Saturday, November 30, 2013

Starting Next Week

Han Hye Jin's (who married earlier this year) new drama: 따뜻한말한마디

Observing the Welfare State

Several weeks ago I had to visit one of the local Social Security offices - a few white faces, senior citizens. The rest of the crowd? Immigrants, some could communicate in English well, others sounded FOB. Or fresh off the airplane. What were they doing there? You can guess. Everyone is out for his "share" of the pie.

The female security guard... "nice" but definitely looked butch and uhmerican. And packing a pistol. What stereotypes?

Vox: Multiculturalism is Isolationism

The Current Issue of Utne Reader

Will they reconsider their wisdom? "The Cure for Ignorance"

The articles:

November-December 2013 Table of Contents

Women's Work
Mother and Children

A Day without Care
What does it mean to strike when "production" isn't the production of widgets, but care for the children, the ill, disabled, or elderly? by Sarah Jaffe, from Jacobin

Sympathy for the Stay-at-Home Mom
Work, life, and the modern calendar by Judith Shulevitz, excerpted from The New Republic

Patriarchy, privilege, and work by Larisa Zehr, from Geez

Patrick Deneen on Common Core

Common Core and the American Republic

Spike Lee's Old Boy

Going to skip this one...

Twitch: Review: Spike Lee's OLDBOY, A Failed Attempt At Something New

Friday, November 29, 2013

Crony Capitalism

Fitness At What Cost?

The extremely wide variety of body types among top-tier athletes [14 pictures]

But are all sports created equal? Or are some more "human" than others? Or should we be concerned overall, well-rounded [functional] fitness, rather than in excelling in one sort of movement? Is it possible for certain forms of extreme physical fitness in women to ruin their physical attractiveness? I think so, especially when it has an impact on their body fat percentage. (Then there is the stunted growth of female gymnasts.)

Steve Sailer: Women's Olympic ski jumping: The Anorexia of Defeat

Distributism for Orthodox Christians

Distributism: A Primer for Orthodox Christians

Fixing a Hole: On Distributism and Orthodoxy
Orthodox Christians Discover Distributism
Distributism in Eastern Europe
Distributism and Orthodoxy

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Surprise Monarchists?

Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the Neoreactionaries

The nerds who would be kings?

I've seen the use of "Cathedral" before by Roissy. Did he get it from Yarvin? I'm anti-democracy, but that's because I'm a republican.

Robb Wolf and Allan Savory in Chico on December 6-7

Healing Our Bodies, Restoring the Land

Videos after the jump:

Wealth Pumps, Liberal Justice, Social Atomism...

Not to mention immigration and the pursuit of wealth - these are all at work in Silicon Valley, but gentrification is taking place elsewhere, notably San Francisco. How much longer before it leaps across the Bay Bridge into the East Bay? Small wonder those in government are engaged in social engineering, coming up with solutions for problems that they've created because of their adherence to liberal capitalism.

Where does that leave those who are 'native' to the state but cannot find employment in tech companies or high-paying service jobs (plumbing)?

Charlotte Allen, Silicon Chasm
California's New Feudalism Benefits a Few at the Expense of the Multitude
Rod Dreher, The Shantytowns of Silicon Valley

Divided & United

NPR: 'Divided & United': Songs Of The Civil War Re-Imagined

Fare Thee Well

EW: 'Inside Llewyn Davis': Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford, and the Punch Brothers perform a song from the film -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Gene Healy, Kennedy Was No Conservative

His undelivered speech from that day.

Bill Kauffman, What Rural America is For
Where Wendell Berry Meets Martha Stewart

George Monbiot Changes His Mind

I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat (but farm it right)

The Practice of Natural Movement

Erwan Le Corre's book - FB - to be released in September 2014.

Dad Should Read This

MDA: Top 9 Most Important Foods to Buy Organic

Steve Sailer on the New Hunger Games Movie

His review and the comments left by others are more interesting than the Catholics trying to praise what is good about the movie and Katniss.

