Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rome Reports: 'Silver Fish' prize awarded to best Catholic film of the Year
The Solyndra building is now occupied by Seagate. Any chance of them shifting manucfacturing of hard drives back to the U.S.?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Spent day with cousin and her son - wish I could have spent more time with them this week...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Profession of Western Dominican Novices

Announcement - the ceremony will be on August 31.

The Assyrians of the Middle East: The History and Culture of a Minority Christian Community

Eastern Christian Books: The Assyrians

The End of Christianity in the Middle East? by Eden Naby

Architecture and Man: A Reciprocal Relationship

Traces interview with Philip Bess (pdf).

Peter Attia's TED Talk

Peter Attia: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?
We were thinking of going to Korean Bar-Be-Que tonight but I checked the yelp page to see if there had been any changes - according to the most recent reviews there is now a limit of 3 pieces of kalbi per person now. Scratch that idea...

Susan Abernethy on Margaret Roper

Early Modern England: Margaret Roper, Daughter of Sir Thomas More

TRIAL OF SIR THOMAS MORE: Letter to Margaret Roper (July 5, 1535)

Copperhead is Coming to the Area

I checked the theater listings and the movie will be opening July 19 at Blue Light Cinemas in Cupertino (the cheapie theater).

How did the theater determine there was enough interest in the movie?

Bill Kauffman on Harold Frederic and his novella which is the source of Copperhead: "Herewith my introduction to the newly published edition containing Frederic’s story and my screenplay." - The War Comes Home

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carolyn Baker, Men, women, collapse and conflict

On the other hand, women have been enculturated with the notion that disagreement in any form is not nice and that they must accede to and above all, please the other. In many cases, they have disowned their shadow for so long that accessing it is exceedingly difficult. In some situations, they are comfortable with ranting about their conflicts or complaining about them indirectly, but stepping into the fire of the actual conflict and working with it directly is too intimidating because it involves the willingness to risk not being nice—or perhaps incurring what they perceive as the wrath of males.
Enculturation? Or their natural social tendencies misunderstood by themselves? Perhaps it is more accurate to say that being nice is a form of approval-seeking.
Rorate Caeli: Pope Francis confirms De Paolis mission
Purification of Legion of Christ reaches new stage

Any mention at Zenit?

35 Archbishops to Get Pallium
Curia Officials to View Documentary on Evangelization Synod
Inside the Synod: Evangelization at the Grassroots Level

Ralph Stanley's Farewell Tour

Bluegrass Nation: Dr. Ralph Stanley Announces Farewell Tour - Morris Public Relations msg.

His website. A complete list of dates and places.

At the Mercy of "Experts"

EcoWatch: Catholic Church Endorses GMOs As Cure for World Hunger

Carol Alt and Helen Smith

and some male Fox anchor/host

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

George W. Carey Has Passed Away

George W. Carey (TME), RIP
Intercollegiate Review
The Imaginative Conservative
ISI Mourns the Loss of George W. Carey

He was professor of Government at Georgetown.

A Book on Elinor Ostrom's Study of the Commons

Sustaining the Commons by John M. Anderies and Marco A. Janssen - pdf

A review: David Bollier, Sustaining the Commons, a Textbook Overview of Ostrom's Research (Resilience)
NLM: Fr. George Rutler on Liturgical Narcissism - Pastor's Corner

C. S. Lewis’ view was that true worship should be like a good old shoe, so comfortable that you don't have to break it in: “The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of; our attention would have been on God.” That is a sensibility I have long admired in the Byzantine liturgies. While some speak of the High Mass of the Western Church as the “most beautiful thing this side of Heaven,” I know of nothing so formally transcendent and still so informally natural as the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

This contrast is something I noted back when I was first exposed to Byzantine-rite at St. Tikhon's Seminary, which was a contrast to what I had observed of the extraordinary form on a daily basis. The strict and exact ("rigorist"?) court ceremonial of the old rite seems severe and stiff in comparison with the naturalness of the ordained ministers and servers at a Byzantine-rite Divine Liturgy. This naturalness is probably present of the other liturgical rites of the Church as well. What would Adrian Fortescue make of the ars celebrandi and attitudes of contemporary traditionalists?

Lau Kar-Leung Has Passed Away

Twitch: Martial Arts Legend Lau Kar-Leung Has Died
Ten Essential Films from Lau Kar-Leung

From 2010:

Pope John Paul II's Legacy: Catholic Feminism

Vatican Radio: The authority of women in the Church and in society: challenges and ideas (mp3)

Funny how this is being sponsored by the Legionaries' Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum, and no wonder- "Marta Rodriguez is Spanish. She is a consecrated laywoman who has been in Rome for 13 and a half years. For the past 3 years she has headed the Institute of Higher Studies on Women at the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University, a reality she herself helped to found in 2003." Is she associated with Regnum Christi?

