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Enthronement of Bishop Milan

Vatican News and

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Virignia

Who is the architecture responsible for the final design of the SSPX American seminary? (Cram and Ferguson had been commissioned but the firm resigned from the commission and I can't find any information on who took over subsequently.) It looks very similar to the design for Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, as both are Romanesque. Curious that neither order went with a Gothic design -- a more classical look for the United States? How is the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary assimilating to the locals?


Video: Inside tour

website for fundraising
Announcement of the new seminary project

Pharisees Gonna Pharisee...

Richard Henry Lee

Richard Henry Lee by Brion McClanahan

The Hidden Christians

Once hidden, the history of Japanese Christianity gains UN recognition

The Death of Virginia


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Who will oppose the activism of the USCCB?

How long before the first Indian parents start agitating for admittance of their daughters to the South Asian cricket leagues in the United States? Or do they unleash their feral feminist daughters only whites?

2nd South Carolina String Band at 151st Gettysburg

Two years ago...

Will anyone bother to rebuke the pope for his handling of the intercommunion issue?

CNA: Bari archbishop says papal visit will focus on ecumenism
In Bari Francis to extend his push for an ecumenism of friendship

Larry Vickers Has a Training Tip

Shadow Systems

Another Attempt to Cash in on '80s Nostalgia

So who is involved in the production of this movie? The usual suspects?

The Last Warrior

Another mass media product about [white] barbarian warriors?

What Sort of Movie Is This?

Assassination Nation

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One of Dreher's Better Pieces

Miguel Monjardino’s RepĂşblica

England Not Dead Yet