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Patriotism is not Partisanship

Daniel Larison, Self-Indulgence and Duty

Man of Steel teasers

AICN has the embedded Yahoo videos.

Will this version of the DC property make it big? Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe are in it, along with Henry Cavill...

The voiceover can't help but emphasize the theme of the pseudo-Messiah.

Andreas Scholl & Tamar Halperin - I will give my love an apple

The MD is in town so I'll be spending much of the weekend with the kids.

Something with Anthony Bourdain:
2nd South Carolina String Band - Bonnie Blue Flag

Friday, July 20, 2012

It is a harsh reality.

Single men who stay at home playing video games catch a lot flack from everyone except those in the androsphere who understand their situation and are sympathetic to their plight. Is it really the case that they've left the world to enjoy childish games? Or rather, might it be that the world has left them and video games are just a means of coping? The androsphere casts the spotlight on Uhmerican women and how repulsive they may be. Traditionalists are aware of the consequences of industrialization and centralization of power: wage slavery and atomization. The megapolis, with its fragmentation and lack of a common identity and communal life, is not inhospitable and inhumane, producing psychologically and morally stunted individuals who don't know how to love deeply and widely n a community. Rather than putting out the effort to make a connection and cultivate friends, it is easier and it may be rewarding just to stay home and enjoy one's private entertainment or hobbies. If you're willing to put the effort but others aren't, what can you do but give up? The advertised convenience of e-mail and social networking websites is useless when people don't have the character to take advantage of them, and it is a waste of energy for bishops to encourage their use as a part of the new evangelization.

Our present reality makes the rare true friendship even more valuable.

A while back I posted a podcast by an Orthodox priest about community and relocalization. I think the priest was right, if I am remembering what he said correctly -- people need to be reacquainted what what it means to be human(e) - living with others and being friends, and this is a necessary part of evangelization and conversion. (I am not sure if he said it was a necessary prelude for evangelization.)

Pornography of Compassion

Something he discusses in his book The Morality of Everyday Life, Dr. Fleming brought it up today in connection with the Aurora shootings and the two presidential candidates. Even the modern British monarchy is not immune from making such statements and no doubt something will come out of the Vatican.

Message of condolence following recent tragic events in the USA, 20 July 2012

Parade for the Order of the Thistle

Order of The Thistle - Parade Edinburgh

Qntal - Monsieur's Departure

Lyrics from the poem attributed to Elizabeth I.

Leading to an Endorsement of Latin for the Roman Rite

Fr. Z: GUEST RANT: Many languages for Mass and fake “unity”

I would argue though that this is a political problem that the bishops are not addressing, i.e. the question of assimilation/integration. If immigrants were encouraged to properly assimilate and learn English, would it be necessary to "pay respect" to the diverse ethnicities of a a parish or diocese in such a manner during the sacred liturgy? It just shows that those who have control over the liturgy have bought into the bunk about diversity.

In the United States, people should know English, and while it may be right to retain Latin for some parts of the liturgy, a hieratic vernacular may be pastorally beneficial. The argument about travelling the world and being able to attend a Roman-rite liturgy in Latin is a rather weak one - that is possible only because of cheap energy and that age is passing.

Institutional inertia (bad habits) is an obstacle to the Holy Spirit. in the local Churches.

Sad, but accurate.

White Knight Porn

Second Trailer for Restless Heart

Ignatius Press

Plastic Beauties...

Miss Korea’s Plastic Surgery Scandal After Photos Surface

“From now on, I hope to make a name for myself for my inner beauty rather than my outer beauty,” said Kim, who is currently taking a yearlong break from studying film at Konkuk University.

The Farewell Drifters, "California Stars"

A Few by John Shelton Reed

"The South: Where is it? What is it?"
From John Shelton Reed's My Tears Spoiled My Aim

From 1998: John Shelton Reed discusses challenges facing South
The Persistence of Place

An episode on UNC TV, on occasion of Minding the South being published.
He has a new book coming out this fall: JOHN SHELTON REED’S DIXIE BOHEMIA

James Howard Kunstler on the Peak Prosperity Podcast

James Howard Kunstler: It's Too Late for Solutions - mp3 (EB)


Thomas Fleming on the Aurora Shootings

America the Sick

The atrocities will be discussed this afternoon on Chronicles Unbound on NTA: Radio Day etc. etc. etc.

