Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Problematic Notion of Sacrifice

Is this Biblical?

“I think people think that if we start having married priests, that would fix all the problems. But in fact, from a spiritual point of view, in terms of the actual communion that we share as the body of Christ, there’s actually less sacrifice being made.

“So do we need more sacrifice being made for the sake of the Church, or do we need less sacrifices being made?” Fr. Fletcher asks.

“To change that–to where we start ordaining priests because we think we don’t have enough–we’re actually instituting less sacrificial offerings being made for the life of the Church.”

L'Acte 44


Thursday, September 12, 2019

How Do We Derive Rights?

NCReg: A.A.J. DeVille: Did God give man ‘right to bear arms’? By A.A.J. DeVille

Let us grant that "rights" are not immediately given in Tradition. Is it possible that they can be derived by reason, using premises from Tradition or the Natural Law? 

Deville refers to Vatican II and John Paul II, as though the documents can be considered exhaustive or authoritative. They can't -- because we are dealing with moral philosophy or moral theology, and not Tradition.

Category error.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New Night Vision for the USMC

The Latest Presser with the Cantowitch Carrie Lam

Global News

Glory to Hong Kong


Guess Their Ethnic Background

Do any of them have the blood of indigenous American peoples?

Catholic Herald

The Brave Hong Kong Youth

Actors or Real People?

Stock Photos? PC Casting for ads by a National Government agency?

More... and here

U.S. Marshals...

Now some of the photos may be of actual agents, and no doubt there are minorities working in these agencies of the National Government. But can one believe that the choosing of these agents for recruitment ads and the like is accidental? To show that these agencies are not white-dominated but "diverse"?

Accelerated Collapse

Robert Harris: First the internet dies. Then civilisation crumbles

For all its technological genius, our modern world is fragile. Robert Harris, whose new book imagines life after an apocalypse, considers how we might be thrown back to the middle ages

A Female "Grunt"

What a joke.

Written by an Opus Dei Member?

Did I link to the original Crisis article when it was first published?

Which reminds me of the allegation that Byzantine spirituality has been dominated too much by monastics... something to ponder.

Instead of "slave morality" do we have "wage-slave spirituality"?

(Imaginative Conservative)

Doug Sikkema Interviews Randy Boyagoda

Should a contemporary cosmopolitan novelist's opinion about Catholic culture matter?

First Things: The Breath of God: A Conversation with Randy Boyagoda by Randy Boyagoda

In an age of collapse, how many new books do we need?

(Imaginative Conservative)

Teaching Energy Transition

Teaching Energy Transition By Chris Nelder (Resilience)

More Impracticable Religious Civic nationalism

from the archbishop of Los Angeles:


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