Saturday, June 06, 2020

With "Conservative" Allies Like That, Who Needs Enemies?

Did We All Lose the War on Women? by Rachel Lu

Did Schlafly have to be so uncompromising about denying the need for any reform of traditional gender roles?
But was it right to tolerate a world in which many men refused to consider women for valuable opportunities, simply because they found the atmosphere of the boys’ club more comfortable? Was it reasonable to perpetuate cultural norms that expected women to shoulder the great majority of unpaid domestic labor?

Reminds Me of Shia LaBeouf

Jacob Frey


AWFL Outrage

NuAmerican outrage

PBS Propaganda

More Religious Civic Nationalism

Dallas Is Blue

The Latest Post from Magister is on China

Sandro Magister: Media Idyll Between the Pope and China, While Hong Kong Burns

Planet of the Humans Is Back Online

Young Adult Paraklesis

Same Old Solutions

Latins still living the civil rights movement and looking for bureaucracy, legislation, and the state to solve "racism," when the underlying issue is human nature.

What's to guarantee that Notre Dame will be producing "moderates" rather than SJWs? None.

Master Trolling of Fempowered NYC Women

New Left Tyranny by Hanne Herland

Her website.

Paul Craig Roberts: Gangster State Capitalism

Friday, June 05, 2020


The (TX) GOP Is Incapable of Reform

And has no loyalty. It's all about election results for them.

Cancel the NFL

The Future of Conservatism


Wiley: Nick Timothy, Remaking One Nation: The Future of Conservatism

Does he address identity politics and the threats of diversity and multiculturalism and feminism?

A Guardian review.

Who Is At the Top of the Pyramid?

There are ideologues working at corporations who believe the SJW gospel, and expanding their consumer base or the pursuit of profit isn't a wholly satisfactory explanation of some of the actions taken by some corporations. But are corporations are the top of the power pyramid? Or those who own shares in those corporations? Where do the major oligarchs stand on the cultural issues? More likely than not they are personally supportive of libertinism. But what is their stance towards cultural Marxism? Is cultural Marxism a tool? Are there some oligarchs who believe in it? Or have they sold their souls to a greater power?


Looks like a woman in front in the top photo.

I suppose there are a few states that haven't followed similar patterns of development yet. Saudi Arabia?

L'Action Française

Copying GI? The emphases, especially on learning "self-defense" and intellectual development, are similar. If it is a serious effort, why advertise it? (The co-ed bs means it probably shouldn't be taken seriously.)


Libertarians Seizing the Moment


These NGuardswomen pose no threat to patriots.

Some say that this is just NGuardspeople de-escalating, the same sort of justification used for their kneeling with or in front of protestors. This is not fighting 4GW; this is losing 4GW by giving the other side a moral victory, and harming the morale of the home team. If they want to de-escalate, have those on the front line not wear riot gear, while those with riot gear wait on standby, out of view. But they should be preserving discipline.

Deep State AWFLs

Stanfurd Football Makes a Statement

No privilege here.

James Howard Kunstler With Piero San Giorgio

Slavic Orthodox Vicariate

website (via Byz TX)


A False History

When "Judeo" in "Judeo-Christian" is used to refer to Talmudic Judaism, as if there were an authentic continuity between the religion of the Israel and what replaced it in reaction to Christianity after the fall of Jerusalem. Rather, the continuity is between the religion of the truly righteous Israelites and that which was revealed by Christ. This error of "Judeo-Christianity" needs to be repudiated. The continuity is

But is there any part of Conservatism, Inc. that hasn't been subverted? Forget about making a living as a conservative if as a Christian you can't get your facts straight.

Would America Be Better Off without Religion? by Casey Chalk

Thursday, June 04, 2020

An Argument from Etymology

But is it sound? After all, ordering is through law, and it is possible for a liberal regime to legislate. One could argue that its laws are generally not valid, as they usually are not orderings to the common good. There is something to be rooted in a community and its culture, history, and tradition(s), which liberalism may claim to transcend through reason. That may be true as well. Is Schmitt's "illiberalism" worth investigating? I don't know yet.

People Will Comment

on what the police did, what the old man did, what they should have done etc.

Many departments have dropped the prohibition of officers having tats; others will require that they not be visible when an officer is on duty. I note that the female officer at the end of the video, who is directing the camera crew away from the scene, has a visible tat on her right arm.

The Narrative

Is there anyone who hasn't called out the United States for being racist?

It would be shallow to describe what is happening as simply anger against the systemic racism of this country, although that is part of the collage. As a city and a nation we have experienced separation on so many levels over the last months: politically over impeachment, medically over a pandemic that is still not harnessed, economically over the impending depression, and racially over the death of George Floyd – and this is only in the first five months of 2020.
Liberal Anabaptists like the Bruderhof don't know that we aren't even close to reaching the breaking point, and their witness and the witness of well-intentioned locals who cleaned up in the wake of violence and destruction will not be enough when things really begin to fall apart.

Even the Republicucks are engaged in this sort of denunciation in an online struggle session.