An Older Post from Vultus Christi

An Icon Inspired by Pope John Paul II: The Virgin Mother, Adorer of the Eucharistic Face of Christ

A Latin innovation? Or acceptable under Byzantine rules?

That Egalitarian Paradise...

China’s ‘unwanted’ single women feel the pressure

“I just want someone with whom I share things in common, but who is also in a better financial situation than me.”

Hyperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgamy... good luck, girl!

"Since then, books and films on the subject have flourished and women’s magazines have sought to decipher why so many are single."

I think there have been some SITC-lite movies and dramas being made in Hong Kong (probably even more common in Japan), and this is spreading to S. Korea. Taiwan? Mainland China?  Peddling fantasy to female consumers.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Richard Heinberg on the Systems View of Life

You Can't Just Do One Thing: A Conversation With Richard Heinberg

Revealing More Than They Intended?

Compare the two commercials for Siri, one with Samuel Jackson, the other with Zooey Deschanel:

Of course Samuel Jackson is being his cool badass self, displaying shopping and cooking as manly activities. (The abundance of top-notch male chefs should have already make this clear.) He's independent and cooking (presumably) for a  lady friend. That act by itself could be beta, could be alpha. I suppose normal people would be intimidated by Jackson and wouldn't suggest that possibility in his presence. (Who's going to insinuate that he's cooking for a boyfriend in this commercial, either?)

Still, despite his independence he is willing to take the time to romance a lady friend and enjoy her company. Compare his commercial with that of Zooey Deschanel. How much "creative input" did she have? Would they dare show a woman cooking for herself? No, that would probably reinforce oppressive stereotypes! So what does she do instead? Acts like a consumer and orders out, while she stays at home (on a rainy day) and... reads? Cultivates the mind? She just lazes about in her pajamas, care-free, being her whimsical, "playful" self, dancing like a little (or an immature teenaged) girl. She doesn't need to take care of herself, because she has money and is therefore independent!

That's the consequence of feminism: an increase in consumerism under the guise of independence, while women fail to engage in anything serious, like having a family or children. While Samuel Jackson is married in real life, the viewer could accept the image of him as a successful bachelor taking time out for the ladies (but on his own terms). Zooey Deschanel doesn't even try to act like a man but ends up looking like a girl with an allowance who never grew up.

Who can take her website, Hello Giggles, seriously? Just another instance of feminism, despite whatever disagreements its contributors may have with other women-oriented websites and essays.

Some friends have read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. It should make for a good leisurely read while on the plane.

ROAM Artisan Burgers

So on Sunday I visited SF, which undeniably has some good local places for food, unlike the South Bay, just so I could try ROAM with ah Fai. The beef is 100% grass-fed, but it didn't taste as different as I was expecting. I've read the complaints about grass-fed beef before, how it isn't as delicious as grain-fed beef. Maybe the tastiness has something to do with the fact that it's been ground? Ah Fai thought the burger was ok, but it's not something he would crave. (He craves the burgers at In n Out or Gott's instead.)

I wouldn't drive all the way to SF for burgers from ROAM; I'd probably go to the Counter at Santana Row if I wanted to pay for a fancy gourmet burger as it is much closer and I wouldn't have to drive as far. (The quality of the burgers at the Counter in Palo Alto probably isn't so different to make it worth the drive.) But if I lived in SF, I would go to ROAM regularly, as the gourmet burgers are relatively cheap in comparison to some of the other establishments there. I ordered the Heritage (double!) and we also shared the Fry-Fecta. I didn't care for the Zuchini Onion haystack, but the potato and sweet potato fries were good. I also got a small (regular?) strawberry shake - it wasn't too sweet but was very creamy. (Organic!) Of course I got a carb coma several hours later. Ah Fai tried the artisan soda (pear) and seemed to like it.

Still, next time I'm in SF I will probably try some of the other burger places.