Do they have Black Friday in the UK?

So much for a rebalanced economy
The UK's apparent recovery is being driven by consumer spending.

Better Than the Prequels?

Google+ Hangout with Peter Jackson

If my cousins want to see it, I'll go with them, but I won't be that enthusiastic about it. Peter Jackson's interpretation/adaptation has worn thin.

Details Interview with Christian Bale

The Transformer: Christian Bale

Regarding his character in Out of the Furnace (FB):

DETAILS: For a Brit, you play a lot of Americans.
Christian Bale: I'm English, but America has been my home for half my life now, and I see Russell, for example, as someone who isn't represented very much: good old America at its peak. Someone who stays and is loyal and has to endure and take care, who is really having to take a look at his priorities and his loved ones and his loved town. And that's a very important part of it—the loved town. I've never had that. I've always moved around a lot, so I'm jealous when I see people who have an attachment to a place.

Variety: Christian Bale: Reluctant Movie Star Talks ‘Furnace,’ ‘Hustle’
'Out of the Furnace': Christian Bale on loving enough to let go,0,3850498.story#ixzz2lyEUHr5b

Details interview from 2008 - Bonus Photos

Ridley Scott’s Moses movie will be “shocking”, says Bale - Hitfix

Arnie's Next Movie to Be Released

Max Martini's in this one. But, not just one strong woman but two! Still, Arnie himself is enough to turn me away from the movie.

This Should Be Of Interest to My PR Friend

Fr.Silouan Justiniano – Returning to Puerto Rico With Icons

For Thanksgiving

The Invention of Thanksgiving
Localist Roundup: Thanksgivings
Anthony Esolen: Word of the Day: Thank
Fathers and Sons: The Principle of Love in Turgenev’s Liberalism

Renaissance Table Manners
Thanksgiving's Roots in Old World Harvest Feasts

M.E. Bradford, A Teaching for Republicans

Coffee with Sister Vassa (Thanksgiving Day / Eucharist)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Go and leave...

and take any feminist priests and bishops with you...

Vox: Bring it on - "I agree with Tony Jones. It is absolutely time for a schism in the Church over the role of women."

Mr. Jones is ostensibly a Protestant, but there are feminists in all Christian denominations in the West.

Sunshine Mary: Learning domesticity in a post-feminist world.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Not enough hours in a day for me to get ready for a trip.

A Third Season for Longmire

Variety: A&E Officially Renews ‘Longmire’ for Third Season

5 Byzantine Churches

Art Babble

Monday, November 25, 2013

C.S. Lewis

It was the anniversary of his death last week - there are a couple of Lewis fans at OLF. C.S. Lewis: Scholar to the Common Man
Independent Journal Review: Duck Dynasty's Robertson Family Has Skeletons, Here Are Five Of Them

Blind to the Problems of the Age?

The tyranny of low standards & the acceptance of girl power - no mention of the endorsement of radical egalitarianism by the movie.

What’s So Great About “The Hunger Games”? by Kim Scharfenberger
It's not great fiction and often leaves a lot to be desired, but there's more depth in this series than in other young adult offerings like 'Twilight.'

Theodore Dalrymple Tells the Story of One of His Patients

Some to Misery Are Born

The Cult of Niceness

Bruce Frohnen

Holy Virgin Cathedral Feast Day, November 6

Holy Virgin Cathedral: Cathedral Feast Day 2013


More Regarding the Pauline Roman Lectionary

Two by Gregory DiPippo at NLM: Is the Ambrosian Lectionary an Older Form of the Traditional Roman Lectionary?
Is the Ambrosian Liturgy a Source for the Modern Lectionary?

Sold Out!


Hope there are other local events on the book tour.

Adobo Peppered Steak
Something by the third winner of Master Chef (US), Christine Ha.

Jim Caviezel EXCLUSIVE on EWTN's World Over Live with Raymond Arroyo

Full episode (includes Joseph Pearce)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spent much of the day in San Francisco. Still looking for a wedding present. Links are piling up.