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

Lynn Morris, "Mama's Hand"