Saturday, October 12, 2013

BBC: Choral Evensong - Westminster Cathedral Choral Vespers
Choral Vespers from Westminster Cathedral on the Feast of Blessed John Henry Newman

4 days left to listen

Introit: Tout puissant (Poulenc)
Hymn: Iste confessor (Plainsong)
Psalms 14, 111 (Plainsong)
Canticle: Magna et mirabilia (Plainsong)
Responsory: Iustus Dominus (Plainsong)
Magnificat for Double Chorus, Op.164 (Stanford)
Motet: Iustorum animæ (Stanford)
Antiphon: Salve Regina (Poulenc)
Organ Voluntary: Præludium in E minor (Bruhns)
Master of Music: Martin Baker
Assistant Master of Music: Peter Stevens
Organ Scholar: Edward Symington.

Not a Fair Comparison.

Too bad.

St. Monica Catholic Church

St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church, Barberton, OH

Is switching to this that difficult for American Latin Catholics?

Older forms of English...


Orthodox Arts Journal: A New Cathedral for Montenegro – Thoughts on the Architecture by Andrew Gould

The Story of Solutions

The Story of Stuff

Jack Donovan on Vanguard Radio

The Lost Tribes of Europe
Jack Donovan joins Richard to discuss some of the themes of NPI's upcoming conference, including the dissolution of the current American-led order, the potential return of tribalism, and taking the path less travelled.

HK Girls?

Can't be staged, right? Why would someone stage something like this? She did get arrested...

Ralph Stanley - Man of Constant Sorrow 2007

I was fortunate to see him in person on Wednesday...

Whither Country Music?

How country music went crazy: A comprehensive timeline of the genre's identity crisis (via GL Piggy)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for STREAKING at high school football game
Tolerating American teenagers at In-n-Out - first-world propblem? A problem of industrialized mass society? Or a perennial problem?
Or is it specific to a certain social class?

Teenagers having a false sense of independence before they're ready? Any sort of traditional appeal, such as "Do not bring shame upon your ancestors," would probably not have much of an effect...

Sacramento's Push for Gun Control

This year's results.

Ron Paul on Peak Prosperityy

What It's Like to Meet Ron Paul by Adam Taggart

If Ron Paul reads The Crash Course, I'd like to know what he thinks of it, positive or negative.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Engaging the Culture or...

Surrendering the word to those who would promote mass culture (and the state)?

When Sarge told me about Gravity and the presence of religion/Christianity in the movie, I said it was inevitable that Fr. Barron would talk about the movie. Here is the video. Does he praise the movie precisely because it features those aspects, even though it is arguably a feminist movie? I'm not going to watch the video to find out.

Rob Hopkins Speaking in Oakland on Thursday

eventbrite and FB event

Food Sovereignty


But does it have staying power? 8 Food Trends The Paleo Diet Has Crushed

The Avett Brothers Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music

From 2009:


For their new album:

And last night on Leno:

Kick Them Off the TV Addiction

Soompi: Broadcast Companies KBS, MBC, and SBS Reduce Variety Show and Drama Airtime

John Durant on Robb Wolf's Podcast

Episode 203

Detroit News article on Durant's new book.

Wolf's political podcast is back.

Twitch Review of the Princess Di Movie

Diana is a Minefield of Poor Decisions and Missed Opportunities

The Southern Tradition and Limited Government by Donald W. Livingston

Nomocracy in Politics

Monday, October 07, 2013

Penance According to the Dominican Rite by Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P.

Also at NLM: The London Oratory School's 150th Anniversary Mass at Westminster Cathedral
A Jesuit in a Post-Summorum World: The Jesuit Charism and Mutual Enrichment - Faith and Tradition Series

Fred Reed on the Fighter Mafia

The Fighter Mafia
Of Oodle-oops and Error

See 40 Years of the ‘Fighter Mafia’ by Kelley Vlahos
An informal group begun by Col. John Boyd and mathematician Tom Christie calls for military reform—by doing more with less.

A Positive Appraisal of the Baroque

Modern Ambiguity Amid Baroque Splendor by Michael Tamara
Reformed and reenergized by the Council of Trent, the Church began to actively advocate for an architecture capable of overwhelming the senses and readily leaving a strong impression on the peasant masses. A brand new style evolved alongside and out of this need, and the resulting churches served as a clear message to all who encountered them: the Church had seen the error of her ways and had come back holier and stronger as a result.

This new style came to be called Baroque and is so prevalent today throughout Rome, that its significance runs the risk of being lost on modern citizens and tourists alike. However, in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, it was truly revolutionary.

Too sensual? Fr. Bouyer is no fan of the Baroque period; can one have ornate churches that nonetheless do not distract from the spiritual? (Churches decorated perhaps like those in the East, with plenty of icons.)

Baroque Liturgy On Trial by Fr. Giles Dimock OP

BCM with Larry Vickers

The Jerry Douglas Band at HSB

Alison Krauss shows up as a guest artist. (Fast forward to 36 minutes or so.)

Sunday, October 06, 2013

If She Converts, the Androsphere Will Have Field Day

Has Madonna Ditched Kabballah for Islam?

Small Mercies for Doctor Who Fans

Some Lost Hartnell and Troughton Episodes Found: Over 100 long-lost Doctor Who episodes found by dedicated fans - in Ethiopia

Adding "New Life" or Ruining a Good Thing?

Daily Mail: The Civil War in COLOR for the first time: Painstakingly remastered images of a divided America that recreate era in amazing detail by Alex Greig

Business Insider: Amazing American Civil War Photos Turned Into Glorious Color by Harrison Jacobs

(These Gorgeous Color Photos Show What China Looked Like On The Eve Of Communism)

Vocations Weekend for the Western Province

An Embarrassment to the Uniform

'With 225 rounds of ammo strapped to my chest, I looked tougher than I felt': Female officer on how service in Afghanistan took an emotional toll

At least this one has something substantial about which to complain: Military & Defense More: Defense Marines Women Women in Combat
Bloody Facebook Photo Is The First Confirmed Sighting Of A Female Student Of The Marine Infantry Course

Tired of fake eyelashes. Facebook or real-life... Spocom event had an ok turn-out, but I really didn't have to go.