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Fempowerment Disguised as Fantasy

The Old Guard

Protests Today in Hong Kong

One Take on Franz Jägerstätter

via Lew Rockwell:

Center for Christian Nonviolence

Three Verbs at the Pool

LC on the LDR Flap

A Contrast with Carrie Lam

in ideals and governance only. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文 still has the appearance and demeanor of an older Chinese (or in this case Taiwanese) woman, like Carrie Lam. It appears that those who backed Taiwan independence were right all along, though it is not obvious that they will be able to defend themselves from China. A nuclear attack sub or two, or some missiles with warheads would be useful, but receiving any from the US may be judged to be too provocative and leading to instant war. An announcement after the fact on the other hand...

She is the first unmarried president of Taiwan. Understandable?

The singing at the beginning of the second part of the ceremony reminded me of the PLA and patriotic music that is sung over on the Mainland. Two different sort of "modern" Chinese cultures, heavily influenced by the West. Very little recovery of anything "traditional" in the pomp surrounding the two governments, except maybe the authoritarian mindset.


More on RECCE

Still Fighting the Reformation

Crisis: Reflections on the Protestant Revolution by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz

[B]but in the 19th century, when the study of history became professionalized, it was mostly Protestant scholars in Germany who led the way. They got to name names, including “Protestant Reformation.” The British picked it up automatically, and so did the Americans. Now it is applied universally.

And it makes sense to many. The Catholic Church is allegedly retrograde, reactionary, and incapable of change. It is only fit to launch a Counter-Reformation. Really? What of the Cluniac Reform? If we agree about the truth of this Catholic reformation, on the one hand, and the Protestant revolution on the other, we will be mentally equipped to acknowledge that what we were dealing with was not a “Catholic Counter-Reformation” but, rather, a Catholic counter-revolution. Let’s get it straight.

This is an uphill battle, but someone’s got to do it.

"Revolution" instead of "Reformation." I have heard Latin traditionalists and even some conservative Latins advocate the same thing before. Even if such rhetoric might be effective, its effectiveness would have been 500 years ago, not now, and I don't think the rhetoric would have been effective with the reformers nor with the Christians who thought they had a point. Pope Francis doesn't talk about the Protestant Revolution, and some may be critical of his overtures to Protestants. Certainly there may be excesses in his sort of ecumenism, such as meeting with female "bishops" like Antje Jackelén, the Lutheran archbishop of Uppsala in the Church of Sweden, who said of Pope Francis, “Living in a single-sex environment may not make it so easy to in all aspects achieve a balanced view of humankind.”

Now his defenders will say that as the leader of the Church who is interested in ecumenism, he must maintain relations with the Lutherans, and this includes meeting with their leaders, regardless of their gender identity. The original protestors against Rome would probably be shocked by the deviations from the primitive Gospel that their various confessions have undergone. What, then, is the point of an aimless ecumenism that seeks to be friendly with all, while reconciling none? Benedict XVI was able to restore communion with traditional Anglicans, and some were hoping that there would be similar overtures to traditional Lutherans. Apostolic Christians, especially Latins, can reach out to traditional Protestants who have not traded in the Gospel for heretical liberalism, and those who are not traditional need to be evangelized or be left behind in their "town." What other action is possible? Whether the "Christian" believes in feminism, the liceity of homosexuality or same-sex marriage, abortion, fornication, or a host of other errors pertaining to the Divine Law, I don't see how they cannot be corrected. Is it an act of mercy to leave them in ignorance? But what if their ignorance is culpable?

Back to Chodakiewicz's polemic -- I don't believe the Protestants were completely wrong in their protests, and Louis Bouyer points to the fundamental intuitions which were correct in his The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism. If the Latins had not been estranged from the rest of the Church Universal, would they have been in an intellectually better state to dialogue with the Protestants, instead of enshrining scholastic theology as dogma? I do think the separation that the Apostolic Churches suffered and maintained did weaken all of them, and we should take care to heal those divisions.


Address of His Holiness Pope Francis to the World Communion of Reformed Churches

Freedom of Association

Freedom of association is important, but this essay strikes me as a typical libertarian/liberal exposition of that freedom. We can agree that there is a freedom of association, or a right of association, which cannot be infringed upon by some [higher] political authority.

Public Discourse: Reviving the Freedom of Association by Nathanael Blake

Blake builds upon this book from Kansas University Press: Why Associations Matter: The Case for First Amendment Pluralism by Luke C. Sheahan.

The Outpost

Interview with C.R.Wiley - 'Man of the House'

Korps Mariniers


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Second TENET trailer

A Federal Bailout for Catholic Schools?

