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Tonight at Our Lady of Peace, there was a special celebration for the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. I was struck when one of the priests cheered, "Viva Mexico," and, "Viva la Raza." The former is an understandable way to acknowledge the contributions of the Mexican parishioners to the celebration, but the latter? Isn't that a bit much?

I have noticed at this and another celebration that there were few Filipinos in attendance, even though Filipinos comprise the majority of Mass go-ers? Of course, the other celebration was for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. But still... (What is attendance like at the Simbang Gabi?) There were some Anglos and members of other ethnicities, but the number of Filipinos was disproportionately small, in comparison to the number of Filipino families who are members of the parish. There's been at least one complaints that the Filipinos feel excluded, or that there is a preference being shown towards the Mexicans?

If the IVE apostolate is to Mexicans, then perhaps they should have been given a different parish? But the Bishop had his reasons for turning the shrine over to the Institute. (It is said that he (or the chancery) and the former pastor, Msgr. Sweeney, had difficulties. May Fr. Sweeney rest in peace.) But if it isn't, shouldn't they be willing to be like St. Paul, and be "Filipino to the Filipinos" and so on? There is one IVE priest serving as the pastor of the San Jose Chinese Community--I believe he previously worked in Taiwan as a missionary. I hope it isn't the case that the parish community is in danger of fragmenting, and that I'm reading too much into appearances, but it is worrisome.

Have some of the conservative and traditionalist Anglos and homeschooling families left the parish as well?

Perhaps the local Church probably shouldn't be an agent or instrument of assimilation or integration, except per accidens? It has to meet people where they are, and to tell them that they should integrate into a new society may turn them away from the Church, if they perceive that the society is hostile. But, there are duties to one's neighbor and to one's community, and it could be also argued that this includes accepting that culture and absorbing it, so long as it does not go against Church teaching on morals.

Watching the members of the other ethnicities there, I could not help but think that if more Mexicans do move into California, how can members of other ethnicities resist against being assimilated into their culture, if they do not have a vibrant, living, substantial one of their own, or a real community that is a bearer and transmitter of that culture? How many would choose to move away instead of "becoming Mexican"? One's eagerness to adopt a different cultural identity is dependent upon whether one will be more accepted as a result--while I like much of Mexican culture, and would be willing to learn Spanish, I would be reluctant to make the change if I would still be regarded as an outsider, nonetheless. And so, has the Anglo-American majority in various locales dropped the ball when it comes to promoting its culture and yet being welcoming to those who do assimilate?

I also thought about the Anglo-Americans who do wish to preserve their culture, but find it mostly excluded from the schools, and instead of it being acknowledged by the elites, it is replaced by some sort of liberal ideology. What a raw deal.

(Sure, they're not being raised in a different culture--multiculturalism gives a shallow treatment of other cultures, primarily through 'book learning' and 'giving exposure,' and all within a liberal framework. Still, to have the contributions of one's people neglected, or even denigrated, can have an impact on self-image and cultural confidence.)


The California Catholic Women's Forum is holding a conference, "Women of the Bible: Trailblazers for Life" on April 25, 2009 at the Sheraton Hotel in Sunnyvale, CA. Fr. Anthony Hernandez of St. Basil in Los Gatos is doing the opening prayer and introduction. The presenters are Gail Buckley and Yvonne Florczak-Seeman. The cost: $30 for the general public, $20 for students. (Registration deadline: April 20, 2009.) You can pay online at the CCWF website.

The brochure cites a document of the Second Vatican Council (not sure which one): "The hour is coming, in fact has come, when the vocation of women is being acknowledged in its fullness, the hour in which women acquire in the world an influence, an effect and a power never hitherto achieved." A bit optimistic, no? Unless the document authors were thinking in worldly terms, women having positions of power in society and so on.

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Patrick Deneen, The Wisdom of the Anti-federalists - Part One

Taking a slightly longer view, for over the past half-century in the United States, and longer still in the wider Western world, the political scene has been divided between these respective partisans of liberalism and conservatism. During those fifty years, conservatives were often in the ascendancy, with conservative gains particularly of note in the United States in the Presidential victories of Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes, with a pause during the two terms of President Bill Clinton during which arguably many conservative policies were realized.

