Saturday, January 21, 2017


I made a comment to a friend over the weekend of 12/18 about being Chinese, someone also of Canto background. If the central government of China is every successful in stamping out Cantonese I think I'd have little reason to identify as Chinese in any way. I do identify as Cantonese with respect to my heritage, family lineage, family history, and family culture, so if Cantonese were to disappear, what link would I have to a dominated people that has become culturally extinct?

What sort of genetic/genealogical relationship really exists between the different peoples that make up the Han ethnic group? There are significant differences in appearance, over a range. Even if all of the Han peoples of China are part of one larger group, there is no necessity for them to have the same language. That is the totalitarian impulse of a centralizing political authority. As an identity "Cantonese" expresses more of the specificity (though it may not be the most refined one, as Chinese identity would be specific to village and clan) reflecting subjective reality than just "Chinese."

Why Are Northeast Asians White-Skinned?

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It is being shown at Sundance.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

LAV at Brownell's

New US Army Pistol

Sig Sauer P320 - Army Times
Fox News
Defense Update


The Speech



RT coverage
FOX 10

A Movie by Gus Van Sant

Released in 2015 but now available through streaming.

Interview with Former Gay Activist, Michael Glatze: February, 2014
I am Michael: The Retelling of Michael Glatze

According to wiki, Michael Glatze has become Catholic.

Pro-Turkey Propaganda?

Or something even worse? Hook up with that handsome Turkish migrant! It'll be worth it!

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Making the Sign of the Cross

Americans Adrift

Looks like I won't be able to watch the inauguration tomorrow -- of course there will probably be video of it available online.

What is the endgame for the creator of The Young Pope?

He may be appealing to some ultramontane traditionalists and conservatives, Pius XIII, but his lack of a pastoral bent is not ideal. Not even Pius XII was that "rigid." What is HBO's purpose in co-producing and airing this? To ultimately discredit Christians who uphold tradition as people who suffer from some issue (such as abandonment) and compensate by being overly authoritarian? To make those who are overly "rigid" in their orthodoxy ultimately frightening and repulsive? What happens if the creator isn't so successful in this goal?

The Young Pope: An Authoritarian With an American Accent by Sarah Jones
HBO's new show is both of our time and not.

The Life of Paolo
A look back through the films of ‘The Young Pope’ creator Paolo Sorrentino shows that Lenny Berlardo is just the latest in the line of protagonists obsessed with and corrupted by fame and power

Paolo Sorrentino on Whether Viewers Should Laugh While Watching The Young Pope and the Real Father Who’s Hotter Than Jude Law by Maria Elena Fernandez

THR: 'The Young Pope' Creator on Parallels to Donald Trump — and All Those Memes

Variety review
Esquire review
Lucy Mangan
Peter Bradshaw

Commonweal: A Theologian Watches The Young Pope

America: A Young Pope with a Traditional Soul by Nick Ripatrazone

Monday, January 16, 2017

Today's Google Doodle

MLK, JR. Day in support of the multicult/cultural Marxist project. But of course. That's not supposed to be the world, that's supposed to be the United States.

Time to Rethink Martin Luther King Day the 2017 Edition by Peter Brimelow

A Greater Hero and Man and the Affirmative Action Hire Leaving the White House at the End of the Week

Failing to Love the Common Good

With respect to the political level, not all who are present in the United States or attempting to enter the United States are equal.

Bishops remain CNA: hopeful on immigration reform in a Trump presidency

Kevin J. Jones
January 15, 2017

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles acknowledges challenges in passing immigration reform, but still says, “... I hope that we are going to make progress this year. Immigration reform is about people. It’s not about politics, it’s about fathers and mothers and children and brothers and sisters.”
Abbeville Institute Blog: This is Mosby by James Rutledge Roesch

V.P. Hughes, A Thousand Points of Truth: The History and Humanity of Colonel John Singleton Mosby in Newsprint (XLIBRIS, 2016). Given command over a semi-independent unit of partisan rangers in the Army of Northern Virginia,… »

Rather Disappointing

That the venue would be involved with this sort of thing is not a shock, but it is disappointing to see what musicians are involved.

“Pickin’ on Hate”: Benefit for the Southern Poverty Law Center with Thompsonia, the Town Howlers & Windy Hill

Apparently Bryan Sutton will be there too.

Pistol Grip Size