Saturday, May 22, 2021

A Cooper Version of the 110 Scout

Late Antique Glass-Making

Ahmari's Version of Tradition Versus the Enlightenment

"Hydrogen Economy"

Chris Martenson with Vaccine Safety Data

Col. Ralph Puckett Receives the MoH

PBS NewsHour

Did he ever have an opportunity to wear the old WW2 pinks and greens during his time of service?

Friday, May 21, 2021

Will the UN Ever Turn Populist?


This Could Become Relevant

There Will Be No Renewal

Until the Society of Jesus clears out its homosexual and heterodox cabal.

Who Does Biden Think He Is, Jerry Brown?


Dr. Richard Teague

Jesuits: "We Are Ultramontanists When It Suits Us"

Thursday, May 20, 2021

More Ahmari

World Bee Day

Story of a Family-Owned Business?

Something for localists to emulate? Or do we need to be careful about scale still?

Sex Differences in Moral Psychology Are Real

Being a revolutionary is more important than sustainability; or, unlimited migration is sustainable through magical thinking!

More RegenAg Links

Sebastian Junger Being Pious?

accepting his father's POV regarding the Spanish Civil War? Was his father a Communist? Junger may have some good things to say about being part of a tribe, but here he just parrots the revolutionary narrative about the Spanish Civil War and "fascism," and TIME is glad to publish it in their war against Red Americans.

A reminder of what the revolutionaries are currently attempting in Spain:

Greatest Survival Tactics of Bear Grylls

A Discussion of Ivan Illich

Jason Rowntree


"New Star"

Baroque Music in Ibero-America

H&K Quality

CNU Goes Woke

Sig Sauer P365 SAS 9mm


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Offset and Holdover

"It's a Bus"

Praise from a self-loathing white Sinophile? Maybe.

A Dubious Endorsement


This is "Conservatism"

Free Mark O'Connor

Para 3

Sheep and Soil Health

Revolutionaries at Work

Energy in the Future

A Latinized Mindset

And Anglos in Canada and the United State need an inculturated Apostolic Christianity as well.

Discussion of Localist Economies


Regenerative Agriculture and Water Retention

A Woke Military for a Woke Empire

Sebastian Junger on the Tension Between Individualism and Dependence

Two Empires in Decline

Prepping for Ambush

When Do the Cultural Marxists Go to China?

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Naivete of Academic Confessors of Latin Integralism

The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating the relevance of this conclusion. Francis Fukuyama concluded, in March 2020, that the pandemic will illustrate the necessity of capable states. The idea that “liberal democracies necessarily have weak governments” is, in his view, a “popular misconception” because “all modern governments have developed a powerful executive branch because no society can survive without one.“

The pandemic is a unique opportunity to reflect on the necessity of an efficient administrative state. Not “big” or “small” government, but a capable administrative state aimed at promoting the common good.

Or COVID-19 provided an opportunity for oligarchs to increase their power - has the author ever considered that possibility?

Debutante Ball

How many will still be Orthodox in 10 years?

A Simple-Minded Egalitarianism

One that ignores morally and politically relevant sex differences while proclaiming loudly about the equality of human nature.

Who Controls the IEA?

To Whom is the UN Beholden?

New Guns for 2021

The New Bishop of Hong Kong

Merit According to the Oligarchs

Just Another THOT?

Dr. Leon Kass on His Most Recent Book

The Texas Roots of Sarah Jarosz's Latest

Monday, May 17, 2021

Interesting Name for the Youtube Video Though

Pope moves on women catechists? What agenda?

Unsustainable Agriculture


It's Easy to Deal with a Symptom

Not with the cause of increased porn use. How about dealing with the loss of existential meaning for young men? And their lack of marriage prospects because of a toxic gynocentric culture?

Pollan Pushing

More with Ahmari

A New Bishop for Hong Kong

A Jesuit.

Interview with Chen Guangchen

Birds of a Feather?

Chris Martenson is Back

White-Knighting Errors in Theology

Byzantinized TOB, but still too many problems.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

"The Unbroken Thread" Panel Discussion

Shania Twain Flashback

Patrick Deneen at ISSEP Lyon


We may be part of one human family, descended from Adam, but we are divided not only through sin but by differences in lineage, language, and culture, which do matter.

Early Shift in English/British Identity?

Sohrab Ahmari on World Over

The Feast Was on Thursday

The 11th Order