If Catholic schools should get a Federal bailout, how about public schools? Private schools? Are there any organizations that shouldn't get a bailout? How about non-profit organizations or charitable organizations?

We should be asking what purposes schools serve. Too many Catholic primary and secondary schools have reoriented themselves to giving their students the sort of education they need in order to be "prepared for college or university." What sort of "religious" education are they providing for their students? How many students have left a Catholic school only to become a "none" later in life?As far as I'm concerned, those schools that failed to anticipate and adapt for collapse should go out of  business; if it doesn't happen now, it will definitely happen later as the economy shrivels up.

If having a sustainable Catholic education system were that important to them, Catholics shouldn't have immigrated and voluntarily become wage slaves  in a non-Catholic land to industrialized and urbanized economies that have become increasingly fragile. They should have either stayed in their native lands and worked for reform (even if the authoritarianism of the state and the Church made that difficult) or they should have moved to rural areas where they could have set up their own communities and economies (as some Catholic immigrants did). Now they must accept the consequences of the poor decisions they and their forebears have made. There is no easy remedy to that lack of foresight.

First Things: The Idea of the Catholic School by C. C. Pecknold

Another Manifestation of the Gospel of "Niceness"

Do some commit acts of incivility or offend charity in their interactions with others, especially online? Perhaps. But some divisions cannot be reduced, nor can one pretend that they do not exist without being unjust or violating the order of charity, and sometimes justice or the order of charity require confrontation. Some divisions are so serious that separation is required, or mere "co-existence."

Better advice would be to avoid unncessary and/or unconstructive conversation or "debate" with others, especially online, and to focus on doing what one can to build up one's self and others within one's community.

CWR Dispatch: A remedy for divisions with adversaries by Thomas M. Doran
We cannot practice daily self examination, an examination of conscience, without growing as human beings and reducing divisions with others, even those we dislike and resent.

A Postliberal on the Varieties of Liberalism

The Tory Socialist: Thick Liberalism: Understanding the Opponents of Postliberalism

SureFire SF3P-50BMG Flash Hider


The Firearm Blog

USSOCOM Small Arms

0241 Tactical


A Joke Economy Makes This Possible

Survival of the Fittest

The empire is in decline. Get in shape.

Protests in HK This Weekend?

RECCE Selection

Toxic Femininity

Is the desire to rule over men feminine? Or a female vice? How about the desire to have the honors due to a man but none of the responsibility required for those honors?

Lana Del Rey doesn't disavow feminism; she wants space so that she can express her femininity, but she's going to have to decide what her priorities in life are. Unfortunately for her, her career choices militate against her coming to an honest appraisal of the importance of femininity, especially with the threat of cancel culture.


Maybe she should watch this video.

James Howard Kunstler Updates The Long Emergency

Playing the Moderate

Do red MAGA hat-wearing partisan fans of Trump who gloss over his faults even know who Robert George is? I doubt it. What's the point of a tweet such as this, then? Biden is just a placeholder for the party, and he may not even be the nominee. The story is not Trump or Biden, but the divisions that exist between red and blue, and identity politics is just making those divisions worse. Does George have a plan for red America to save itself?

Music Across the Balconies


Sustainable Agriculture

Ultramontanist When It's Your Guy Who's Pope, Part 2

Industrial Capitalism Has Played a Role

But what about addressing feminism?

Don't Give Neocons Any Ideas

Providing intellectual or moral cover tor neocons or the deep state or the imperialists? Why?

But Conservatives Who Create Must Have Respectable Associations, Right?

I don't see ISI or other bowtie conservatives advertising Castalia House or other independent creators if they are associated with anything deemed "alt-right."

《Do you hear the people sing 試問誰還未發聲》管弦樂+合唱團版 - 廣東話

The Lying Witch Carrie Lam


Mozambique Drill

The Pansori Singer 소리꾼

The trailer music really doesn't match the subject matter at all...


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More with Kevin Owens and Fieldcraft Survival

Fieldcraft Survival Blog

Bugging out for a 3 day movement

One Detail of the CCP Security Law

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

The Pretensions of Constantinople

Not unrelated, perhaps...

Liberalism as Christianity

Affirmative action, too.

Of Course Those in the Orbit of the MP Wouldn't Like This

The New JGSDF Rifle


Asahi Shimbun
Defence Blog

Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Ascension

What Does "Christian" Mean?

The Feast of the Ascension

Maronite... organ + singing...