Republican did attain power, but how much of their policies was truly 'conservative'? Members of the Old Right and Southern partisans would dispute this.
Shawn Tribe, Compendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 1 - The Palm Sunday Blessing and Procession of Palms

Compendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 2 - The Masses of Palm Sunday, Holy Tuesday and Spy Wednesday

Star Trek poster

source (via AICN)

See the international posters @ TrekMovie: USA Star Trek Poster Revealed [UPDATED Japanese Poster Too] and European Star Trek Movie Posters Appear Online
Winslow T. Wheeler, What Does an F-22 Cost?


Derek Hough and Mark Ballas on Access Hollywood - 3-25-09

Derek Hough and Julianne with Ballas Hough Band

Derek and Julianne Hough - Grove in LA

Julianne Hough ACM Top New Vocalist Award Show 2009

Julianne Hough ACM Top New Vocalist Award Show 2009 Part 2

Julianne Hough On Ellen Jimmy Kimmel And Rachel Ray
Julianne Hough "About Life"
Julianne Hough Juicy Fruit Commercial 2008 HD 1080i muxed

Aristotle on the education of the young

Peter Simpson's summary of Politics 7.17 (4.17, his numbering):

Infancy to Age Seven. Proper nourishment for infant bodies, as experience shows, is rich in milk but not in wine. Any movements they can perform and habituation to cold are also useful. To age five they should do no hard toil nor any learning; their play should be of a liberal sort and, along with the stories they hear, should imitate their serious activities later; they should be allowed to shout and cry; they should spend little time with slaves and should hear and see nothing illiberla or shameful. The legislator should, for this purpose, banish shameful stories and sights, punishing those who disobey, and allowing such things only for adults and in association with the worship of certain gods. From ages five to seven, children should watch others learning what they themselves will have to learn.
What would Aristotle think of primary education in Europe and here in the U.S., and of kindergarten and grades 1 to 2 in particular? What about the Montessori Method? How much rote learning and acquisition of literacy is necessary before the age of 7?

I thought this was interesting:
"Those who, in their laws, prevent children from stretching their lungs and crying are not correct in their prohibition. These things are beneficial to growth, since they are, in a way, gymnastic exercises for the body. The holding in of breath gives strength to those engaged in toil, and that happens to children when they stretch their lungs."

Does he get the physiology correct?

A friend from BC was fond of citing the following:
"Women are fittingly united in marriage about the age of eighteen and men about thirty-seven or a little before." (7.16)

The Montessori Method.
Montessori Philosophy & Practice
Zenit: The Tyranny of Liberalism
James Kalb on the Ideology's Totalitarian Impulses
Zenit: Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Lenten Sermon
"There Is a Very Close Relationship Between Conscience and the Holy Spirit"
Got a phone call this morning from someone in Taiwan. Apparently she'll be in the area next month...

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Whit Stillman's Last Days of Disco (imdb) hasn't been re-released on DVD, but it is available at Hulu.
Michael Gaddy, Who Is Arming the Mexican Drug Cartels?
AP: Obama: Taliban and al-Qaida must be stopped

So much for de-escalation and negotiation with the Taliban. Some predict Afghanistan will be Obama's Iraq. But he's not clear of Iraq yet.

Daniel Larison: Infected By Optimism
I thought they might drag out Sayid's deliberation into another episode or two, but they wrapped it up by the end of "He's Our You" -- whether he was successful or not remains to be seen. And if he was successful, how will this impact the timeline? Of course, there are mild spoilers to be found at Wiki. The complete answers to these questions may already have been posted elsewhere.

Nina and Tim Zagat

Founders of the Zagat Survey.

Tasters' choice
Restaurant guide gurus Tim and Nina Zagat and their thousands of reviewers rate food in London as among the best in the world
Lydia McGrew, Recommending Skyglobe
Something interesting from episode 3 of The Chopping Block -- Central Park forager Steve Brill.

In Central Park With Wildman Steve Brill #1

In Central Park With Wildman Steve Brill #2

Photo @ arabella's photostream.

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Some discussion of BSG @ Crunchy Con: Battlestar Galactica: Crunchy Con space opera?

Is it crunchy or agrarian? No--if anything it's more anarcho-primitivist. All they needed was a speech about how much more egalitarian and democratic hunter-gatherer societies are, and how it would provide an opportunity for cylons and humans to work side by side. More on the finale and the series later.

