Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christopher West Coming to Town

This coming weekend.

I have a conflict in my schedule that day; all for the better because if I were to go and listen and critique what needs to be critiqued, it wouldn't be for the right reasons.

Theology of the Body NoCal

The Cor Project: July 19, 2014 :: San Jose, CA :: Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing
FB event
Christopher West: Fill These Hearts

His Fill These Hearts book tour comes to the area --
Queen of Apostles
4911 Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
Saturday, July 19, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Open to all. Suggested donation at the door of $10.00
For more info contact: 408.213.6509

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


From Stratford Caldecott: A New Secularism: The Secular Franciscan Order

Nickel Creek, "Hayloft"

Monday, July 14, 2014

Worth Keeping In Mind

From Politics, 3.9

But a state exists for the sake of a good life, and not for the sake of life only: if life only were the object, slaves and brute animals might form a state, but they cannot, for they have no share in happiness or in a life of free choice. Nor does a state exist for the sake of alliance and security from injustice, nor yet for the sake of exchange and mutual intercourse; for then the Tyrrhenians and the Carthaginians, and all who have commercial treaties with one another, would be the citizens of one state. True, they have agreements about imports, and engagements that they will do no wrong to one another, and written articles of alliance. But there are no magistrates common to the contracting parties who will enforce their engagements; different states have each their own magistracies. Nor does one state take care that the citizens of the other are such as they ought to be, nor see that those who come under the terms of the treaty do no wrong or wickedness at an, but only that they do no injustice to one another. Whereas, those who care for good government take into consideration virtue and vice in states. Whence it may be further inferred that virtue must be the care of a state which is truly so called, and not merely enjoys the name: for without this end the community becomes a mere alliance which differs only in place from alliances of which the members live apart; and law is only a convention, 'a surety to one another of justice,' as the sophist Lycophron says, and has no real power to make the citizens

This is obvious; for suppose distinct places, such as Corinth and Megara, to be brought together so that their walls touched, still they would not be one city, not even if the citizens had the right to intermarry, which is one of the rights peculiarly characteristic of states. Again, if men dwelt at a distance from one another, but not so far off as to have no intercourse, and there were laws among them that they should not wrong each other in their exchanges, neither would this be a state. Let us suppose that one man is a carpenter, another a husbandman, another a shoemaker, and so on, and that their number is ten thousand: nevertheless, if they have nothing in common but exchange, alliance, and the like, that would not constitute a state. Why is this? Surely not because they are at a distance from one another: for even supposing that such a community were to meet in one place, but that each man had a house of his own, which was in a manner his state, and that they made alliance with one another, but only against evil-doers; still an accurate thinker would not deem this to be a state, if their intercourse with one another was of the same character after as before their union. It is clear then that a state is not a mere society, having a common place, established for the prevention of mutual crime and for the sake of exchange. These are conditions without which a state cannot exist; but all of them together do not constitute a state, which is a community of families and aggregations of families in well-being, for the sake of a perfect and self-sufficing life. Such a community can only be established among those who live in the same place and intermarry. Hence arise in cities family connections, brotherhoods, common sacrifices, amusements which draw men together. But these are created by friendship, for the will to live together is friendship. The end of the state is the good life, and these are the means towards it. And the state is the union of families and villages in a perfect and self-sufficing life, by which we mean a happy and honorable life.

Our conclusion, then, is that political society exists for the sake of noble actions, and not of mere companionship. Hence they who contribute most to such a society have a greater share in it than those who have the same or a greater freedom or nobility of birth but are inferior to them in political virtue; or than those who exceed them in wealth but are surpassed by them in virtue.

Daniel McInerny on Endo's Silence

The Catholic Thing: The Sinister Theology of Endo’s SILENCE

AICN: 2015 is getting even more packed! Paramount in talks to distribute Martin Scorsese's passion project SILENCE!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

AJ Lee, "Miss Ohio"

I haven't posted this yet? A.J. Lee is getting her own label. Check out her website - she's raising money for an EP.

First Sound of Music, now this... NBC, you continue to have a winning strategy for programming.

Meanwhile, one of its better shows flounders with respect to audience share... (Well, better if you like shows about psychopaths and such.)


NY Daily News

Too Much Publicity for Him on This Blog?

Maybe, but he doesn't have a post tag/label of his own yet. Tim Kennedy.

Doctor Who Trailer


Crossfit + Army...

Would a better fitness program get pogs in shape? Or is it not the lack of standards but the lack of enforcement?

Be Prepared

Demographics is Destiny

Who shall inherit the earth?

Alison Krauss, "Wayfaring Stranger"