Mossberg Glock Copycat


Can't Have These in California

Jack Carr with John Najarian

The Light That Failed

Pegasus Books: The Light That Failed: Why the West Is Losing the Fight for Democracy by Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes

From the publisher's description:
Written by two pre-eminent intellectuals bridging the East/West divide, The Light That Failed is a landmark book that sheds light on the extraordinary history of the fall of the Western ideal.

Western ideal? Hardly. The ideal of certain "intellectuals" and philosophes, but not the only Western political ideal. Modern "Democracy" in the West is a sham, an instrument of control of the masses more than an instrumental of control by the masses. That liberals would this show how naive they are.

Maybe the two authors will have an interesting account of why liberal democracy failed, or maybe they'll make excuses for liberalism and ignore human nature. I don't think I'd spend money on an analysis by liberals.


Antiochian Orthodox. Less nasal than the version (Melkite) I often hear around here...

DGX: 《明天》/ "Tomorrow"

The Last Governor on the Proposed Security Law

But TikTok Is Spyware!

Lord Have Mercy on Hong Kong

This Is What Passes for the "Intellectual Dark Web"

Being an useful idiot for the oligarchs.

Brian Czech on Planet of the Humans

Tony Blauer with Frank Grillo

KNOW FEAR with Tony Blauer

Heinberg on Renewal Energy


Throwing Tomahawks

Grant Havers Reviews Ancient Greece and American Conservatism: Classical Influence on the Modern Right

Bloomsbury: Ancient Greece and American Conservatism: Classical Influence on the Modern Right by John Bloxham

Kirk Center


What Is Needed for the Development of Republican Virtue

A decent essay on what is actually required for republican virtue -- and in a system that doesn't allow for the full development of all 4 aspects is something that must be worked around. Find your tribe.

Imaginative Conservative: A Jeffersonian Model of Citizenship by Ralph Ketcham

America's Revolutionary Mind

America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It by C. Bradley Thompson

JMP lecture with video

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More on Batwoman

Fempowerment Nonsense in Full Swing in S. Korea

Did any of the studio execs or producers see what happened to the Fox series Pitch? Maybe they don't care.


John Paul II Was a Libertarian!

Samuel Gregg doesn't make this actual claim but he wants to appropriate John Paul II for liberalism.

Centesimus Annus is often praised—rightly, in my view—for being the modern social encyclical most attentive to economics as a social science. This owed much to John Paul II’s willingness to meet and have serious discussions with prominent economists who themselves occupied a variety of positions on the economic policy spectrum while the encyclical was being drafted.

Economics is a practical science; academics need to take shortcuts and make assumptions about human behavior in order to have predictive models because the system with which they deal is too big.

"Catholic Feminism"

Erika Bachiochi

Meet the First Enlisted Female Guard Soldiers to Graduate Army Ranger School


Aspiring hobbits and Tolkienesque Latin academics, learn something from this.


Track Your Flat-Range Performance

The Soulmate Myth

Who's more likely to stay idealistic about "soulmates" even through a failed relationship/marriage or two? Men or women? And is the women's "soulmate" ideal anything more than an alpha male? Who's more likely to initiatie divorce because they are no longer satisfied by their spouse? Wilcox isn't going to talk about the problem of feminism and unrestrained hypergamy - female and male feminist donors would stop financially supporting him.

I Could See Blue Marin Activists Objecting to The Former

and clamoring for the liberation of all livestock animals.

A Contrast Between a Saint and a Scoundrel

CLJ: The Unhidden Lives of Jean Vanier and Franz Jägerstätter by John O'Callaghan

In the midst of our anguish over Vanier’s abusive behavior, we need to keep in mind that nonetheless Vanier stated a profound truth: persons with disabilities are not objects of our charity but should be treated as friends among whom we live and share a common life. The irony of the L’Arche communities is that they exist at all, for if we all took that profound truth to heart, if we lived it, there would be no L’Arche, or rather we would all be L’Arche in our homes, neighborhoods, towns, and cities. Jean Vanier’s hidden life cannot destroy that truth.

But how many of the rich or those looking to create paid work for themselves use philanthropy to cover up for their private lives, or to exploit philanthropy for their private sins?

How many people live this truth quietly, by taking care of their disabled children or relatives? If mass population centers at large do not live according to this principle, then those mass population centers need to be evangelized and reformed, and not have its conscience assuaged by con-men using "charity" for their own ends.

Libs Gonna Lib

"Terror Charges"

A new category of hate crime?