Daniel Larison: They Never Had A Plan (I). He promises more.
Twitch: A quick teaser and two posters for Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Mother’

I am not sure what this movie is about... I haven't visited Kung Fu Cinema Forums for a while...

The Chopping Block

Not a bad show, even though it has Marco Pierre White--I still prefer Gordon Ramsay, even if his kitchen persona is a bit more gruff. I wish the show would focus a bit more on the actual cooking, but it tries to show all aspects of the restaurant business.

I don't like his choice of [casual] footwear. Probably a part of his cultivated image.

In the first episode of The Chopping Block, we saw cousins Khoa and Denise make an early exit, because Khoa couldn't deal with the lack of harmony and the kitchen politics. (Marco Pierre White had decided that Kan and Than were going to go.) Some may think he "wussed out." I can't disagree, even though he gave a speech about how he would expect his staff to support him if he were head chef, and this kind of environment and team spirit was missing on the black team. It may have been a cultural difference, but it did leave me thinking that he was reinforcing a bad image of Asian males. (As if Asian males didn't already suffer from the perception that they're not manly enough...)

Denise, on the other hand, is cute and supportive...

The sisters Vanessa and Kelsey are also cute:

(Their smiling faces look similar in the photo, but they look more different on TV. Their parents have a very diverse gene pool?)

Edit. NBC drops ax on 'Chopping Block'
That's too bad. Maybe NBC should start running Top Chef. According to the article though, "Sources said NBC plans to run off the remaining episodes at some point."

Celebrity-obsessed parents

Why do parents want to turn their children into performing monkeys (the criticism in Amadeus) or cause them to become obsessed with looks at such an early age? This isn't limited to the young miss beauty pageant crowd (such as Jon Benet Ramsey's parents); you see it on variety shows on Mexican and Korean TV -- children imitating the dances of pop stars, lip-synching, and so on...

wonder baby & wonder girls

video by way of KK...

Boundless writers take on FB

I Quit Facebook by Ashley Harris
When I’m checking out people’s pages and writing on their walls I have a false sense of connectedness.

The Face(book) in the Mirror by Suzanne Hadley
Where am I looking to gain my identity and measure success? If it's online, I'm missing the point.

Facing up to Facebook by
American Papist: Bishop Olmsted tells Fr. Jenkins Obama invitation "public act of disobedience to US Bishops"
Solemn vows for members of the Dominicans of the Western province on May 23, at 11 PM at SAG.
via Mark Shea: New England Classical Academy

Hmm... the Pope John Paul II Academy. It's hiring, and located in LaPlata, MD.

Tuscan Classical Academy, associated with the UND School of Architecture.
Patterns of Scandal in New Ecclesial Movements, Part Four: Q & A with Pete Vere
The Notre Dame Commencement by James V. Schall, S.J. (Web Exclusive for Catholic World Report)
PCR, Is the Bail Out Breeding a Bigger Crisis?
A Future of Inflation, High Interest Rates and a Hollow Dollar?
Dr. Wilson recommends "the two recent books by William Marvel."

Is he referring to Lincoln's Darkest Year: The War in 1862 and Mr. Lincoln Goes to War?
The great barbecue debate, at Chronicles... (see the comments).

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Shawn Tribe, The New 15th Edition of The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described and Fr. Z, REVIEW: NEW - The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described.

(Also from Fr. Z: Transcript of Archpb. Burke’s video interview; American Papist: Abp. Burke in interview says pro-aborts are to be denied communion.)

Edit. Flash: Abp. Burke clarifies he was misled about Communion interview agenda (!)
Shawn Tribe, The Importance of Attending the Upcoming Dominican Rite Conference

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P., Registration for Dominican Rite Conference, August 2009
American Papist: Update: Video/Transcript of Toronto Archbishop on the Legion

KHN in InStyle

SKY LOVE Kim Ha neul in INSTYLE SHOOT! by photo on MARCH-17-2009!

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Someone posted this link at a certain blog, the article is almost 4 years old, so I don't know if the technology has gotten better since then: Skin Mapping Shows Early Signs of Sun Damage.

If more people got these tests done, would they take protecting their skin from sun damage more seriously? And what about the damage done by cosmetics?
Stuff White People Like: #122 Moleskine Notebooks

I haven't visited the website in a while, so I dropped by tonight. What would the New Scot say about this?

Moleskine ® - Legendary notebooks
Apparently, the manager's gf is now having her mail sent here. She might as well move in already.