During the drive to the city I had a nice convo with ah Fai about a certain restaurant that will be opening soon.


... delenda est

Which city? I hesitate to say the name San Francisco because of its association with that great medieval saint, and I didn't want to write the name out in Latin both because that would be worse but also because I wasn't sure of the form. Would it be nominative or genitive, with "civitas" implied? Santcus Franciscus or Sancti Francisci? Apparently the former.

That place should be "carthagized." "Sodomized" already has a certain meaning and can't be applied to the whole city, though it can be applied to some of its inhabitants.

The natural setting is very pleasant; it's the people who are the problem. Let the worthy inherit the land.

While my strong emotions have since faded since I went to the city as I don't think about the city that much, the city is representative of what is wrong with California, especially as it becomes increasingly gentrified. A girl who is attached to the city life there, or the life in a big city, probably wouldn't make a good wife for someone seeking the simple life. (She'd probably gaze longingly at the city, like Lot's wife?)

It was a Sunday afternoon, so the people I saw on Union Street (and the adjacent streets) were probably people who live there or visitors; not too many who just work there. (How many white-collared workers work and live in SF?) "I see dead people." Spiritually dead. Was their appearance a consequence of their moral choices? Or maybe they just don't know how to take care of themselves, unlike Europeans city-dwellers, who probably aren't that much better morally. The 20- and 30-something women were not make-up free, but they still looked older. Too much time in the sun + the standard American diet? (How much daily exposure to the sun can one have while on a paleo diet before the skin begins to "age"?) Sheeple walking around, enjoying the latest fashion and their habits of consumption. No one likes to be alone so they were with others, but the fact that they have "friends" doesn't change the fundamental direction of their lives.

"So judgmental!"

City of Man vs. the City of God. When this order passes, are you going to blame it on those "fundamentalists" or "right-wing extremists" or those Christians?

If there is global warming, might it (and the accompanying famines and droughts) be a divine chastisement? If so, and the link to human causes has not been settled yet and we have the causation all wrong, should we be putting the blame on ourselves instead of CO2 emitters as such? Those who put foward anthropogenic climate change are likely to look for a man-made solution (leading to some measure of centralized global control), rather than repentance.

The modern man may still ask if God still punishes man for his sins, especially if He is so merciful. Some apologists may just say that anthropogenic climate change is the natural consequence of our lack of moderation with respect to energy and industrial civilization, and so this punishment is just the due result of our vicious lifestyle. But could God make use of natural agents (changes in solar activity, for example) in order to punish us? It seems that this is possible, as well.
Of course, this speculation is all predicated that global warming is actually taking place in the manner those scientists claim.

I'm going to put my thoughts about ROAM in a separate post.

CL: Retreating in Frustration

Throwing in the Cowl

Been reading some of the reviews for The Dark Knight Rises; today I checked out Harry Knowles' review. Having read the review (and the spoilers contained therein), I can understand why he would be disappointed with the movie. I'll probably still watch it (the cheap first showing at an AMC), but I'm lowering my expectations. (As if I hadn't already lowered them.) There are a lot of  fans of the comic books who are disappointed with the movie, to varying degrees. I probably won't be able to muster that emotion out of the sense that the DC property has been disrespected or Christopher Nolan didn't live up to the promise of the trilogy. I may be sorry that I spent the money for a poor but pretentious Uhmerican movie.

But now I may actually enjoy the movie. I'll find out soon.

What's Christian Bale doing now? He did a lot of interviews for the press junket; standard requirement these days. Here is a long video, featuring him and his fellow cast members:

Roger Ebert
Rotten Tomatoes

James Howard Kunstler Interview in Rolling Stone

James Howard Kunstler on Why Technology Won't Save Us by Jeff Goodell

Not Making a Habit of Habit.

Tonight after finishing an assignment (finally), I decided to drive to Habit to try it out. (Not that I had much choice in terms of food, there isn't much around here.) At least I know what it is like now. The burger had that charbroiled taste like Bob's in Fremont (or Burger King), but the patties were smaller and they weren't as tasty. The fries weren't anything special. Some Yelpers have ranked the chain behind In n Out but way ahead of Five Guys. I do think In n Out is the best out of the three, but Five Guys may actually be better than Habit. At least the patties are bigger (though you pay for that), and while they may not have much flavor to them, the toppings help. I would not say that In n Out is tastiest; there isn't much meat to them. It's the cheese that helps the double double. (Someone claims the patties at Habit are larger than In n Out's; if that is the case, not by much!)