Weigel on Latin Integralism

First Things: Games Intellectuals Play (CWR)

And that's about it. The first question, which pertains to historical links between integralists and various European political movements and regimes, doesn't address the substance of their arguments. The second, about the link between Obergefell and the Declaration of Independence, does touch upon how the Constitution is to be interpreted, and can't be simply dismissed as the replacement of Leo XIII with Hegel. As for the third question, it's just an appeal to authority, as if an appeal to the private opinions of John Paul II and Benedict XVI but made public by them are sufficient answers to Latin integralism. But that's how one sort of ultramontanist thinks.

Then again, were you expecting a substantive theological critique?

AAM & VOCES8: JS Bach, St. John Passion

MIC Success

Mass Culture Facilitates Decadence and Soyness

Justice Now

A Part of SERE Training

A Resource for Soy Millenials, Too

The Work of Ryan Redcorn

Rocking the Spanish Clerical Look

Lord have mercy.

Mr. Plinkett's Star Trek Picard Review

Batwoman Fails Faster

Variety article.

Variety has an update: Why 'Batwoman' Star Ruby Rose Left the CW Series – Variety

James Ronald Kennedy reviews The Age of Entitlement

Abbeville Institute

The Point is a Serious One and a Good One

But the photo is still amusing.

I Like That She's Anti-CCP

But the first photo is ridiculous and undermines, not bolsters, claims about the possibility of fempowerment and egquality.

The Sugar Weasel

Another rifle by Q, which Garand Thumb actually recommends over the Honey Badger.

Rock City Tactical video

Garand Thumb on the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast:

Arkham on the Loose

Sandro Magister: The Synod of the German Church Under the Analyst's Lens. A Revolution That Self-destructs

The first of the three documents represents a genuine revolution, a “democratization” of the Church with elective access to the leading roles and with the subseqent duty of the elected to respond not only to other “democratically chosen bodies” but also to “an independent jurisdiction.”

But isn't this a subversion of the foundational structure of the Catholic Church?

Should the be some sort of election of clergy, presbyters and bishops? That might be the ancient practice in one form or another. Is it a subversion of the foundational structure of the Catholic Church? No. God may be the source of authority, but He has left the determination of who is suited to hold authority to us, and sometimes mistakes are made. Still, even if the German Catholic "reformers" are correct about having popular or quasi-popular election of clergy, that doesn't mean their motives are correct or their implementation.

Alan International Ensemble - Brideshead Revisited / Gabriel's Oboe

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Where's the Authenticity?

Better than what I expected, and better than anything else I've read on American Mind recently. "The Last Men of modernity are looking for a leader to show a better way, and today’s generation of liberals don’t seem to have what it takes to provide the leadership that this generation needs." Can academic illiberals can provide that leadership? I doubt it.

He doesn't say it, but perhaps the author would agree: those posing as leaders of "illiberalism" need to back their words up with action and proof that they are living the life they think others should live. Being an academic is not enough, nor is it an excuse for not doing more. And the author at least doesn't claim the mantle of leadership.

Inside the Very Online War on Liberalism by Benjamin L. Mabry

A Conservative Application of Roman Catholic Social Teaching

It's not bad as far as it goes, and of course enumerates the main principles of Catholic Social Teaching, the common good, social justice, solidarity, and subsidiarity. Should the authors be citing Michael Novak's interpretation? No, but I don't think the essay itself mandates or depends upon Novak's interpretation.

It all looks good on paper, but writing is much easier than making it a reality. Would the state (and I am applying this term to the American states, not to the National Government) be willing to concede authority and autonomy to local communities? When it happens, I will be one of the first to celebrate, but I think it also requires a replacement of the state constitution with some other form of political arrangement that is codified in a document.

Public Discourse: Reclaiming Social Justice by Andy Smarick and Bruno V. Manno

This gives those on the political right, in particular, a way to think about engaging with domestic policy issues. First, it encourages individuals to join with others in forming voluntary associations and other types of mediating institutions, so that citizens can solve common challenges together. This view doesn’t look first for large, impersonal, faraway public or private bodies to define and solve problems. Instead, it affirms that citizens can and should collaborate with their family members, friends, and neighbors to address the challenges of the day.
Find your tribe.
Second, it aims to achieve the common good first and foremost at the community level, not just at the national or international level. It directs collective efforts toward shared, local goals—not private interests. It respects individuals and allows societies, and the institutions on which they rely, to thrive.

First, there must be a community. (1) needs to lead to the creation of community; some mass aggregate is not a community, nor should it dominate "voluntary associations" that are actually communities in their own right.

Skipping to the end:
By way of conclusion, four points seem essential: to appreciate the value of individual agency and voluntary associations; to recognize the danger of investing too much authority in distant, powerful bodies; to protect the right of groups to take distinctive forms and pursue different activities, while also holding such groups responsible for meeting their obligations; finally, especially today, to commit to civic participation, temperance, and collaboration.

