Thursday, January 09, 2020

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State of the World

What charism has the bishop of Rome been given for this task? No longer the temporal ruler of the papal states but acknowledged to be some sort of head, the head of the Catholic Church, as if that were on par with a political organization.

Bureaucrats at Work

Ed Calderon on JRE

Celtic Pilgrimage

What's Happening in Westminster?

Another failure in leadership and accountability?

Westminster Cathedral’s Master of Music resigns by Nick Hallett

Westminster Cathedral Choir row deepens as head of music quits over boarding school arrangements


Exacerbating Tensions?

And is it just Latin Catholics involved? Or are Indian Syriac Catholics involved in this too?

Fr. Ignatius Spencer

Avenue 5

Why not just reboot Red Dwarf? At least Hugh Laurie is back on American TV.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

A Photo of Convergence

What BS.

Plastic Planet

Mud City Press review of the documentary

Two More Reviews of A Hidden Life

Rod Dreher
Richard M. Reinsch II

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Strike Industries Colby Belt


Sarum Vespers


UR: Impeachment and Antisemitism by Gilad Atzmon
An interview with Yonatan Stern, a Jewish Settler and an American patriot

Like President Trump, Yonatan has harsh words on the Jewishness of the Jewish Left. “In reality these are assimilated, pork-eating, sabbath-desecrating fake Jews affiliated with the radical left wing Reform movement who ordain women as rabbis and conduct homosexual ‘marriages’ under a Chuppa. These Hellenist (Greek) frauds represent everything that is evil and ugly about American Judaism and they perpetuate the myth of the hook-nosed subversive Jew being behind every insidious attempt to undermine their host countries.”

It goes without saying that Yonatan doesn’t approve of the Jewish Left and its duplicitous mantra yet, I had to ask Yonatan whether he would be willing to militarily train a female rabbi or a gay cantor.

“The reality is this, these people caused the problem. It will come back to bite them in the end. Now should I come and save them from the trouble they caused me and all the Jews?”

“Their actions are endangering all of us, as many American gentiles see this rightly as an attempt to subvert our republic for which they fought and died, and identify the Jew as the subversive enemy behind it.” It is clear that in Yonatan’s universe, the Left Jew is by far the most dangerous element in Western society in general and in the USA in particular.

This fear of the assimilated and Leftist Jew may sound bizarre to those who are foreign to Jewish culture, history and tradition. The fear of Hellenist (Greek) Jews is as old as Judaism. There is nothing more frightening for rabbinical Jews than the thought that some of their brethren endorse the ethics of Goyim, subscribe to universalism, peace, harmony and equality. Zionism was born to stop assimilation; it promised to take the Diaspora Jews away to Palestine and to make them people like all other people. The anti Zionist Bund, an East European revolutionary Communist Jewish party that was literally born the same year as Zionism (1897), was also an attempt to prevent Jews from joining the ‘Hellenic’ route by offering Jews a tribal path within the context of a future Soviet revolution. Golda Meir thought the real threat to Jewish existence wasn’t the Arab-Israeli conflict but mixed marriages. Yonatan, like every observing Jew, knows that Hanukah is a celebration of the victory of traditional conservative Judaism over the Hellenic Jewish voices that threatened to liberate the Jews from themselves.

I asked Yonatan why Jews seem to be prone to subversive and revolutionary politics. For Yonatan, “there is a subversive and evil element within Judaism even before the Torah was given. There are numerous examples of the above in the Torah of Jews who are living in our midst and subverting our cause.” According to Yonatan Saul Alinsky is a perfect exemplar of such a revolutionary destructive Jew, as is Marx. I asked Yonatan whether Jesus should be added to the list of these subversive Jewish characters. Yonatan avoided the question probably because the wrong answering could jeopardise his wishful future alliance with the Christian Right.

Yonathan wrote to me that “it is usually the most identifiable (the Orthodox Jews ) who are the targets of the understandable antisemitic backlash.” It is people like himself, he wrote, who “are put into the position of having no choice but to fight right wing white Christian Conservatives, people who would be our natural allies under normal circumstances if these Hellenist Jews weren’t disgracing G-d’s name with their evil.”

Would EMJ still say the orthodox Jews, unless they had sincere faith if that were possible, suffer from a rejection of the Logos and are in their way anti-Logos revolutionaries?

Cardinal Zen's Letter to the College of Cardinals

LSN: Cdl Zen urges cardinals to stop the ‘murder of the Church in China’
'Your Eminence, can we passively witness the murder of the Church in China by those who should protect and defend her from her enemies?'

Catholic persecution worse after Vatican-China deal, Congress finds
China is reportedly ramping up stricter controls on religious groups and events in 2020.

The Closest We Will Get

to Pharisees policing their own?

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Ruger 5.7 Pistol

Determined and Wrong

CNA/CWR: Minnesota’s Catholic, Lutheran bishops call for welcoming of refugees

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SF Foreign Weapons Demo


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