The fries at Habit were rather average - nothing that sets them apart from other chains or from your mom-and-pop stand. Habit offers Coke products, like In n Out, but the Coke tonight didn't have much flavor to it. Bad batch of syrup? Or was the syrup running low? 

If there were a Crepevine around here, I'd go there instead. I know what's available in SF; what are the options around here in the South Bay? It looks like a lot of the locals go to Habit. Will it still be around in 6 months?

Rhonda Vincent

Rhonda Vincent's Induction into the Missouri Walk of Fame
Rhonda Vincent Performance at Missouri Walk of Fame

Her website, where you can find her latest, Sunday Mornin' Singin'.

Her birthday present...

Some more recent videos...

From Dec. 2011

Dr. Robert Lustig on Alec Baldwin's Radio Show

Here's the Thing (mp3)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Slick Romney Is At It Again

Allan Carlson on the official Romney photo, recalling good days of American agrarian republics...

Lincoln might have been better at rhetoric, but are there similarities between him and Romney?

flickr for the Romney campaign.

Spielberg's Lincoln Movie

Saw a headline on FB today that the movie would be released in time for Oscar consideration. AICN story. Who will go see the movie? Will it be as well received as Amistad? I like Daniel Day-Lewis, but he might not be enough to draw me to the theater. It will undoubtedly reinforce the nationalist myth, but at this late stage of the game, how many in 20 years will care about Lincoln or the real legacy of those who founded this country? I do wonder how much revisonism has taken place in the script to make Lincoln look better than he really was.

Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' to face down James Bond, Tolstoy and 'Twilight'

A Lecture by E. Michael Jones on Libido Dominandi


Diggers 2012

The Promised Land
Alternatives to Political Systems, Community Projects, Consumerism, Eco-Villages, Economics, People Systems, Society, Village Development, peak oil — by George Monbiot

Diggers 2012 understands the relationship between agrarianism, economic freedom and liberty.

Devin Rose, Living Above Our Means

National Screening: 'Fixing the Future' Documentary


Eudaimonistic Economics?


The Happy Movie

The question reveals the inadequacy of modern notions of economics. What we need is a better understanding of politics and the subordination of oikonomia to it. Anyway, I'm keen to find out what sort of ethical system is advanced by the movie.

E. Christian Kopff on Chronicles Unbound

The podcasts for last Friday's show with the Rockford Institute are now available.

Vox Day on the Additions to The Hobbit

The Sports Guy Was Right
The Big Lie on Parade: Ironic Twist in Murder/Rape of Swedish Girl

Sigh. The Advertising...

Spem in alium - as featured in Fifty Shades of Grey - The Tallis Scholars - EPK

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Story of Change

From the Story of Stuff people... Story of Change.

Liberal vs. Republican

The latest at The Imaginative Conservative references the work of JCD Clark -- Republicanism, Liberalism, and the War for Independence by Bradley J. Birzer. 

"Americano Como Tu"

Saw the commercial tonight during Fox's Gordon Ramsay lineup. It features a bunch of hyphenated (Ibero-American nationalities)-Americano/as - all rather young, none belonging to native/indigenous stock? Solidifying the proposition nation and liberalism's hold, the new channel marks a new step in the displacement of Anglo-American culture. The new triumphalism?

YT channel

Former Univision CEO Joe Uva on MundoFox, Latino Media and More

I checked out the local Univision affiliate tonight; Lucero is on one of the telenovelas.

The consequences of liberal notions of property and citizenship.

Oz Conservative: Hawke Sells Off the Farm to China

I am reminded of Will Hoyt's piece at FPR, The Flaw in Jefferson's Idea of Ward Republics. While these notions of property (the right to property, buying and selling, being "absolute, with no other considerations limiting it) may be defended by [academic] liberals at present, did they originate with liberals? Or with those seeking to despoil property from the powerless and needing a rationale to justify it?