The conclusion:
"Of course men are welcome guests at the encounters. Marta says in this occasion she has invited a group of seminarians, because “we are very interested in talking with priests because they are the first ones that have to understand our role in the Church and in society”. She tells of a recent experience entitled “ethics of sexual differences”. She says it was very interesting because “we had a group formed by moms, women students and 18 seminarians – and for them it was very important because they knew nothing of women”. And Marta says she believes it is important for future priests to listen and enter into a culture of exchange: “they must be aware that the male perspective is not the only one!”
Ethics of sexual differences - so did the seminarians get exposed to some "pretty lies"? Or were they given the unvarnished truth about what women are like?

Homer and the Power of Men That Have Chests by Christopher B. Nelson
Willmoore Kendall & the Deliberate Sense of the Community by Mark Nugent

Darol Anger Interview

An excerpt - Darol interviews Tim O'Brien for The School Of Fiddle

The full interview will be available here? (Paid membership required?)

Pat Buchanan Asks What Should be a Rhetorical Question

Do We Need Women in Combat?

Army describes plans for integrating women into combat

A perfumed prince speaks, and seems to reveal his ignorance of combat arms and of spec ops. Less ‘Rambo’ Seen in New U.S. Military Culture
Bluegrass Today: Blake Pitney to Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

The Alan Lomax Archive

NPR: Alan Lomax's Massive Archive Goes Online


The Balance Between the Universal and the Particular

Balancing the Universal and the Particular in American History by Bradley J. Birzer

Dom Alcuin Reid on Sacra Liturgia

Vatican Radio: Liturgy Conference opens in Rome (mp3)

Jordan Bloom on Copperhead

Civil War Comes Home
“Copperhead” dramatizes the ’60s antiwar movement—1860s, that is.

Uncouth Reflections Interview with Bill Kauffman

Monday, June 24, 2013

Took a quick look at this month's Via magazine, put out by AAA. A printed testament to America's automobile culture and the old love of road trips. Has that slowly been dying out though, with the poor economy and the rising price of gas? How many Uhmericans will be taking their families on a road trip this summer?

How long can this culture, dependent upon cheap energy, and its attendant institutions (like Google) last?
Got a glimpse of Google and the people who work there this afternoon; there were a few cute females. Do they have boyfriends or husbands who work outside the industry? What are the intersexual dynamics of the workplace like? Are the males mostly WKs and betas? And do they tend to shower [unwanted?} attention on the more attractive females?

Tomorrow at Ashkenaz

Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy - more info.

John Médaille on Triumph Magazine

and his memories of Frederick D. Wilhelmsen - Radical Traditionalists: The Fall of Triumph Magazine

I think that the problem for Triumph—and the lesson to be drawn from its failure—lies in its relationship with movement conservatism. For conservatism is a very difficult thing to do in a country like America which traces its founding back to the most radical liberals of their day. Our founding document, the Constitution, aims not at a polity of virtue, but one were vice checks vice; the checks and balances are designed to pit one avaricious group against another not for the purpose of eliminating avarice, but merely to ensure that the grumbling hive does not shake itself apart. A conservatism forced to defend such a founding on anything but pragmatic or historic grounds finds itself in a contradictory position. Most American conservatives are, at best, Lockeans, that is, heirs of the Scottish Enlightenment. And many conservatives, even many Catholic conservatives, have gone over completely to the dark side to extol such atheist “philosophers” as Ayn Rand, or such atheist and anti-Catholic thinkers like Ludwig von Mises, who excoriated Jesus Christ as “nihilist” and who described himself as “a man of 1789,” that is, of the French Revolution.

I can somewhat agree with his assessment of mainstream conservatives and their ideologies but not with the intellectual history.

Entering Silence to Be in the Presence of God

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Silence and Culture at a Carthusian Monastery by R. Jared Staudt

The Story of More

TEDx Sonoma County (Resilience)

Fundraiser by the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa

Next Sunday, June 30. Info at Bay Area Catholic. Flyer. Their website and FB page.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I was sorry to leave the workshop early yesterday - I wish I could have stayed longer to chat and maybe even have lunch with some of those attending. This was somewhat unexpected - I thought sitting through the workshop would be more of a chore than it turned out to be - thanks to God's grace, no doubt. There are a lot of orthodox and fervent Catholics in the area - may they be leaven for their parishes.

I was thinking of going to hear Windy Hill at F&S - I listened to most of their live performance on KPFA; I didn't know there had been a change in the members. But I had decided not to go because I wanted to catch up on sleep, among other things. I'll try to be at one of their other local appearances.