And of course, Conservatism, Inc. as well.

Cardinal Tong Has a Letter

Staking Out the Center Again

Joshua Wong Interview


Cardinal Zen's Letter for 6.4

A translation here:

They Hate You and Your Children


NuAmerican Tribalism

Convergence Is Good

The Future (of Law Enforcement) Is Female

MAJ Bruce Crandall

MOH Presentation Ceremony
American Veterans Center

The Evening of 6.4 in Lai Chi Kok

6.5 in West Kowloon

We Won't Forget

Lord have mercy.

Tiananmen Square: Marking The 25th Anniversary
Tiananmen Square: What happened in the protests of 1989? - BBC News
The Tank Man (full film) | FRONTLINE
"Tank Man" photographer reflects on 30 years since
Tiananmen Square Massacre: 'Tank Man' photographer Charlie Cole dies

Somewhere in Between 국도극장


Deneen Reviews Douthat

ISI: The Great Stagnation-Or Decline and Fall? By Patrick Deneen

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Civic Nationalism Must Be the Solution!

Hazony who advocates a form of civic nationalism based though on a supposed shared national identity founded upon a common "culture" but he doesn't seem to realize that if culture is based upon traditions, then different traditions can yield different cultures and identities identities. On what basis then can two people of different identities see each other as "brother nationals"? What is one to do with those who reject the national identity which Yazony advocates?

EMJ on Logos

The Future (of Law Enforcement) is Female

This is what the kneeling by National Guardsman and male LEOs with or for protesters the last few days is like, with less crying. Feelz before duty and honor.

Safe for Now

Kneel Before Zod

We are seeing coordinated attacks designed to demoralize.

He's Still Around

Fragility and Collapse

AmConMag: A Foretaste of James Howard Kunstler’s Long Emergency by Addison Del Mastro

Yankee Reconstruction Continues

More Unnecessary Commentary

People need to realize the limits to their competency to make comments to the public about ongoing criminal cases.

The State's Use of Force

SF public defender calls for changes to police arrest techniques after viral video arrest by Daniel Montes

Do rules for the application of force in arrests need to be reconsidered? Probably. But having two women conduct an arrest of a woman (as in this case, or in the photo accompanying the article), while it may protect them somewhat from MeToo allegations, is also stupid with respect to how much strength they have.

afaik, the use of force is valid only with respect to those resistance arrest, and there has to be proportionality. But would the guidelines be different if we looked at not only safety issues but also what is appropriate for the treatment of fellow citizens?

Toxic Girl Power

Verbal facility + memorization + love of indignation and drama + female narcissism

The worst of female traits combined into one package.

Parents should have taken the phone away. This is the result of bad parenting, probably combined with public school indoctrination.

Probably a Legitimate Concern

However, we have to know what the conditions or requirements are for applying for a BNO passport and such. Who is qualified to get one? Would the CCP be able to forge all the necessary documents and alter records not only in Hong Kong but also in the UK?

Part 1 of an Interview with Dr. Clyde Wilson

An Interview with Clyde Wilson, Part I By Dissident Mama

An Interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva

But There's More to That Story

As their request for a king was tied to their rejection of God as king and their inclination towards idolatry, as they did not want a king that God would choose for them.

A Step Closer to a Hong Kong Exodus?

David Tucker Reviews The Cost of Liberty

Law and Liberty

Vicentio Saviolo

A Postliberal Conservatism?

Apples and Oranges

A team of mercenary athletes a political community does not make.

Sounds Like an Otaku Fantasy

Straussians Riding Their Proposition Nation Hobby Horse

The Bossy Girl as Protestor

The Future is Female

A gynocentric social order, indeed.

Thus Rendering the Label Conservative Meaningless

Hazony admits that diversity may be a problem; does this include ethnic and religious diversity?

Using the Pope for Their Agenda

Disappointing to see a Coptic bishop participating in this as well. How much material heresy Anglicans have held in the first 300 years of their existence is up for debate, as far as I am concerned, but it's unquestionable that many of them are heretical now with respect to Christian moral teaching.

Thy Kingdom Come

"Catholic Left" and "Catholic Right"

Are there two political factions here? Are those political differences significant enough that there is a valid difference in political identity? The Catholic Left and the Catholic Right are not readily identifiable with Democratic voters and Republican voters, and even a division between anti-Trump and pro-Trump is questionable, though those on the "Catholic Left" are perhaps more likely to be anti-Trump than the "Catholic Right" are pro-Trump, as many of the prominent members of the "Catholic Right" are critical of Trump when they think it is appropriate. Did he speak with his brother bishop Wilton Gregory?

Maybe the bishop should explain what he means by the Catholic Left and the Catholic Right so we can determine whether he is lumping people under a label or not.

As for the Church avoiding being suckered into a secular, political agenda -- maybe the bishops should avoid politicizing themselves, but that's not a requirement of the laity. The problem is not the laity voicing their opinion, the problem is that bishops don't know what their appropriate role is (and canon law is wrong on this point). Before they say anything further, they should try to live in an actual community.