Steve Sailer, Absolute Nuclear Families


Michael Pollan

Another Blog Moves to Wordpress

L. G. Robins has moved her blog to Wordpress: Unmasking Feminism.

A Left Libertarian is Still a Liberal

Charles Johnson – Women and the Invisible Fist

A charitable reading of a feminist through the use of Hayek. To whom is the author trying to appeal? I can't think of anything pleasant right now to describe the author and his work; "pathetic" is the nicest word.
Ite Ad Thomam: The Best Manual on Ascetical and Mystical Theology (Free Download)

Royo Marin, Antonio - Teologia de La Perfeccion Cristiana 01

Hardley Arkes on Ralph McInerny

From Ralph, a Note from Afar by Hadley Arkes

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some New Burger Places Closer to Home

Ah Fai mentioned Habit (Yelp), which is close to both an In n Out and a Five Guys.

There's also Workshop (Yelp). But the Yelp reviews seem to be more mixed.
Same for SteakOut (Yelp).

Next time I don't have food ready and I'm craving a burger in Sunnyvale...

San Francisco Gu-Zheng Music Society


I think I went to one of its concerts back in 2007 or 2008, shortly after I returned to California. Their annual concert was in May, so I re-discovered the group a little too late. I'll try to attend next year.

Affirmative Action in the Arts

SFCV posts a link to this article with this description: Top Composers Under the Age of 35 - A Completely Subjective but Worthwhile Guide to the Future of Music. How much did feminist considerations play into that subjective opinion? Only 1/3 of the composers are women. Someone wasn't trying enough to make it 1/2. 

How much of contemporary American Western instrumental music ("classical" would seem to be a misnomer) is that good?

Harmonia Early Music: I Am Woman, Hear Me Sing

Chaput's Successor in Denver

The installation Mass for the Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of  Denver (formerly Bishop of Fargo), will be shown on EWTN on July 18 at 4 P.M. EST.

I don't think there will be any surprises with respect to the liturgy...
Via KoreAm: “Korean Jersey Shore” Finally Debuts … Straight to YouTube

Thanks for the help, but no thanks?

Join a White House Hangout on Local Foods

On Tuesday, July 17th at 3:00pm EDT, Jon Carson, White House Director of Public Engagement, and I will join inspiring women leaders in the field of local foods through a Google+ Hangout to hear their stories and answer your questions. It’s also a chance to see more stories like theirs when we unveil the 2.0 version of the USDA’s Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass. An innovative digital guide and map, the KYF Compass highlights USDA-supported local food projects around the country. The 2.0 version features thousands of local food projects in all 50 states and includes keyword and zip code search features.

 From the Deputy Secretary of the USDA. Her profile.

What has the Federal Government or the USDA done to protect small local producers from burdensome legislation that is not scaled properly?

Not an endorsement of the Austrian school

Just for a laugh at the expense of Paul Krugman.

HFCS Fodder for the Conservative Media Critic

Philosophile Saw NBC’s Bad Robot/Eric Kripke World-Without-Power Pilot REVOLUTION At Comic Con!! He Says It Didn’t Get Him Going!!


Some of the scenes of the cities after the incident remind me of Life After People or World Without Us.

Naturally, one of the main characters is a female teenager who shoots a crossbow. (Hunger Games?) When she opens her mouth she sounds like the typical whining American girl. Emasculated Uhmerican males or those who enjoy watching strong chicks may enjoy consuming this mass media product. How many normal males will tune in though? Jericho seems much better, in comparison. There are may be strong strong male characters, but none are the moral center of the show, as far as I can tell. (True Grit?)  I think the show will not make it to a second season. Let NBC fail.

The show's producers might have done the country a favor by looking to Kunstler's World Made by Hand series for inspiration. Although he is aware of the loss of male identity, Kunstler may actually agree with radical egalitarianism. But he is probably more realistic about "gender roles" in a world without cheap energy, and these differences aren't necessarily due wholly to oppression arising due to inequality in physical strength.  For that sort of realism he would be derided by feminists as being sexist. For a world without electricity, everyone looks rather clean, especially the girl.

