Saturday, October 21, 2017

Something on Stillman

The Witty, Wistful Films of Whit Stillman by Anthony Paletta
His work lightheartedly catalogued the story of the human condition.

What Would Fr. Giussani Think?

The ‘Francis Option’: An Alternative to The Benedict Option? by Rod Dreher

One might think that Fr. Julian Carron, the head of Communion and Liberation, is just name-dropping Pope Francis and presenting a "traditional" view of how Christianity is an evangelizing force rooted in a personal encounter with Christ. But he seems to be more of a Francis fan than that.

Does Fr. Carron address a Christian's political identity and duties? Or does he just assume that a multicultural empire will last forever and that a Christian is an rootless cosmopolitan meeting other rootless cosmopolitans?

Of Course This Was Written by a Man with a Woman's Name

He doesn't understand that dialogue has been destroyed because we are no longer one people. There are too many conflicting non-negotiables. "Can't we all just get along?"

She is right in principle that the Federal Government should exercise its authority only in those areas designated by the Constitution. But who is going to restrain the Federal Government, especially the judiciary, from interfering with states that want to preserve their culture and traditions?

Social Issues Are Destroying American Politics by Addison Del Mastro
The next president should call a temporary culture war cool-down.

A Carved Icon

St. Thomas's Commentary on the Sentences

Gamma Qi

Is there a disproportionate number of gammas practicing taiqi in comparison with their percentage of the Chinese population? Various teachers and masters claim that they have the ability to win fights, but it seems to me that this is rarely shown to be the case. In fact there is a video of a Chinese boxer challenging a taiqi master and winning. The gamma thinks he is secretly invincible thanks to his cultivation of qi, and doesn't need to prove himself in real combat. How about the sorry number of Chinese men who bought into the esoteric invincibility crap during the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions? This belief that they would be impervious to blades and bullets wasn't built on knowledge but belief, one approaching religious faith. They thought they could defeat the Qing or the Westerners. Small wonder that after their defeats the terrible image of the weakness of China came into being, along with the Chinese inferiority complex. Now the Chinese government and military is doing its best to catch up with the West, but their videos (and even their appearance in Chinese entertainment and movies) seem to be just propaganda, laughable.

Where is the strong Chinese military of the imperial times? Or was that just an illusion, with mercenaries and barbarians supplying most of the martial strength?

MONDO GROSSO / 惑星タントラ (Short Edit)

Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham and Dr. Sebastian Gorka speech at the Values Voter Summit Oct 14

Donald Trump
Phil Robertson
Judge Roy Moore

Steve Bannon at CAGOP



It is good to see Sean Bean getting work but does the series give Catholic Christianity and the celibate priesthood a fair shake?

Kenneth Branagh: A Life In Pictures

『宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202 愛の戦士たち』第三章 純愛篇 君、ヒトヒラPV

Powered Suit or Mecha Action to Come?



Barbara Yung Mei-Ling 翁美玲

Electric Dreams

Jack Ryan TV Trailer

The Outlaws

Friday, October 20, 2017

Another Martyr

Catholic Herald: Coptic Priest Killed in Street Attack in Cairo

The Good and the Bad of the 80s

Not Quite Republicanism

But the essay does explain why a "conservative" should be opposed to the modern nation-state and seek alternative forms of political organization, if not competing authorities.

Should Conservatism Seek to Destroy the State? by Alexander Salter

The Departure

The Real ODA 595

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HK News


Get Rid of That Ugly Advertising Patch

SSI, whatever. Still looks bad.

Will this be adopted in addition to the current blue ASU (Union Army blues)?

On the class A uniform: The End of the Green Service Uniform