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Disney Girl Power

Once Again Speaking Beyond His Competence


CNA: In Naples, Pope Francis calls for theological dialogue with Islam, Judaism



Rethinking Ecclesial Structures

Crisis Magazine: A Proposal for Episcopal Reform by Jason Surmiller

Good starting proposals for the reform of the episcopacy, but I have disagreements with how the office of the bishop of Rome is handled. But this is a blindspot for Latins.

The Roman Curia should be reduced in scope and authority, limited to assisting the bishop of Rome only with respect to affairs pertaining to Rome or the patriarchate at most. There should be no principle of egalitarianism (or feminism) at work in the selection of those who can fill those offices -- women should not hold positions of authority or anything resembling a position of authority. As for matters pertaining to the Church Universal, this should be handled by a select few within the patriarchate of Rome and in collaboration with members of the other apostolic churches.

As for selection the bishop of Rome, the pool of candidates should be the Christian faithful of Rome itself, in so far as the community there can be stabilized and enduring. (I am guessing that it is not as transitory as the local churches in the blue megacities of the United States.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Bishop Barron on JBP

Even though he has some helpful things to say, JBP is still controlled opposition, permitted to speak in order to draw people away from becoming real threats to the status quo.

CWR Dispatch: The USCCB Meeting, Jordan Peterson, and the “Nones”
It appears that the mere mention of the name Jordan Peterson is enough to send some on the far-left end of the spectrum into irrational conniptions.

Salvation is Through Christ

Roman Catholic Social Teaching Needs to Be Revised

George Weigel, Whose Republic? Which “Liberalism”?:

Thus the real-world option—the real-world imperative—was the hard work
of building and maintaining the moral and cultural foundations essential
to the liberal democratic political project, while playing good defense
against the temptation of the modern democratic state to impede that
reconstruction by using its coercive power to impose on everyone a
dumbed-down notion of freedom as personal willfulness or “choice.”

There is no reason for Catholics to uphold the "liberal democratic political project" as there is no such thing -- what Catholics are doing instead is upholding the state, which is the problem itself. The state is not an valid instantiation of a political community, nor can it be directed to the common good because of its scale.


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Amazing Grace