A World Without People

The British Army FB pages posts this pic: Here's the caption:

"Female Army medic in Helmand with the Guards: A young female combat medic is aiding the Queen's Company, The Grenadier Guards on their tour of the Green Zone of Helmand, Afghanistan. Private Abbie Martin, from Suffolk, has the combat medical skills to give the troops the life-saving aid needed out on the ground. "I carry drips, bandages, different types of body splints, tourniquets to stop the harder bleeds, all the kit that’s needed to help the guys who are really bad - as well as four days' worth of rations and water for myself. There isn’t much space for personal kit; medical kit comes first."

 Sarge would probably have something to say about female medics if he were around. The combox is full of chatter by cheerleaders, happy about their brave new world. What would they know about what military life and military effectiveness have become since women were integrated into the military? You can bet that this medic isn't roughing it in the wilderness for long periods of time.

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva On Strombo: Full Extended Interview
On Moyers and Company:

Full Episode

Interview with Elias Katsaros

A special interview with Elias Katsaros

Byzantine Art Studio

Justine Waddell interview

From last year...

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - Foggy Mountain Breakdown

TEDxAlbany - Jim Kunstler - How Do You Like The Long Emergency So Far?

No blog post for today yet.

Edit. Here it is.

So Uhmerican.

Having visited Roam last night, I decided to make a checklist of other burger joints to visit in the future, using that list put out by SF Grub Street. I've already mentioned True Burger... Ah Fai talked about the burgers at Gott's over at the Ferry Building. (It's on the list.) Maybe Super Duper for a quick bite, too. Not going to spend the time to figure out what the top 5 are on that list.

Balboa Café
Burger Urge
Citizen's Band
Burritt Tavern
Serpentine/Slow Club
Show Dogs
Southern Pacific Brewing Company
Double Decker
Mission Bowling Club
Public House
Zuni Cafe
Umami Burger
Plum Bar (Oakland)

Food Trucks:
Docs of the Bay
Five Ten Burger (Oakland)

I may try Gather next time I'm in Berkeley. Burger Bar is probably too overpriced and I wouldn't like the crowd that goes there.

Mission Chinese Food

KunstlerCast #210: Too Much Magic

Description - he discusses his newest book, Too Much Magic. (mp3)

(There are also some clips of him reading passages from the book.)
[Star Date] Lee Je-hoon & Han Hyo-joo (이제훈&한효주) - on the intermovie "Seeing Love 3"

Ralph Fiennes on Coriolanus

CBS This Morning : Ralph Fiennes on "Coriolanus" directorial debut

UK trailer

A scene from the 1984 BBC production.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Second make-up free pic that I've seen in the past couple of days that shocked me... I know that makeup can be used to create the illusion that an eye is bigger than it really is. What other visual effects can it have, and how do they mimic features linked to natural markers for fertility/health/reproductive fitness? I don't think "bigger" eyes is the same category as not having a major disfigurement - but it generally does seem more "feminine." Is that really the case? Or is "cuteness" in adult females like that for babies? It would seem that a lot of physical beauty is linked to pre-rational considerations (that I listed above), rather than visual aesthetics, others may be both (apparent symmetry of the face).

Future Comic Book Movies

Collider has some coverage of Comic-Con and posts with info about Marvel's upcoming lineup as well as the Zack Snyder Superman movie. There are still plenty of people who are excited about these movies and willing to purchase movie tickets, so there is no end to them yet. The info about the Captain America movie may excite fans because it hints at the return of a certain character.

I saw a TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises, and Anne Hathaway doesn't compare to Michelle Pfeiffer. Apparently Hathaway's Catwoman is less feminine than Pfeiffer's; her lines seem like to embody the attitude of the modern Uhmerican woman who thinks she's strong and independent and is critical of men. (iirc, Pfeiffer's Catwoman was a bit of a misandrist because of what happened to her, but her attitude isn't the same.) My doubts about the movie remain.

Something about Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.
Over at Imaginative Conservative: Whit Stillman’s Comic Art by Mary P. Nichols