They're cuddling in the living room. "Shameless" is really the apt word, even if we are afraid to use it in these PC, relativistic times.

"mo ngan tai."

I didn't get the story but some of the kids got their pencils taken away during lunch by one of the yard duties--probably because they were playing with them. I hope they weren't bragging that they got a pencil. Their teacher was going to return the pencils to them after school... what does she make of it all.

For some reason not a few of the first grade girls spend recesses alone--I can't understand why they don't have friends... they're not mean and they don't have behavior problems.

No call for an interview yet. All the better, I suppose, I don't have to deal with people associated with that order or lay group.
Timothy Gawne, Fourth Generation War and the Death of the State: Suicide not Murder
Twitch: Filmart Day Three: TRACING SHADOW and ASTROBOY
Mr. Jeff Culbreath posts some videos and links pertaining to Christendom College. This one caught my eye: Etiquette at Christendom College. Where is the equivalent for the women aspiring to be ladies?
Dr. Fleming: "To put this discussion on track I propose two things, 1) a brief list of definitions, and 2) some texts, beginning with Epictetus, then perhaps Chrysostom and St. Thomas."

The first part: Defining Terms. As for Epictetus, he writes:

Epictetus was a former Greek slave and an adherent of Stoicism, a philosophical school established by a Phoenician merchant named Zeno, who, to be frank, borrowed a good deal from Aristotle and dressed up his borrowings with fancy terminology. Although Stoics developed a logic and a physics, they are mainly known for their ethics. The key Stoic principle is to live life according to nature, that is, to live consistently with what we rationally can determine is the purpose established by the gods. They very radically and dangerously distinguished between that which is good–those virtuous actions and attitudes that we rationally determine–what is bad–the opposite–and a vast realm of the indifferent, which would include health, wealth, prestige, success, and even friends and family (though here, they are somewhat subtler). Later Stoicism, especially preached by Romans, had a strong emphasis on doing one’s duty according to one’s station, and in this form, Stoicism had a great impact on Christian moral theology. Many older writers have emphasized (quite correctly) the similarities between Seneca the Younger and St. Paul, who actually was haled before the court of Seneca’s half-brother Gallio.
We can talk later about Epictetus’ life and how his discourses came to be written down by the historian Arrian (famous for his life of Alexander), but for the moment, let us read some parts of Book I. Because these are snippets of discourse, it is not important to read everything or in sequence. I’ll be using the Loeb edition, but a readable text is online at:

Let us look at chapters 1-4, 9-23. Make sure you download the text version, because what is posted on the site is only the first half of Book I. I do not intend to make this a long discussion or even to give Epictetus the serious treatment he deserves, only to show how an ancient pagan viewed ethical questions relevant to our discussion here. I should say that Epictetus does seem to be a wonderful teacher and while perhaps not an original thinker he is an excellent gateway to the Stoic tradition. Like the other great popular Stoics (Marcus Aurelius and Seneca) he has been read and enjoyed by non-philosophers more than by the professionals.

Edit. On Epictetus -- Epictetus against Consumerists and Other Cowards

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rob Hopkins, A Friendly Permaculture Critique of the Obamas’ Vegetable Garden
Zenit: Papal Message to Conference on Women
"Gifted By the Creator With a Unique Capacity for the Other"

Sharon Astyk, Indigeny Part 1

Indigeny Part I: Becoming Native To Your Place
Sharon Astyk, Casaubon’s Book
I call the project “Indigeny” - that is, becoming local to your place, creating a culture that can go on, not just ’a bit after the fossil fuels run out” but for generations, and one that results in a life worth having. Without this, we are merely minimizing losses - and all of us need more than that.


Edit. Discussion of the post at Crunchy Con.
(MV) Han Hye jin in Las Vegas

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Mexico puts $2 million bounty on top drug lords
Producer Can’t Wait To Kill Tenth Doctor
Why police code-talk is out
Crunchy Con: Leaving America

A reader recommends going to Panama.
Ralph McInerny, Is Obama Worth a Mass? (via The American Papist)
NLM: Pope names Bishop Salvatore Cordileone as Bishop of Oakland, California.
Fr. Z: New Archbishop of Oakland

The bishop was in attendance at the TAC chapel's dedication weekend. I hope he will be able to help clean house here in the Bay Area.

California Catholic Daily article.

