Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Whole Lot of Women

In The Last Jedi -- photoshoot by Annie Leibowitz.

Even though I've been aware of this since "Episode 7" was revealed, the photoshoot made it clear once again how much of a failure Luke has been written to be in this new series, to be surpassed and succeeded not by a son or a male Jedi, but by a Disney Jedi princess. (Even Mark Hamill doesn't like what's been done with the character of Luke?)

And yet males will flock to see this, and "fathers" will bring their children to the theaters.

Vanity Fair: The Definitive Preview

Françoise Hardy, "Soleil"

Friday, May 26, 2017

Notice a Pattern?

Two recent remakes of TV series -- CHiPs (alt) and Baywatch -- one non-white male who is serious and competent and one white male who is a clown. Just a coincidence! No agenda here!

Too late...

The video will probably be archived and be made available online?

Modern Uhmerican High Schools

In some ways hell may be like a perpetual high school with all the arrested development it entails.

Setting aside a similar "social" patterns for Western megacities, does the modern institution of co-ed secondary education have a convergence peculiar to it in Western nations?

German Army Uniforms


German WWII SS Camouflage Effectiveness

Françoise Hardy, "Parlez-moi de lui"

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How many female pilot characters will the movie have?

Tom Cruise on the Top Gun sequel

Master Sargent Bradley S. Keys



Is this series any good?

Moving Chanting by the Orthodox Faithful - Newly Built Cathedral of New-Martyrs

Tara McCarthy on the Manchester Bombing

The Trumps at the Vatican

The ladies adhering to the traditional dress code.

Les Brigandes - Le Procès de Rouen

Agree with the Basic Precept

It’s Essential For Men To Create A Tightly-Knit Crew Of Red Pill Men

A minor quibble on this point:
If they follow the typical, normative 9-5 lifestyle and waste a lot of time on social media or other time-consuming frills, assume that they are not suitable for your crew. In addition, you should take in consideration what their ambitions are. Do they want to serve society or themselves? If they serve society they are more or less blinded by it, thus decreasing their potential and worth. Remember, a man’s worth should be partly evaluated by his ambitions for the future, not where he stands in present time. So, think about whether he has such a drive for accomplishments, and make sure his soul is not a spark, but rather fully afire.

A false dichotomy, if the society is a true community, led by men -- in which case when they serve society they are serving themselves.

However, if society refers to a mass aggregate of consumers, immersed in pop culture and exploited by the elites for their own gain, then the division is valid.

I know some good men at one parish but they're not in my age group. At another parish, there are men closer to my age but we share no common political ideals and none of them have really taken the red pill. Where to find some like-minded peers? Can such a tribe be formed here?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Fall of South Africa


Surviving the Horrific Violence in South Africa


Interview with AJ Lee

The New UK

Dissing the old UK.

It still bewilders me that the Queen agreed to do this; the aftereffect of Diana's death? Needing to stay close to the people (by embracing pop culture) and keeping the monarchy relevant?

Roger Moore Has Died

And so has the Great Britain his Bond represented...

Rigidity in Worship

When we think of formal worship, do we imagine court ceremonial, restrained in the name of being "dignified," like the British royals and their rites for example? Just standing/sitting and singing? (Or how some think angels worship?) Does this image hold some back from embracing a worship style that is more expressive corporeally, with greater use of gestures and postures? (Not shaking and dancing, as some are wont to do in accordance with the "liturgical" music used in some Uhmerican OF Masses.)

He Exaggerates

Rod Dreher: 'There is No Plan B'

The alt right would beg to differ, but he won't engage in a dialogue with them.

Orthodox Patriarch of Belgrade serves Grand Divine Liturgy, Peć Monastery

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Night Fans Have Been Waiting For

Sonya Isaacs, "Down to the River to Pray"

A Response to NOLA Taking Down the Statues

More needs to be done to counter phase 2 of Reconstruction.