Without the authority for a group or community to determine who its members are and to exclude, this is meaningless.

Unrealistic Civic Nationalism

Something from 2018: A civic nationalist throws his hands up in the air because he knows he cannot give a solution to immigration upon which the future identity politics depends.

Can't support secession or separation because it's -ist, -ist, -ist! Just as Nativism is bad because it's bigotry and -ist!

Immigration: A Troubled History by Mark Malvasi

Restoration of Authority?

American Mind: Restore Authority to Education by John Peterson

To solve the crisis of higher education, we must confront the rot in our primary and secondary schools. To do that, our communities must bring back authority to our schools at a time when that authority has all but disappeared. Where can that authority come from? Only from our fundamental—and natural—laws.

There can be no restoration or proper exercise of authority without trust, and there can be no trust without a real community. Figure out the community problem first.

The Balfa Brothers

AmConMag: Dancing in Cajun Country - Notes from the Big Dance

Varieties of the British Right

Kirk Center review by James Baresel.

Bloomsbury: Neo-Tories: The Revolt of British Conservatives against Democracy and Political Modernity (1929–1939) by Bernhard Dietz.

America No More

And KFC is trying to capture that feel, but what America is this?

The Republican Party and Henry Clay as "Conservatism"

Imaginative Conservative: The Forgotten American System by Thomas Maino

Everyone's Talking about Community and the Common Good

Do we have a problem with the lack of community in mass population centers? Yes. Do conflict-averse "conservatives" have a solution? No. Punditry is not engaging in personal conflict, not even when one is supposedly "communicating" with one's opponents through articles and the like. Let them do it in person and see what their response is.

 The lockdown has given me more time to respond to various articles and postings on the blog, but it's not something that I will continue for much longer, as it gets repetitive, and various "conservative" intellectuals are probably not going to realize their errors and change. It may be time to focus completely on other projects, or to do some real writing.

Law Liberty: Plagues, Ancient and Modern by Pavlos Papadopoulos

The terror of a deadly virus for which we have no cure has reminded us that we are not gods; so, too, in a subtler way, has the isolation into which it has forced us. It is up to us to decide, now, to rise above the level of the bestial and recall the proper means and ends of human life, to be found in restored and re-embraced community.
The author is a member of the faculty at WCC so he should use the school as a basis for understanding what community requires, and how the school falls short of being a full, i.e. political, community.

MSM Attention and Scrutiny of the FSSPX

KBI is investigating priests in Kansas town that draws parishioners from across U.S.

Rod Dreher: SSPX Abuse Scandal Hits Mainstream Media
It has not escaped my notice that St. Marys is the kind of place that could be fairly identified as a Benedict Option community. To be sure, I have never, ever claimed, nor would I ever claim, that you can escape sin. Still, even though I’m no longer Catholic, I do find it particularly painful that this is going on within a community that really is trying to live by traditional standards. It doesn’t negate their aspirations to holiness, including communal holiness, but it does make it harder for people to trust the leadership.
It may be a cult, but I have doubts as to whether it is a community. A community polices itself and its leadership justly and effectively.

More on Planet of the Humans

No Preferential Treatment in This Way

Not Quite a Scold

Chalk has a point, but Hollywood movies aren't made for just men. One might as well wish for Hollywood to stop generating so much garbage. iirc, it was the female viewers who were more dissatisfied with the "monogamous" Timothy Dalton Bond then the men. For women, Brad Pitt's character can get away with showing restraint because he's Brad Pitt. Hollywood isn't going to ignore female purchasing power, and what they desire in an alpha, and what they want is an alpha hero who is capable of attracting many women, even if he doesn't bed them all.

Soldiers in an actual war also will make use of the services of prostitutes because apparently the sexual impulse becomes even stronger in the face of death. If soldiers, then why not Bond, who knows he is expendable while he serves in Her Majesty's secret service? This was probably true of the Roman army, too, and if not with the women in the camp followers, then prostitutes in town.

Christians can make movies about stoic or Christian men (like A Hidden Life) but these will not have wide-scale appeal. Movies like Ford v. Ferrari, in which Christian Bale plays a good dad and maybe good husband, are the best social conservatives can hope for. There is no movie about heroic single men who also resist "sexual temptation" that will be satisfactory to both social conservatives and those who have the Red Pill.

AmConMag: The Horny Hero in American Film by Casey Chalk
It’s time for Hollywood to champion better male heroes.