Bishop Salvatore Cordileone
Marriage Matters: Bishop Salvatore Cordileone
Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone Holy Resurrection Monastery
Bishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone [Catholic-Hierarchy]
Auxiliary bishop from San Diego named next bishop of Oakland

Also from NLM in 2007: Bishop Cordileone Pontifical Requiem
TJF, Filmlog: Decision at Sundown
Mike Whitney, Zombie Economics: Judgment Day for Geithner
I was in Ms. K's 2nd grade class today, and I was reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. The class was on the last chapter, and there is a picture of Bill(?) with Keith. One of the kids was looking at the clothes and said something like, "That's so 80s." I L think spoke up to correct him, "No, 90s!" And D said, "That's when my mom was born. In the 90s." I wonder if he got the year right, but it wouldn't be that surprising if it was.

A bunch of the kids at the school were asking me how old I was today. I responded with, "Old enough," until they guessed too high. Someone said, "Old enough to be your dad." I had to agree with that...

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Zenit: Pope's Address to Movements on Promotion of Women
"We Feel the Need for This Feminine Complementarity"
Zenit: Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Sermon
"The Law Is at the Service of Love and Defends It"
The More Things Change… by Srdja Trifkovic
John Médaille, Chapter XVI: Distributism and Industrial Policy and Chapter XV: Taxes, Economic Rent, and Externalities
Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley

Teach for America

Teach For America

Deserves some attention and review, I think.

Teach For America makes 3-year commitment to MPS
What Is Teach for America Really Like? - US News and World Report
Two Teach For America Recruits Share Their Stories
A good grade for Teach for America
Teach For America Makes the Grade at Challenged Schools, Criticism Aside
Teach for America surges on better recruiting, worse economy
Teach for America stirs controversy, criticism InsideVandy
Alexander Russo: The Genius Behind Teach For America
Hoover Institution - Education Next - Teach for America
Harvard Political Review - Educational Inspiration or Failure?
Teach for America: Critiques and responses
Study raises questions about Teach for America

Local school activist lambastes Teach for America
OlsonOnline: The problem with Teach for America --part two

Why I Hate Teach for America

From 2003:
Who Killed Teach for America?
How I Joined Teach for America—and Got Sued for $20 Million

Catholic Homesteading Movement

(Prompted by a comment at Crunchy Con's Letter to a Young Benedictine Agrarian. )

Catholic Homesteading Movement
Oxford, NY 13830

Catholic Homesteading Movement
An Essay on Catholic Homesteading by Kevin Ford
Homesteading On The Internet: Living Without Motor Vehicles
Bill Powell Is Alive [The Den]
Links - McNabb Society

Plus: Small Farm Today® magazine and Home 'N Stead. Catholic Men's Quarterly. Catholic Homesteading Women.

West Liberty Farm.
Polyface books
Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal JOEL SALATIN / Acres v.33, n.9
Minimalist living in Silicon Valley
Cynthia Cheng, Santa Clara Weekly

Born in Singapore and raised Catholic, Lawrence credits his humble upbringing for teaching him about the merits of living with minimal means.
(via EB)

The Happy Minimalist

website for The Happy Minimalist
Google Books
Energy Bulletin feature
review by Garden Nut
ForeWord Magazine :: Clarion Review - The Happy Minimalist
His blog (inactive, but you can read the archived posts).

Plus: Reality Report: Household and Community Food Security (no audio yet?)
NLM: The New 38 Year Old Abbot the Cistericans of Mehrerau, Austria

official website: Zisterzienserabtei und Privatgymnasium Mehrerau
news at Heiligenkreuz -- Pater Anselm ist neuer Abt der Mehrerau

Abt Anselm van der Linde und sein Vorgänger Kassian Lauterer

Sarge, be sure to check out The Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank (old website). And the two photo albums: Feast of the Founders 2009 and Oblation. A preview of The White Monks by Louis J. Lekai, S.O. Cist. here.

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Julianne Hough @ Coyote Joe's

Julianne Hough My Hallelujah Song (official music video HD)

Julianne Hough-My Hallelujah Song-01-23-09

Julianne Hough-Hit Me With Your Best Shot-01-23-09

Julianne Hough-Jimmy Ray McGee-01-23-09

Julianne Hough-Hello-01-23-09

website for Coyote Joe's

Julianne Hough sings on WGN Morning News