The 1619 Project and the Riots

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The Prodigal Church

Sophia Institute Press: The Prodigal Church: Restoring Catholic Tradition in an Age of Deception by Brandon McGinley

The book may be of interest to Latins; I am curious as to whether the author will talk about liturgical praxis, in addition to dealing with liberalism and feminism both in the home and in an ecclesial setting. Does he address the man crisis in Latin churches?

NuAmerican Problems

The False Meritocracy by Amar Patel

Can NuAmericans ever be free from emotional negativity that they should expect from being immigrants to another country? A sense of "belonging" is not a human right but must be earned, and outsiders or foreigners must do their part to be accepted by a real community. So why should we accept a NuAmerican as one of the standard-bearers for the ASP? What has he done to actually integrate himself into an actual American people, rather than rely on his citizenship and civic nationalist identity?

Here's the other standard-bearer:

To Be Ascended

A Straussian Attempt to Appropriate the Alt-R

The essay takes Straussianism as the baseline for comparison. One might even say that it is trying to make Straussianism palatable to the alt-right. Still, at least it recognizes the validity of some of the alt-R. (And implicitly acknowledges that movement conservatism is weak.)


And an ethnos is just an really extended family.

How's the Anglican Church Doing?

Not Just Boomers

Another One

Get Fit...

G&G up, and train...


Safe Enough for NYT to Let Captain Obvious Conservative Speak

Be the Change You Want to See

That change does start with one's self. But "manning up" doesn't happen through reading books or watching movies, even if moral imagination is important for paideia. It happens in the context of a community of men. Find your tribe.

The American Mind

Good Luck

This Is Fempowerment

"Tut Tut"

AmConMag: The Road to Soft Totalitarianism

Dreher calls Sam Francis an "anti-Christian racist" and yet he acknowledges that identity politics is anti-white/etc. He just doesn't recognize that Francis' recommendations are a legitimate response to that kind of attack.

Feelz Before Realz

Monday, June 01, 2020

The Consequences of San Antonio Turning Blue

A reader writes to Rod Dreher: Riots & the Invisible American

The Public Good and All That

I do think the states need to stand up for their people in that regard, even if they are part of the political problem.

More Displays from the Uhmerican Church

Go Cry Now

Liberal democracy, just like civic nationalism, was always a sham foistered on the "public" by the elites.

Waiting for the Episcopalians to Go the Way of the Dodo

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde
Washington Post


Carlson Stirring up (R) Voters

The Napoleonic Wars

AmConMag: Why You Don’t See Napoleon’s Wars Taught Like This Anymore by Paul du Quenoy
A new examination of the global Coalition Wars flies in the face of the academy's current ahistorical orthodoxies.

OUP: The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History by Alexander Mikaberidze

Another nuAmerican Talking about America as a Failed State

Unherd: Covid has exposed America as a failed state by Aris Roussinos
It's hard to view the US at this point as anything other than a cautionary tale

Second essay about "America" being a failed state I've looked at in the last 30 days. Budding intellectuals need to get out of their heads more. The author himself recognizes that it is not dogmatic "liberals" who are responsible, but the oligarchs.

And Hazony probably has reasons to blame "liberalism" or "liberals" rather than the oligarchs.

The Elites

What evidence is there that for those who are responsible for 1-4, or involved in maintaining 1-4, fall under 5? Maybe a few naive minor members would be puzzled, but the elites are not utopian liberal idealists.

Not a Boomer

First Things: A Call To Conversion by Dale M. Coulter

Maybe this professor can show evidence that he lives up to the ideals of co-existence with which he is determined to browbeat others.

Just as the passing of the cohort of Boomer bishops in the Latin churches doesn't mean that liberalism will just disappear from the Latin churches, so the indoctrination of liberalism, in the name of equality and civil rights, and so on, has been successful with the following generations.

A Failure in Parenting?

Who's Running the White House Right Now?

What Is Marriage?

A new edition with a new foreword... Socons don't realize that they've lost this battle of the culture war?


Explains Much

But Not All Conflict Is Acceptable Right?

Only conflict in the name of social justice and initiated or conducted by the left... nuAmerican hubris.

Under Cupich's Nose

A Project of Nationalist Pride

The Uhmerican Church

As I've said before, LCs and ex-LCs generally don't uphold any standards for liturgy.

Deneen v. Douthat


Should a Christian trust a Talmudic Jew to explain Christ to them?

Bruderhof Selling the Nationalist Myth

Maritain seems to have bought into it as well.

As Anabaptists, shouldn't they know better? Or are they Anabaptist SJWs?

A Ranger Armory


Pretending to Be a Yankee

And the More They Are Afraid of Offending Their Neighbors, Too

Who wants to be doxxed or cancelled by someone alleging crime-think or -ism?

Antifa's Handbook

Welcome to Peak Oil Speculation

Cheap Feelz

Why do people feel obligated to make statements? Do they think they are such powerful influencers?

Jackie Chan, Beijing Toadie Again