Saturday, October 05, 2013

Katie Malua's Latest MV

EXCLUSIVE: Katie Melua's haunting vocals take centre stage in emotional new video for The Love I'm Frightened Of
There is a 4th grade girl who enjoys the attention of one of the boys who is a trouble-maker and doesn't do his work. Is there something going on at home? Or is she just being a "normal" female, enjoying the attention of a "bad boy"? She seems to be at her grade level (relative to her class), though she definitely needs help with her English skills. Does a teacher have an obligation to let parents know that she may be experiencing "like" and should have a talk with them about growing up?

Co-ed classes!

How is Paleo Working for You

Jennifer Lawrence? Jennifer Lawrence 'told to diet' to save career

Another Attractive Woman Gets a Tattoo

Not just a tat, but a sleeve... Here's a recent pic of Alizée, but I had noticed it several months ago:

What personal drama events precipitated this?

Vox: Tattoos: the obviously poor choice

A Woman on Masculinity

Die Like a Man: The Toxic Masculinity of Breaking Bad by Laura Hudson

'Breaking Bad' Writers: 'This Is It, There's No More'
Writers Peter Gould and Thomas Schnauz talk about the AMC show, which ended on Sunday.

A Mexican version of Breaking Bad? - first teaser.

But McRaven Also Thinks Women Can Be Seals

Business Insider: Boy Sends Question About Ninjas To Head Of US Joint Special Ops, Gets A Response

Rethinking Liberty

A New History of Political Ideas by Lee Cheek

A Conservative Historian’s Memoir by George Nash
Recovering the Past: A Historian’s Memoir, by Forrest McDonald, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2004. 198 pp.

An Interview with Local Iconographer Nikolai Tsai

Anaphora Press

Zenit interview with Christina Munns: A Window to the Mystery of God's Love (archived here)

Friday, October 04, 2013

Pope Francis and Slow Food

When the Pope Phoned Petrini

Terra Madre
Terra Madre
Terra Madre Documentary Films

James Howard Kunstler on Virtual Reality

Returning to the Real

Ivan Illich v. the Vatican

Ivan Illich and the Conflict with Vatican (1966-1969) by Jon Igelmo Zaldívar

His "The Seamy Side of Charity."

The new Hawaii Five-0 maintains its strong feminist vibe, as bad as any other CBS procedural. Meanwhile, the two main white guys behave like frat boy morons, with lines that are barely better than "Dude, bro." Sarge was amazed that it was entering its 4th season. The only plus of the new show? The tricked-out M4s. Is it in a Friday death slot? Apparently it is doing "ok."

I don't think I'll brave Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this year, even if it is my last opportunity to do so - dealing with traffic and the crowds is too much of a hassle. But some of the performances will be streamed on the web, and archived as well.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Can't wait until this LT assignment is over.

Left early today to get to Fr. David's class, but because of a traffic delay (or accident?) plus a short stop at InO, I got there later than usual. Pathetic. The commute here is ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

First Speed Racer...

Mashable: Volkswagen Revisits A-ha's 'Take on Me'

Speed Racer...

Mount Tabor Monastery Has a New Website

Check it out.

There Are Better Sources than William Bennet

And his version of "Man up!" Unfortunately, the author of the following does not address the obstacles that Western bourgeois Christianity sets up for greater union with Christ and the pursuit of the lay vocation. (Or an understanding of the current crisis of men.)
What Happens to a Church When the Members Won’t Grow Up? (via Ignatius Insight)

Faith of our Fathers – In search of the English Martyrs

NLM: A beautiful film about the English Martyrs
Do people who get a divorce feel like failures? Or do they rationalize away their culpability?

Given that men have very few legally permissible options for dealing with a disobedient wife, what can they do but get a divorce?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Should This Be Divinely Revealed?

Patriarchy as the form of familial and political organization.

Revelation about patriarchy is needed because of men and women's weaknesses and sin - natural inclinations and the rational reflection upon those inclinations, culminating in precepts of natural law, are not enough. Doubt, lack of initiative, laziness - these can lead men to rationalize their own weaknesses or failures to lead. Instead of the Hahn thesis that Adam's sin was failure to protect Eve (or something like that), could it not be said that Adam abdicated his role, denying his own responsibility not only in his sin but in his failure to respond to Eve properly? With security and confidence in divine revelation, men can build confidence, remove reservations and fearfulness, while acknowledging that they are answerable to God.

Many men seem to cower in the face of angry women and their shaming language, their responses to men daring to speak the truth, for defending patriarchy. The "nice guy" dies hard, especially if they have been given a guilt trip by their mothers for being men. (Supposedly a problem in Japan, where development had been dominated by the mother while the father has been largely absent due to their work as salarymen.)

Stratford Caldecott recently posited that the authority of the husband is a consequence of the fall and not "natural" - what are to make of this claim? Were Adam and Eve meant to live in a egalitarian, "companionate" marriage?